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Darkseas Game has told us on Twitter that Road Redemption will feature a selection of bikes to choose from in the game with different handling, speed, acceleration and more! We'll let you know more as we learn more about the upcoming title!

Road Redemption Will Have A Selection of Different Bikes To Choose From! Rukiafan7
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Cool, will they be real-life bikes or fictitious bikes?
Cool, but I figured the game would have many different bikes to choose from. Razz
on July 19th 2013, 12:57 amGeekyGamerZack
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Cool, because I thought three posts in a row starting with the word "cool" would be cool. Cool
Cool, because four cools is even cooler!
Isn't that right GamerZack chan? I love you
Cool, Kushina-chan, but I think it's up to seven "cools" now!...oh, eight "cools"...nine "cools"...ten "cools"...let's just say it's a lot of "cools"! Wink
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