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No Relation To Satoru Iwata

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Apache Junction Gamestop employee Chris Iwata agreed to tell us about the current state of the Wii U and what will be happening as far as Wii consoles and games are concerned.

So far how have sales been for the Wii U and its games?

Chris Iwata: Not good at all, as you can see there isn't much of a selection of games for the console and sales have been awful, the only super popular game on the console "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" is always out of stock and we've had difficulties obtaining more copies to sell.

What about Wii consoles and titles? How are they selling?

Chris Iwata: Much better than the Wii U on both fronts, however as the saying goes "all good things must come to an end" and the Wii is doing just that, all of our Arizona locations and most locations across the US will stop accepting game and console trade-ins starting on June 1st and we will stop selling Wii hardware and titles on July 1st of this year.

Thanks for letting us know these details we will be sure to let our fans know about this!

Chris Iwata: No problem, it was a pleasure talking with you. Take care!


We have learned that the Wii question was answered in an untrue fashion as several Gamestop employees at Facebook have let us know that this is completely untrue. We apologize for the misinformation and will gift all members 100 coins as our apology to you!

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Interview: Gamestop Employee Tells Us That Wii Games Will Stop Being Sold On July 1st! Rukiafan7
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So what if you need more Wiimotes for your Wii U? I guess you will have to go somewhere else other than Gamestop.
There are Wii U brand Wii motes available that will still be around. Wink
You did a great job on your first field interview dude!
This article has been updated based on new information we have received. Wink
Wow! That guy seems like an *******! Why would he lie about something so silly, when he knew you were going to publish the information on the internet. That's something an ******* does, if you were to ask me. Very Happy
I'm not gonna lie.. Seeing this actually surprised me ALOT. Looks like i'm gonna have to find several Wii Games for a decent price. and Hold on to the current Wii Games I have. I know i'll never part with my Magnificent 3 (haha Futurama joke too LOL) Pandora's Tower Xenoblade and Last Story. Maybe i can find some copys of Wii Games for cheap. I hope I can..
Even though the statement was false, it does show that the Wii won't remain on shelves forever. Maybe now's the time to consider filling the gaps in my collection...
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