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Goodbye Forever...?

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EA has confirmed with Kotaku and other websites that they have no games under development on the Wii U or 3DS and that they have no current plans to release more games on the consoles.

Are you upset that games such as Madden, Fifa, or Need For Speed will not be released on a Nintendo console in the immediate future? Let us know in our comments.

Update The source has changed their statement saying that EA is not ruling out a Wii U release in the future.

Source: Kotaku

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Update Breaking News: EA Pulls Support For Wii U and 3DS Might Develop For Nintendo Again in The Future! Rukiafan7
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We can survive without EA. Actually if you think about it EA has not been doing good as of late. Selling their stocks, laying off even more people. Its like they are being held together literally by some kind of cheap tape. And we all know the adhesive in tape eventually starts to fade. Maybe EA will soon be fading away as well. I dont know that 100% for sure But it doesnt look too good for them.
Two words... Butt hurt
Why did Kotaku exaggerate about this at first? Still EA is really acting butt hurt. No
Today made me realize I still don't care, because one word SEGA!
Yeah SEGA was crippled by EA doing this to them, but EA isn't a powerhouse like it was back then. If anything EA is more likely to fail than Nintendo at the moment. Razz
Yeah apparently there's another SEGA game we don't know about exclusive to Nintendo that'll be revealed on the 29th, also rumored sonic playable in MK8 :O come on ninetndo buy out SEGA do it!
Nintendo Wont be bullied by those pricks.
People saying Nintendo should go 3rd party... Do your research!
Look at Atari, Hutson, SNK, and heck even SEGA, they arnt the same company they were when they were first party, even though SEGA has faired the best and if Nintendo did go 3rd party they'd still fair better then SEGA, but they would also be a shell of what they once were. EA just stop
Every article from EA since about 4 months after the Wii U Launched has just been nit picking, Name calling, and people being idiots to Nintendo and its fans over there. EA i wouldnt care if they didnt make games for Nintendo. Let them Bash Nintendo. Then when PS4 and New Xbox are also struggling with sales watch EA do they unthinkable and apologize to Nintendo for ever doubting them. I have a feeling EA will eat the words they said towards Nintendo eventually.
on May 18th 2013, 1:30 pmShanaNoShakugan
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EA sound like silly children.
@ShanaNoShakugan wrote:EA sound like silly children.

damn straight
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