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Two Tribes, the developer responsible for developing the titles Toki Tori, Tori Tori 2+, RUSH, and EDGE have officially entered bankruptcy and the two founders of the company have started a new, smaller development studio in its place. Two Tribes Publishing is unaffected by these changes as it's a separate company from the development studio.

Here is what Two Tribes had to say about this in their official blog:

We’ve been making games for more than 13 years, so you can imagine how much it - quite frankly - sucks when after a four minute meeting at the courthouse, the company we built was no more. At the same time, we knew we were kinda stuck in the past and this was our chance to change things drastically.
In 2009 we started the transition from doing work for hire to becoming the Indie studio we had always wanted to be.

We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved in recent years, but the company that resulted from that transition still held on to too many ideas and values from the old days. It’s difficult to make fundamental changes, but late October last year we had no other option. When Toki Tori 2 ended up taking way longer than expected and not achieving the sales we needed, it basically took the company down with it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new studio is currently working on a new shooter title using Toki Tori 2's game engine which should prove to be an enjoyable title to look forward to in the future!

We’ve got a ton of hindsight to work with and we’re going to be applying the lessons we learned to the new Two Tribes. Behind the scenes things will change quite a bit. We’ve decided to move away from creating custom technology and focus on what’s readily available. As a result we’ll be working with a much smaller team on our next game, a 2D side scrolling shooter, which will be re-using the existing Toki Tori 2+ engine.

Our focus will be on the design of our games, which we plan on making more of in less time than before.

What are your thoughts about Two Tribes's financial issues and are you looking forward to the new shooter title that is currently under development? Let us know in our comments!

Two Tribes Development Studio Closes Its Doors As The Founders Start-up A New, Smaller Studio. Rukiafan7
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I didn't know that Two Tribes was in financial trouble! Crying or Very sad
Maybe if Two Tribes had focused more on releasing their HD classic's, which were already being developed with existing game engines, they would've had a steady income while in the process of producing the gaming engine for Toki Tori 2+.
watch some two tribes interviews with collin and martijn on youtube to see how cool these developers are.
they look like sexy rockstars that deserve fame for their art,
but instead of guitars and drums they have wii u development kits.
....instead of being millionaires with their fantastic games they went bankrupt. 

Cranky Kong does not approve such madness Mad

Two Tribes is a great company so I hope this downsizing they are going through won't effect the quality of their upcoming games.
At least they aren't disappearing entirely.
Sonic The Hodgepodge
@KingreX32 wrote:Times are rough man.
Too rough.
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