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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on December 7th 2013, 1:20 pm
@FuManchu wrote:
@Tasuki wrote:Honestly I never bought into it even during the whole 16 bit era with Nintendo and Sega.  I always just played what I enjoyed.  I liked Mario games so I owned a SNES.  I liked Sonic just as much I owned a Genesis.  Its really stupid to limit yourself to one console since every game will never come to just one console because of competition.  

I think really these fanboys just need a reason to justify their purchase to themselves.  They know for example that the Wii U is lacking titles and third party support I mean come on who doesn't so they feel they have to justify their purchase of a Wii U to Sony and MS when they see a great game like Killer Instinct or Killzone come out on the other 2.  That and they feel miserable that they bought one of the systems before seeing what the other 2 have to offer and are now miserable so they are trying to make everyone feel as bad as they do.
But the thing I have noticed on sites like Nintendo Life are the Sony and Microsoft fanboys running amok and bash the Ninty fans. I think it is wrong to attack Nintendo fans on Nintendo forums, and if Nintendo fans do that on Microsoft or Sony forums it's just as wrong. Now constructive criticism is okay, but only if a reason why you dislike the company or console is provided but hating to hate is a no no.
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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 1st 2014, 3:36 pm
As an owner and fan of both Nintendo consoles and PlayStation consoles, I see the so-called "console wars" as pointless. The only console wars that catch my attention are the Famicom Wars. Wink

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 1st 2014, 3:53 pm
Nothing will ever be like the console wars of the late 80's and early 90's.

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 1st 2014, 5:56 pm
@FuManchu agree I stopped liking NL once the trolls came in, I got banned a year ago to for pointing out fanboyisum from another person

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 3rd 2014, 2:16 am
I'm tired of Sony and Microsoft fans saying Wii U isn't next gen.
I played 6 Xbox One and 2 PS4 games and to me they look like last gen games.
Same old framerate issues, same polygons, textures, controls.
All the hype for just some particle effects?? For dust???

Of course there will be better games coming and they will eventually show off some pretty games that Wii U would have a hard time to emulate, but as of now just put 3D World, Wind Waker or Pikmin 3 besides Knack or any other PS4 game. Then you see where the graphics are 60fps fluid, in shiny 1080p HD. In direct comparison Wii U suddenly becomes next gen and PS4 is crumbling a bit.
Or just play any Xbone game - that overpriced console is a graphical letdown in each and every of its launch titles. Right now, put 360 GTA V in a ring vs any Xbox One game. GTA V wins the graphic duel, simple as that. A last gen title shouldn't look better than all new titles of a new system in my opinion. A new gen should launch with some graphically amazing titles showcasing the new abilities of the console, especially when the graphics are so overhyped as Xbox One's.

Another flaw I noticed on Xbox are the controls. None of the first party titles have better controls: For the perfect Forza 5 experience you need to buy an expensive steering wheel chair combination that is not included with the console. For the perfect Killer Instinct experience (like in the arcades or on N64) you need an extra six button controller that is not included with the console. You could play Kinect Sports Jetski though, but that is just tiring and not fun imo. It's neither realistic nor responsive enough (failing hard to replicate both the graphical impact and perfect controls of a launch title like Wave Race 64), but that's the one you can play the way it's intended because Kinect comes with the console.
Maybe I'm just too spoiled by Nintendo always launching with fun titles that utilise their innovative controllers well, and Microsoft seems a bit careless in that regard.

Another important point to raise is the gameplay that is totally corrupted by downloadable content. It's truly fastforwarding to a DLC generation. Xbox One games reward you with senseless glorified achievements. Gone are the days where your rewards are new levels, secret characters, vehicles, bonus items. They'll all cost you money.

This is just my recent view of things. Let's see what the future holds.

Have you played PS4 and Xbox One?
What do you think?
Which games have the best graphics?
Which are worthy to be called next gen?

Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 3rd 2014, 8:43 am
I haven't actually played next gen consoles (besides WiiU, Vita, and 3DS) but I think from now on if you're next gen you better have a lot more going for you then graphics

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on January 23rd 2014, 2:59 pm
I just don't understand the importance of graphics now that every console is now far beyond the PS2 visually I do understand power though. That said the Wii U isn't much weaker than its competitors besides graphically so I just don't get why third parties can't just release their games on the Wii U. What's even worse which is on topic most Sony fans like rubbing the lack of third party support in the noses of Nintendo fans which is just pathetic in my honest opinion. Why can't we all get along and respect other peoples decisions as to what consoles they do like? But hey that's just my opinion about fanboyism. Cool

Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on February 26th 2014, 12:19 pm
Two words - Just sad. Twisted Evil

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

on April 7th 2015, 7:42 pm
Bravo! There have been some great responses so far!

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Re: What is your take on the console wars and "fanboyism"?

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