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New Exclusives Headed To Nintendo?!

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ATLUS the masterminds behind series such as Shin Megami: Tensei, Persona, Shin Megami: Devil Survivor, Disgaea, and Ogre Battle just to name a few has been in serious danger of folding under as its parent company Index is on the verge of collapsing and will be selling its subsidiaries, ATLUS included as early as sometime this week!

International Digital Times has reported, however that a Nintendo acquisition of the company is very likely, here is what they had to say:

"The single most likely bidder for Atlus in the Atlus bankruptcy case is Nintendo. As a matter of fact, I'd like to suggest that a Nintendo-led acquisition of Atlus may actually have been in the works for some time. That's because Nintendo has been working unusually closely with Atlus lately, treating them practically like an in-house studio. That may be because Atlus is about to become one."

They also said in their report that Nintendo would benefit more by acquiring the company than Microsoft or Sony so they are the most likely candidates to acquire the company as stated in their report:

"It only makes sense for Nintendo to make the most of the Atlus bankruptcy and buy Atlus outright, maybe at a bit of a discount. It would not only shore up an increasingly significant third party developer - especially in its home market - but it would also simply create more capacity for Nintendo's homegrown development, which is something they've discussed expanding. Their recent collaboration suggests that the cultures mesh well together."

"What's more, the other major gaming companies aren't as interested in the Atlus bankruptcy. Sony is the biggest threat; if they decide they're interested, they can certainly outbid Nintendo. Square Enix would make a lot of sense, but wouldn't help them diversify - quite the opposite - and they don't really have the money. Capcom or Konami could pick it up, but there are no obvious synergies. And Microsoft and other Western developers just won't care."

What do you think? Would you like to see Nintendo acquire ATLUS? Do you believe that this rumor is true? Let us know in our comments!

Rumormill: Nintendo Might Be Considering Acquiring ATLUS! Rukiafan7
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I believe this might be true, since Nintendo HAS "lost" a lot of money the past few years, people like to point out the reasoning behind it is poor 3DS/WiiU sales, and while that IS true, it's most likely not ALL true. You can loose money if you're not making any off of stuff you bought (funding Bayonetta 2 for instance) so I have a strong gut feeling Nintendos "losses" we're because they made a big buy out. And honestly I hope it's true for Atlas, I don't get why some people online are so butthurt over that thought... :/ I mean did Nintendo make monoloft's Xenoblade or X worse then Xenosaga/gears?... Answer: NO!
Also on a side note, if Nintendo did buy Atlas I hope they bring 3D Dot game Heroes to WiiU eShop Very Happy
This would give Nintendo the edge it needs with virtually every popular strategy RPG franchise at their disposal!
I just bought code of princess to help on my Atlus library (even if they only published the game in the west)
^ You should definitely download SMTIV, when you have the money. It's really excellent, and a must have game for Atlus fans.
@nintenbro oh believe me I plan to before Aug 31st so I can get the $30 back, plus I'll get $10 back for pikmin 3 so I might use that $40 on Mario and Luigi Dream Team free
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