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We just wanted to let everyone know there's a survey at Club Nintendo about the importance of online multiplayer. The survey is only worth 10 coins, but we think online multiplayer can make or break a game sometimes. We're looking at you Mario Party: Island Tour. So if you would like to voice your opinion about the importance of online multiplayer, then go fill out the survey at Club Nintendo. This survey will only be available until November 10th.

Will you be taking the online survey for those oh so important Club Nintendo coins? Let us know in our comments!

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Thanks for the heads up I will fill out that survey today.
I turned this into an article. If you want me to turn it back into a forum post feel free to let me know @Nintenbro. Wink
Also thank you for posting this information. Wink
No, that's fine. Although, you may also want to add that this particular survey is only available thru November 10th.
I will need to do that survey. Smile
Also you might want to add that only select Club Nintendo members are getting this survey. I am not sure what their criteria is for handing out the survey but I know not everyone is getting it. I got it but a few of my friends didn't so don't be alarmed if you didn't get one.
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