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A new Metroidvania game developed by indie developer Alonso Martin from Mexico City has taken Kickstarter by storm and has reached nearly double its initial goal of $60,000 with a staggering 23 days left in the campaign! When questioned about a potential Wii U release Alonso had this to say:

Vita and Wii U ports are platforms that we’re absolutely interested in porting to, and we’re working out ways to make it happen. We’re not yet able to say for sure we’ll be able to port the game to those platforms since we still need to secure a deal with Sony and Nintendo. We’re looking into getting those. But believe us when we say we’re looking forward to these ports as much as you are. It would be a dream come true to have our game running on those platforms!

Here is some insight about the game directly from its Kickstarter page:

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Key Features:

 Like a Star @ heaven Master devastating and versatile magic spells to annihilate your enemies and solve creative puzzles.

 Like a Star @ heaven Engage in fast, agile melee combat with an enchanted wizard's whip, over 20 special attacks and upgrades, and a wide array of mobility skills.

 Like a Star @ heaven Adventure through a vast, intricately detailed world filled with hidden wonders and puzzles, dastardly platforming, lethal dungeons, and much, much more.

 Like a Star @ heaven Play with powerful RPG elements that include all the gear, loot, sidequests, upgrades, crafting, and gameplay depth that make for a classic RPG experience.

 Like a Star @ heaven Discover 5 secret fairy companions to crush, shock, freeze, and burn your enemies, or save you at your most dire moment of need.

 Like a Star @ heaven Experience a deep and immersive story that takes place within a much larger history of events and cultures, and starring a cast of fascinating, memorable characters.

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The Story:

There’s an island in the sky named Auster, and on it, there’s a small wizard village with the name of Brenia. Centuries ago, a great star struck the Earth: the mountains crumbled, and land and sea poured into a great Void that now lies hidden beneath the clouds. This island and its sister, Quilth, are the last surviving remnants of the Old World.

Half a century ago, the wizards took the power of the Island for themselves. And so, Elthëlian, the Spirit of Light, cursed them never to have children again.

Today begins the Trial of the last two wizards of the bloodline: Alicia and Höstra.

They are taken to the Hillside to reach the Clearing on their own. But their ceremony to come of age is stopped. One of the wizards has been killed by Elthëlian. That night, the children run away in search for help, but Höstra becomes entranced by the Spirit, and he throws Alicia off the edge of the island.

Alicia awakens in a strange land beneath the clouds: all along, the Old World has remained here, concealed beneath the clouds. Fearing for the safety of her homeland, and for her friend Höstra, Alicia sets off to find a way back and stop the Spirit.

Here is the Kickstarter game footage:

If you wish to donate to the campaign you still have plenty of time to do so here! We will keep you updated when any new information becomes available regarding this amazing looking indie title! In the meantime let us know what you think about this project thus far in our comments below!

Current Status On Kickstarter:

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast.

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