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Miiverse Receives A Major Update!

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Nintendo's ever changing social media network dedicated to Nintendo fans has just received another noteworthy major update that effects all versions of the software in one way or another! The user menu has now been changed into a profile like menu with sub-pages "twitter style". Another major change is that users can now yeah individual comments within a discussion and not just the first post which is a nice change to say the least!

Another neat feature for the 3DS and Wii U versions of Miiverse is that you can now set user drawings as a favorite to be displayed in your newly updated user profile! Here is the official post regarding the changes from Miiverse:

There has been an update to Miiverse today.

1) (For Wii U and Nintendo 3DS only)

We have replaced the User Menu in the menu bar with an option called "User Page", which leads to a new and refurbished profile.

For example, you can now display a favourite handwritten post in your profile. Just select any one of your old handwritten posts, touch the spanner icon, then select "Set as Favourite Post" and it will appear in your profile! If you later want to remove it, you can do so from the Profile Settings in the User Page.

By the way, the User Menu is now accessible from within the User Page.

2) (For all versions of Miiverse)

It's now possible to give a Yeah to comments, as well as to posts. You can also touch or click on a comment to see some of the people who gave it a Yeah.
That's it for today!

Well that was a pretty extensive update of Miiverse! What do you think about the changes that were made to Miiverse? Let us know in our comments below!


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The update is awesome!
I love new look and function. Smile
Awesome Miiverse update Very Happy
The update is brilliant! victory
Yesterdays update was the first Miiverse update since Thanksgiving that was actually an update rather then a downgrade!
I like the changes.
Sweet update! victory
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