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We have heard some promising rumors from multiple sources including GoNintendo that Project X has been code named Xenoblade Infinity and will be released globally around holiday 2014 to early 2015! The game will feature several worlds with an almost unimaginable scale and very realistic ecosystems!

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It is said that you will be able to create parts for and customize your mobile artillery in the game which will be important against some of the extremely massive monsters in the game. The game is said to also feature an equipment creation feature similar to that of the Monster Hunter series!

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It is rumored that on top of the game's over 100 hour single player story there will be an online mode akin to an MMORPG that will have 100's of hours worth of quests and activities that can be enjoyed online with up to three friends or strangers!

These are just rumors at this point based on gameplay footage and other sources which could change at any time, but we'll let you know if and when these features are confirmed by Monolith Soft!

Rumormill: Xenoblade Infinity To Be Released Globally During Holiday 2014 - Early 2015?! Rukiafan7
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If everything stated above comes to be true, I'll be willing to bet the Xenoblade series will become even more popular than Monster Hunter. I'll definitely be pre-ordering a copy.
Those features would be welcome. This could be even better than the first Xenoblade title. Cool
This is going to be one of the best RPGs this generation! Very Happy
Himawari Chan
The game sounds even better than the first one on the Wii. Smile
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
The online gameplay will be awesome if the rumor is true!
This title sounds promising.
I can't wait to hear more about this title Smile
I just might have the first Xenoblade game completed by early 2015. Very Happy
These rumours are interesting I want to be true! Very Happy
Let's hope these rumors are true! Rumormill: Xenoblade Infinity To Be Released Globally During Holiday 2014 - Early 2015?! 631737971
These rumors are getting me excited to hear more!
Uh, guys... Check out what I happened to come across on GameFAQs. Sad
An mmo seriously Monolithsoft?! Crying or Very sad
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