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Two Times A Charm?

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Late last year SnowCastle Games started up a Kickstarter campaign for their title Festival of Magic, a unique RPG that was planned for multiple platforms including the Wii U. The campaign wasn't overly successful and was put on hold. Now a new Kickstarter campaign has been launched under the game's new title EarthLock: Festival of Magic and the campaign is off to a good start this time with just under $42,000 raised with 32 days left at the time this article was written!

Current Status of The Campaign

The game promises a unique ammo system where you can grow your own ammo for your weapons as well as a partner system where special monster-like helpers will assist you in battle! The game will also feature a town building element similar to what was used in the Dark Cloud games for the PS2 based on what was said in the Kickstarter video!

The release window for the Wii U version of the game is Q2 2015 if the Kickstarter is successful and development of the game goes smoothly. There are also stretch goals that if met will allow the debveloper to add new characters, extra dungeons, and enhance certain aspects of the game such as the ammo farming!

Here's The Kickstarter Video For EarthLock

What do you think of the new title and features shown in the video? Let us know in the comments below!


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My hypometer is going into overdrive with this game! This will be a day one download for my Wii U.
This could be an awesome RPG! I can't wait to learn more Exclamation
This is the best news I've heard today lol.
In other news Shovel Knight has been delayed lol. Rolling Eyes
Now if only these games would come to the Wii U eshop rather than being delayed and getting no indie titles or one shovelware indie title a week. No
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