Night of Terror!

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Indie game developers have been flocking to Nintendo's Wii U eshop thanks to the very friendly policies that the big N has implemented for their eshops, which is certainly a very good thing given the current lack of third party support that the Wii U is experiencing. The latest contender is CthulhiGames which has taken to Twitter to announce a new Unity-based 2D Action Horror RPG code-named Ex Oblivione and it is going to be a Wii U exclusive!

eshop: 2D Action RPG Ex Oblivione Is Headed Exclusively To The Wii U! Cthulh10

The game aims to utilize historical figures as well as some characters from horror novels and other literary works! The game will also feature online an local multiplayer which could be a fun aspect of the game! Here is more information from the developer's website:

Like a Star @ heaven Includes several playable characters including Nikola Tesla, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and a customizable mystery character.

Like a Star @ heaven Each protagonist will develop their own unique skill sets with which to face the many challenges throughout the game world.

Like a Star @ heaven Features a massive open world to explore as the player chooses similar to that of the classic SNES Legend of Zelda games.

Like a Star @ heaven Will draw much of its inspiration from games like Legend of Zelda, EarthBound, Eternal Darkness, and the Resident Evil games.

Like a Star @ heaven The game will be a balanced blend of action-y game play and psychological horror.

Like a Star @ heaven Includes an extensive invention crafting system for the Tesla character to utilize.

Like a Star @ heaven Horrifying black magic crafting system for the Lovecraft character to utilize.

Like a Star @ heaven Advanced environmental lighting featrues.

Like a Star @ heaven Fully interactive environment (absolutely no static environment elements).

Like a Star @ heaven Unique and enjoyable Perma-death elements.

Like a Star @ heaven Online and local Co-op Multiplayer.

Like a Star @ heaven Based on the many written works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

We'll let you know when new details emerge, but for now let us know what you think of this new game based on the information we have reported!

eshop: 2D Action RPG Ex Oblivione Is Headed Exclusively To The Wii U! Rukiafan7
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Aqua Cherry Blossom
I need to learn more before I can make an educated opinion of the game lol. Rolling Eyes
The concept sounds interesting. :-D
Thank the heavens that we can still rely on indie developers supporting the Wii U.
What's with the horror craze in the world of indie developers right now?
Sounds good in concept Smile
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