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Episode 14: Emily’s Homecoming

Emily returns to her home in Goldenia, where her family are...royalty?! Her brother Aurec is a watertouched, and his elemental nature has caught the attention of a mysterious trio of individuals who wish to experiment on the young syl. Meanwhile, Zed finally rejoins his allies, but something is amiss: the Azure Crystal has mysteriously started to malfunction! Can the young spellcaster solve this potential problem?

New Characters

Lord and Lady Summershire – Emily’s parents and the reigning monarchs of Summershire, they are unaware of the danger which threatens their son until it is too late!

Lord Aurec of Summershire – Emily’s older brother was born a watertouched, and has caught the attention of three mysterious individuals. Can his sister save him in time?

"It is so good to be home..."

Scene 1: Dragon’s Tower: Early Afternoon

Zed and Erik reach the top of the Dragon’s Tower. The view of the lands of the Silverian Empire and the Damantia Sea is breathtaking. In the centre of the tower’s roof is a large pedestal marked with the symbol on Zed and Erik’s right hands.

Erik: The pinnacle of the Dragon’s Tower. You can see for miles up here!

Zed: Whoa…awesome.

Zed and Erik look around.

Erik: I…expected to see the Icon up here.

Zed: So did I.

Erik: I doubt the Emperor would send us on a wild drake chase. There must be a reason why we are here…

Suddenly, a beacon of light emerges from around the outside of the pedestal. The mark on Erik’s hand begins to glow brightly.

Erik: My mark…

Zed: I think you need to stand on the pedestal.

Erik: I am not sure about this, Zed…

Zed: Why else would we be here? I’m sure the pedestal will take you to the Icon.

Erik: Me? Why not you? You bear the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Because you were the one who was supposed to find the Icon. I have to return to my own time.

Erik: You are right.

Erik approaches the pedestal, standing in its centre and turning to face Zed.

Zed: We will meet again. I still need to meet you for the first time.

Erik smiles.

Erik: Of course, Zed.

The pedestal is engulfed in bright light. The mark appears under Zed’s feet and glows with cyan light. A column of light erupts from the floor surrounding Zed.

Zed: Here we go…

Erik’s voice seems to echo from thin air.

Erik: This is not your world, Zed…

Zed: Erik?

The column of light recedes into the ground, leaving Zed standing in the middle of a bustling city. A few people stand and stare at him, but most simply continue with their busy lives.

Zed’s thoughts: Am I back?

Voice: You certainly are, Zed.

Zed spins around and sees Erik – the Erik he knows – standing there.

Zed: Erik!

Erik: So now we are properly acquainted.

Zed: Did you meet the Icon? What are they like?

Erik: I am sure you would like the Icon very much, Zed.

Zed: Cool. So…where are we?

Erik: This is Summershire City, in the Kingdom of Goldenia.

Zed: Goldenia? Awesome!

Erik: Come. There are some people who wish to meet with you.

Zed: Lead on, Mentor.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: The Golden Dew Tavern: Afternoon

Zed and Erik enter the tavern. Zed sees the Crystalbound and Kendall sitting at a table and begins to approach them.

Thobrun: -and then I dropped my hammer onto his noggin! Let me tell you he was stumblin’ around like a-

Thobrun stops talking as the party realises Zed is present.

Zed: Hey, guys.

Brocc: Zed! It’s really you!

Mak: Zed!

Mak leaps to his feet and locks Zed in a hug.

Mak: Where were you?! We were so worried!

Bryn: Give the boy a chance to speak, “Dad”!

Mak lets go of Zed.

Mak: Sorry.

Mak looks over at Erik.

Mak: Thank you for looking out for him, Erik.

Erik: My pleasure, Mak.

Zed: Wait a minute…did something happen between you two since I left?

Mak: In a sense, yes.

Bryn: We were ambushed by those two goons again-

Zed: Trent and Kara, you mean?

Bryn: Oh, that’s right! You haven’t been acquainted with Brent and Sara, have you?

Zed: Brent and Sara?

Brocc: Let me backtrack a little bit for you…


An arrow whizzes past Mak’s head.

Bryn: Oh, for the love of truffles!

Brent and Sara stand right in the party’s path.

Brent: Hello, Crystalbound.

Sara: Hello, Crystalbound.

