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Zeboyd Games has told us that there is a possibility that their new Kickstarter project could be released on the Wii U at some point as they are interested on the idea of releasing their current project Cosmic Star Heroine on the console! The game takes alot of cues from Chrono Trigger including battles that occur when you are spotted by on-screen monsters rather than random battles!

 photo 20_zps89dc6cb1.png

No promises or release windows were given for a Wii U launch, but at least we now know that it's possible! We'll let you know if a Wii U version of the game is confirmed!

Are you hoping that this JRPG style indie game will be released on the Wii U eshop? Let us know in our comments!

Cosmic Star Heroine Has A Possibility of Being Released On The Wii U! Rukiafan7
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This RPG looks very fun Smile
Hopefully Cosmic Star Heroine will come to Wii U Smile
Um...this game looks like so much fun I wanna get this on my Wii U! Smile
Aqua Cherry Blossom
The game looks like it could be one of the best Wii U eshop titles, that is if it does get released on the service. Smile
Color me interested, this could be a great eshop game!
It would be so freaking cool if this game came to the Wii U eshop! Very Happy
A spiritual successor of Chrono Trigger? Oh yeah I'll donate $25! Smile
I will get the PS4 version if this doesn't come to the Wii U eshop, but I'd prefer to get this for Wii U. Smile
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