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Questions Answered And New IP's Confirmed!

We had the pleasant opportunity to talk directly to Collin van Ginkel, who is one of the co-founders of the indie video game development studio Two Tribes Games and he kindly answered our questions that we asked him and talked a little about an upcoming project so without further delay, here is our interview!

 photo 147_zpsd29d59d7.jpg

Hello Collin, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to take
part in this interview!

[CVG]: No problem!

[Q]: How successful have your games been on Nintendo platforms?

[CVG]: Each game performs differently. Overall we haven't had any super hits, but judging from our support recently you can deduct that it's important for us to stay active on the platform.

[Q]: Do you feel that the current Nintendo digital platforms have been
improved from last generation's Wii Shop and DSiware Shop?

[CVG]: That's a rhetorical question, right? It's been immensely improved. They addressed almost every single complaint we made during the WiiWare days, it truly is a world of difference.

[Q]: Are there any new projects besides the HD Classics that will be
headed to the Wii U eshop over the next year?

[CVG]: We're working on a 2D shoot 'm up concept that may become our next project. If it does, chances are it will launch on Wii U too. But it's too early to tell at this point.

 photo 148_zps519b0d55.jpg

[Q]: Do you have any new IP's in the works that could come to the Wii U
or 3DS eshops in the future?

[CVG]: See answer above.

[Q]: How large was your development team that worked on Toki Tori 2?

[CVG]: The core team was about 10 people, and we outsourced the audio to Sonic Picnic, who worked on it with four people too. It's the biggest production we've ever done!

[Q]: You folks seem to prefer making games that require serious thought
and have tricky puzzles, but is there any chance that you might make a
traditional platformer or action/adventure game sometime in the future
to change things up a bit?

[CVG]: The fact that we're going for a 2D shoot 'm up next, is indicative of how we feel about puzzle games at the moment. We've done it for so long, and we're pretty decent at it, but it's time for a change. I hope people will still feel it's a true Two Tribes game, even though it's a different genre than they're used from us.

 photo 141_zps73de2902.jpg

[Q]: What was the game that most inspired you and your team to create
the Toki Tori series?

[CVG]: In the 90's there were many games that revolved around puzzle solving. Examples such as Lemmings (Amiga) and King's Valley 2 (MSX 2) are direct influences, but basically the whole era was inspiring.

Thanks for answering our questions, we enjoyed this interview and we
hope to have the chance to do this again sometime!

[CVG]: Sure Smile

Have a great day!

[CVG]: Bye!

 photo 147_zpsd29d59d7.jpg

So are you excited about Two Tribes' possible upcoming IP and what did you think about our interview with Collin van Ginkel? Let us know in our comments!


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Two Tribes are amazing game developers and I look forward to whatever they will release next on the Wii U!
WiiWareWave needs more features like this interview because this is what people like to read!
I enjoyed reading this superb interview you did a fine job @Rukiafan! Megatron Happy
Two Tribes are best Wii U indie developer I love games! Smile
Two Tribes need to follow through on shmup idea the eshop need more game in the genre. Nice article overall.
Two Tribes is simply an amazing indie developer. Very Happy
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