Brent: I just said that!

Sara: I know, but I wanted to say it too!

Brent: You can’t just take my words like that! I, Brent, have standards, and those standards don’t include some half-witted barbarian stealing my thunder!

Sara! I am not unliterate! And I am not a thief!

Sara points at Bryn.

Sara: THAT is a thief!

Bryn: Hey! Don’t go pointing your sausage-finger at me, sister!

Sara: I am not your sister!

Bryn: Never mind…

Mak: I take it you’re going to try and round us up again?

Brent: However did you guess?

Brent smiles cruelly.

Mak: Because you’re all so…

Brent: Talented?

Mak: Predictable.

Brent frowns.

Brent: How dare you!

Mak: The four of you always try to capture us and take us to this “Mistress” of yours, and every time some guy or another comes along and stops you without us lifting a sword.

Brent: And just who do you expect will stop us this time?

Erik: Allow me to attempt such an endeavour.

Erik steps in front of the Crystalbound.

Brent: And who on Junihoshi are you?

Erik cocks one eyebrow.

Erik: Does the name “Hippocamp” ring any bells?

Brent: No, not…WAAAAAAAAH!


Mak: Let’s just say that Erik and I have come to an…“understanding” of sorts.

Zed: As long as you guys are finally getting along, it’s fine.

Brocc: So what was it like in the past?

Zed: Well, I-

A blank expression appears on Zed’s face. He turns to look at Erik.

Zed: Did you tell them?

Brocc: Tell us what?

Zed: Never mind.

Erik’s thoughts: They learned of our past exploits from some artefacts in Mak’s father’s collection.

Zed’s thoughts: Really?

Erik’s thoughts: I’m sure I forbade the Emperor from recounting our endeavours. I wonder why she went ahead and had them crafted behind my back.

Zed’s thoughts: She must have had her reasons.

Erik’s thoughts: I certainly hope so, Zed.

Brocc: Uh…Zed? You’re spacing out a little.

Zed: Uh…oh, right. I started out in the Ethereal Expanse.

Bryn: I knew you were sent to another plane! Brocc, hand it over!

Brocc: Ah, crumbs.

Brocc hands 5gp to Bryn.

Zed: Then a genie sent me to some weird desert world.

Brocc: Another world, you say? Bryn?

Bryn: Ugh…fine.

Bryn gives Brocc 10gp.

Amethyst: You both wagered on Zed’s location?

Kendall: But why?

Bryn: We were both in distress, alright? It took our minds off his absence.

Brocc: Yeah, what she said!

Mak: Both of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Zed: Oh, and then I ended up 250 years in the past.

Mak: Bryn, Brocc…both of you fork it over.

Bryn and Brocc look at each other and give each other a sly smile.

Bryn: Looks like you won the bet, Makkmak.

Bryn and Brocc each begin to hand 10gp to Mak. Emily looks at Mak.

Mak: What bet? No…hand me those chicken legs you’re holding.

Bryn: Why would you want our chicken?

Mak: I’m hungry.

Brocc: But Bryn, you said we could frame Mak into claiming a fake wager he didn’t make with us, just to see if Emily would-

Bryn slaps the back of Brocc’s head.

Brocc: OW! I mean…a fake wager? What’s a fake wager? A…potato segment…covered in flaked…fish?

Bryn: That’s a “flake wedge”, you dolt! It’s a Granrelmian delicacy!

Brocc: Whatever. The important thing is Zed’s back, safe and sound.

Mak: I missed you buddy.

Amethyst: We all missed you a great deal, Zed.

Voice: Twelve Stars! It’s Lady Emillia!

The party turns to look at two teenage girls, a homonid and a syl, both in simple clothing. They seem to be looking at the party.

Girl #1: I had no idea she was back in Summershire!

Girl #2: I had no idea I’d ever meet her in person!

Kendall: Uh…there must be some mistake.

Girl #1: We don’t make mistakes, sir. Your party priestess is most definitely Lady Emillia, the Amberbound.

Brocc: Lady Emillia? Emily, I thought your name was…well, Emily.

Emily: My full title is Lady Emillia of Summershire. I usually go simply by Emily Summers, which is my legal name.

Bryn: But “Lady” implies that you are-

Mak: Yes, Bryn, Emily is royalty.

