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The Sidekick Becomes The Hero!

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Gameplay And Controls:

New Super Luigi U brings all the hectic fun of the New Super Mario Bros. series and kicks the difficulty of the levels to unprecedented new levels as you will face more enemies and much more hazardous level designs then ever before!

The game starts off a little easier than the final world in New Super Mario Bros. U, but within a few levels the difficulty ramps up big-time and you will be dying alot. Luigi can jump higher and further in this game which will be very helpful, but I've heard that this only applies to the retail version of the game, thus it may not apply if you downloaded the game from the Wii U eshop.

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The controls are fairly straightforward, however Luigi's new abilities do cause some problems on icy stages as he slides very far on long jumps, forcing you to jump to the next platform almost immediately after landing otherwise Luigi will just slide of the edge of smaller platforms in icy areas.

There are a few new enemies in the game as well as a new "nearly invincible' character in multiplayer as well as a few throwback levels from older games in the series, but overall the game is mostly the same as New Super Mario Bros. U.

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The graphics are much the same as they were in New Super Mario Bros. U, if not a little more polished, however that's a good thing since the graphic are detailed and have a ton of character. You'll also see alot of different Luigi themed objects in the background of this title which is a nice touch.

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Character models appear to be slightly more detailed than they were in New Super Mario Bros. U and really look excellent with fluid animations.

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The music in the game is nice and catchy so it really works well with the game and the in-game sound effects are fairly nice as well!

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With great gameplay, fun multiplayer action, challenging levels, and amazing graphics this game is a must have purchase for the Wii U! The lack of Luigi's new abilities makes the Wii U eshop version in need of its own review. As for the review of the retail version this game gets a...

Score: 8.5/10

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Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U Retail) Sig

Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U Retail) Rukiafan7
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Nice review, it is strange that luigi's long jump is actually not included in this version, because I thought that both versions were going to include it so...

I was expecting to release my review of a certain game right now, but since you've made one ahead of me, I'll let you in a few days before I post mine so that people can have a chance to look at yours and not have a cluttering situation.
Nice review Rukiafan Smile.  I am waiting to get a physical copy of this since I like the green case and I don't own NSMBU.
Great review, it's a little easier then NSMBU to me but still good
Awesome review dude.
Himawari Chan
I still need to get New Super Mario Bros. U.
Game is challenge and fun your review very good! ^-^
I got this game day one and it is very fun and really challenging Smile
Sweet review dude. Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U Retail) 631737971
WiiWareWave needs more reviewers Neutral
I still need to get NSMBU first.
Aqua Cherry Blossom
Nice review @Rukiafan lol. Smile
Never heard about this before. If I'm understanding this correctly, Luigi's new abilities are only in the physical disc version, yes? If so, that is rather odd. I can see wanting to reward those who pay more money with new features, but something as integral to gameplay as abilities being version exclusive is...bizarre.

Either way, thanks for covering this one. I've been rather curious how it would turn out considering the general staleness of the New Super Mario Bros. series.
@Marth Welcome back dude, it's been a long time! Wink
I'm undecided if I will download or purchase a physical copy of this game.
Nice review boss! Smile
I still haven't beat every level in this game yet. This game wickedly difficult. Good review.
great review! you should post it on miiverse! (in the new super luigi u community of course)!
Does anyone know if the Super Guide feature is included in this game? In any case, superb review, @Ichigofan! Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U Retail) 631737971
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