Hello, and welcome to Good Day Nintendo, the show where we chat with some of Nintendo's brightest stars...and the characters who use them as power-ups! On today's show, we chat with Red, the former champion of the Kanto Pokémon League.

Red: Thank you, it's great to be here.

WiiWareWave: I see you've brought some friends with you.

Red: Yes, this is Bulbasaur and Eevee.

Eevee: Ui!

Bulbasaur: Saur!

WiiWareWave: Now, first up, let me ask about your friendship with Blue Oak, the current leader of Viridian Gym.

Red: Well, Blue and I go way back. We were best friends as little kids, but one day he started to call me his "rival", and just as he left he said, "Smell ya later!" for the first time.

WiiWareWave: Ah, yes...the classic catchphrase.

Red: Incidentally, he planted a time stink bomb into my pocket.

WiiWareWave: A time stink bomb?

Red: A stink bomb which goes off after a predetermined amount of time. The whole incident left me mute for years!

WiiWareWave: So what caused you to regain the ability to speak?

Red: Well, I was searching the top of Mt. Silver for two identical snowflakes when a young Trainer challenged me. It was a tough battle, but I was defeated. I then thought to myself, if this kid has the strength and courage to battle the former Champion, I should be able to speak. So I did.

WiiWareWave: And what were your first words?

Red: "Mommy!"

WiiWareWave: (laughs) I see you have a great sense of humour!

Red: Actually, I'm not good with jokes.

WiiWareWave: bad. Anyway-

Bulbasaur: (sighs) Saur...

WiiWareWave: Moving single-handedly saved all of Kanto from the criminal organisation known as Team Rocket. How was the prestige?

Red: Okay, now you're just being a jerk.

WiiWareWave: Pardon?

Red: I didn't "single-handedly" defeat Team Rocket! I had the help of my Pokémon friends! Bulbasaur here is a descendent of my very first Pokémon who helped me stop Giovanni!

Bulbasaur: (sobbing) Sau-au-aur...

WiiWareWave: I'm sorry! I-

Red: You know what? I think we should stop there...before you insult my Pokémon and I any further!

Red and his Pokémon storm out of the room.

WiiWareWave: Uh...Pokémon Trainer Red, everybody.

Join us next time when we chat with Link, as well as his translator! See you then!

Big thanks to Bulbapedia for the images!

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This article made me laugh so hard. lol!
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Good Day Nintendo is your best idea yet. Wink
Aqua Cherry Blossom
Rukiafan wrote:Good Day Nintendo is your best idea yet. Wink
Indeed it is lol. Smile
Another brilliant disaster of an interview @GamerZack7! victory
on April 14th 2014, 2:19 amGeekyGamerZack
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Marioman18 wrote:Another brilliant disaster of an interview @GamerZack7! victory
Don't remind me. lol!
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