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A Purrfect 3D Mario Platformer!


Super Mario 3D World takes some of the best elements of Mario's 2D adventures and combines them with some of the best features of Mario's 3D romps and the result is amazing! The gameplay is similar to Super Mario 3D Land, but the formula has been vastly improved upon. Super Mario 3D World features drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay where you and up to three friends can play cooperatively together to beat this game!

Another interesting feature is that each character has their own abilities just like they did in Super Mario Bros. 2 USA! The game also features many new and returning power-up's including the new flagship power-up the Cat Suit which allows you to run fast, climb up walls, and use your claws against enemies! The legendary Super Leaf that grants the Tanooki Suit is also present in this title!

This game has alot of content and is quite challenging to beat 100% so the replay value of the game is quite impressive! The Miiverse implementation is perfectly executed in this title and you can obtain ghost Mii data of other players via spotpass that allows you to play together with ghost Miis of other players in the game's levels to see how you stack-up against other players of the game!


The controls in Super Mario 3D World are straightforward and easy to learn, but there are a few levels that require the gamepad to play such as the Captain Toad levels which require some strategy to beat.

A few other levels require the gamepad for various reasons such as needing to blow in the mic or using the touch screen to progress through these levels which adds to the overall experience of this amazing Mario title!


The graphics in Super Mario 3D World are vibrant and in full HD. The water glistens in the sun, the rain beads and slides down the lens of the in-game camera, etc. it all looks amazing and the character and enemy models look more impressive than ever before! The level designs are also striking and have alot of impressive details making every level completely unique!

The few cut-scenes in the game are also very nice looking as well as being humorous in their storytelling. Overall this game is gorgeous, but doesn't have quite the level of wow factor that Super Mario Galaxy possessed even though the graphics are far superior in Super Mario 3D World, but it's still breathtaking nonetheless!

Sound And Music:

The sound effects in Super Mario 3D World are pretty much what you'd expect to hear in a Super Mario title which is simple yet effective, but this game, as is the case with most Mario titles it's the music that is what's impressive in the audio aspect of the game!

The soundtrack is quite varied even for a Mario title and most of the music in the game is extremely impressive and fits the game well, but again the game though deserving of a perfect score doesn't quite have nearly as impressive of a soundtrack as the Super Mario Galaxy games possessed, but then again very few games on any console do.


With amazing gameplay, excellent use of Miiverse, nearly perfect controls, gorgeous graphics, and an amazing soundtrack Super Mario 3D World is a nearly perfect game in every aspect, but even though it's deserving of its perfect score it doesn't quite reach the same level of perfection that the Super Mario Galaxy games possesed, but regardless this game is incredible and every Wii U owner should purchase this amazing Mario title!

Score: 10/10


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The only thing I can say is that this game deserves GoTY 2013.
This so fun play with friends! Smile
on January 5th 2014, 11:21 amGuest
I just want to let you know that this review is on page one of google search when you search Super Mario 3D World review! I love you
It is just below the Nintendolife review! I love you
Nice review, I plan to replay this so I don't show any live lost... Having a death counter show is one of my nervous tics
I like this game, but I do not understand all of the praise it receives. It is good, but not great by Mario standards. Neutral
Best game of 2013! Very Happy
I hope Nintendo starts working on a new 3D Mario game that is more similar to Super Mario 64, but much larger in scale. This is a good game, but we need something as epic as Super Mario Galaxy!
Nintendo is apparently considering a third SMG game for Wii U. Wink

I'm giving some serious thought towards getting this before I pick up my Wii U from layby next month. I might get some more games as well, perhaps an online-enabled one! Very Happy
So far world 5 with no deaths
@Zed you should pick up Wonderful 101 it's.... Er wonderful I'd give it a 101/100
Thanks for all of the comments guys! You're all awesome. Wink
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