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A brand new Nintendo Direct came out of nowhere as it now showcased all of the information regarding the upcoming Wii U title Wii Fit U as well as many brand new announcements.

The Direct starts off with the introduction of the new look of the Wii Fit Trainer for the new upcoming game, which then later the Direct is hosted by Satoru Iwata.

Details about the game include Graphs where you can check your daily weight, BMI, calories burned, etc. and the game also includes 19 new activities including the previous Wii Fit games, which makes a total of 77 activities included in this game.

WARNING: Iwata notifies that the game is heavy in memory space and he actually recommends an external hard drive for it !

However the Direct also showcases the the Fit meter (that is sold separately), which is an Activity Meter that uses a 3-axis accelerometer and said functions can show you the amount of calories that you've burned and also the amount of steps you've done, and a pressure sensor that measures changes in altitude so that the calories you burn are accurate, and it must be attached to the hip so that it help decrease measurement error.

The meter also contains a target calories meter that shows you the amount of calories that you want to burn, elevation difference from home, and graphs where one shows you METs graph and one that shows your calories lost in a weekly basis, and other helpful neat features such as time and temperature.

This meter can be transferred towards the system with the Wii U Gamepad so that the graph on the Wii U system can be updated towards your current game, and an example is being showcased that shows a single activity day being recorded in terms of its MET meter and elevation, you can save these graphs as well, limiting over 15 enough to be stored.

And if you failed to reach your calorie goal, the game actually recommends you an activity that can make you keep up with the total calories that you want to burn.

Another new feature in this game includes a Fit meter challenge, that can which uses your steps or altitude for special challenges, such as you replicating climbing mount Everest in the total of altitudes you've taken.

The game also includes online features that include a Gym Community in Miiverse where you can share similar goals with anyone, which can let you see the progress of others and can also compare stats.

The Wii balance board will also compatible with Wii Street U with an update that is available now, Wii Street U is free to download until October 31 of this year.

Special offer:
There is a special offer that will be available worldwide, where you can get a one-month free trail if you already own a balance board by getting them from Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus

You can download Wii Fit U from the Nintendo eShop for free from November 1 to January 31 in NA and EU and October 31 to January 31 in Japan, to play for free for a month the moment you start up the game.

But if you buy a Fit meter ($19.99 in NA) and connect it with the free game, the game will be yours forever.

By February 1 of next year, the free version will be replaced by the normal download version in the Nintendo eShop

Wii Sports Club announced:
It's a downloadable software title from the Wii U eShop, which is an enhanced version of the Wii launch game, in which all the sports have been upgraded to use the Wii Remote Plus tech, an online multiplayer that also includes miiverse communication, you can be a registered member of a club, where you can face off with club members in a friendly match or defeat other clubs and these can be state or regional based.

The software however serves as a hub, since you can only select tennis and bowling since the rest of the sports games will have to be purchased separately.

There are two methods in buying them, one which is a Club Pass that can let you purchase each sport for $9.99 each, and the other one is a Day pass that can let you play all the sports games  but only for 24 hours, and costs $1.99, there will be also a free 24 hour trial the moment you start up the game. To be released on November 7 of this year for NA and EU and October 30 of this year in Japan.

And now here are the release dates for the different bundles of Wii Fit U worldwide:

North America:
To be released in December 13 of this year with two bundles, one which will include the Wii Fit U game and the Fit Meter and another one with the Wii Fit U game, the Fit Meter and a balance board.

To be released in December 6 of this year with two bundles, one which will include the Wii Fit U game and the Fit Meter and another one with the Wii Fit U game, the Fit Meter and a balance board.

To be released in February 1 of next year with two bundles, one which will include the Wii Fit U game and the Fit Meter and another one with the Wii Fit U game, the Fit Meter and a balance board.

So, what did you think of this Wii Fit U focused Nintendo Direct ? did it convince you into getting the game ? and how about the announcement of Wii Sports Club ?

Source: GoNintendo ( Source 1 , source 2 )

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on September 18th 2013, 11:45 pmTowafan7
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Nice article, but I won't get Wii Fit U, however I will be getting Wii Sports Club. Wink
on September 21st 2013, 2:13 pmFM_Alchemist
Wii Sports Club looks good, however it sounds like it will be extremely expensive to download all of the sports in the game.
on September 23rd 2013, 12:33 pmAussiegamer
Good Nintendo Direct. :-D
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