Three individuals at a nearby table observe the party. The sides of their faces are marked with purplish-pink crystalline patterns. The first is a female homonid human, while the other two are male homonid humans.

Figure #1: Bingo, our way into Summershire Palace.

Figure #2: We should be able to follow them undetected using our cloaks.

Figure #1: In this place, our magentia reserves are dangerously low.

Figure #3: Then we should redirect the energy consumption of our other crystal functions and focus on a single ability at a time.

Figure #2: A single ability at a time? What are we, savages?

Figure #3: As I understand, it is how many people lived day-to-day, before advanced crystal tech became mainstream.

Figure #1: Then we will live as our elders once did long ago, at least until our research is complete.

Figure #2: Ugh…fine, but you owe me big time, both of you.

The three individuals become invisible in a purplish-pink cybernetic animation sequence.

Scene 4: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Two syl humans, a lady and a gentleman, sit in a rather lavish parlour. Each of them holds a cup of tea and a saucer. The gentleman sips his tea, then places his cup gently into the saucer.

Gentleman: I must say, this tea is most exquisite.

Lady: If my understanding is correct, these tea leaves are imported from Verdelvum.

Gentleman: Ah, a sign of quality to be sure. We really must visit Verdelvum, sweetheart.

Lady: Of course, darling.

Both people smile at one another. A loud knock sounds on the parlour doors.

Gentleman: Enter.

The doors swing open, revealing a butler, the Crystalbound and Kendall. The party follows the butler up to the gentleman and lady.

Butler: Lord and Lady Summershire, I present the Lady Emillia of Summershire and her companions: Amethyst Moondew, Sir Makkmak Clay of Cuprumo, Paladin Thobrun Steelanvil, the Lady Bryn of Platinia, Broccoli Choy Verdann Svetlana Asparagustus Anchovius Wheatcream Bucknoodle Hairy Squirty Windy-

Brocc clears his throat.

Butler: Erm…Pharrschott, Kendall Silvertooth and…Zed.

Gentleman: That will be all.

Butler: Very good, sir.

The butler bows, then turns around and exits the room. Lord Summershire stands and walks over to Emily. Emily looks into Lord Summershire eyes. A smile slowly spreads across both their faces.

Lord Summershire: My Emillia.

Emily: Father.

Lord Summershire and Emily hug. Lady Summershire stands and walks over to her husband and daughter, embracing them both.

Lady Summershire: It is wonderful to see you again, sweetheart.

Emily: I missed you so much, Mother.

The family separates and faces the Crystalbound. Lord Summershire faces Mak.

Lord Summershire: You kept your word, Sir Makkmak. My daughter is safe.

Mak: It was my honour, M’Lord.

Mak kneels.

Lord Summershire: You really do not need to be so formal.

Mak slowly stands upright.

Mak: Apologies, M’Lord.

Lady Summershire: If there is any reward you request, please, let us know.

Mak: Having your daughter in my life, Milady, that is reward enough.

Lord Summershire: Say no more. The household of Summershire will see to the wedding arrangements personally.

Mak and Emily both panic.

Emily: What?! No, no…we do not wish for marriage!

Mak: The two of us are…good friends!

Emily: Uh…exactly! Eheheheheh…

Lord Summershire frowns.

Lord Summershire: Very well. The servants will see you to your rooms. You are our honoured guests. Welcome to Summershire Palace!

Mak: Thank you, M’Lord.

The party, except for Emily, bows. The entire party then leaves the room and closes the door behind them.

Lord Summershire: I fail to see why Emillia and Sir Makkmak will not wed.

Lady Summershire: It is clear as day that they care deeply for one another.

Lord Summershire: Any fool would see it, would they not?

Lord and Lady Summershire giggle.

Lord Summershire: In time, they will realise their feelings for one another.

Lady Summershire: Indeed.

Scene 5: Palace Courtyard: Early Afternoon

A male syl human with glistening black hair, azure eyes and shimmering blue specks on his cheeks walks through the palace courtyard. He speaks with a posh accent.

Gentleman: Ah, what a splendid day to be outdoors. There is not a cloud in the sky, the birds are chirping…what could possibly spoil my afternoon?

The three individuals from before appear around him in a purplish cybernetic flash.

Figure #2: Oh, I have a couple of ideas.

The figure wraps his arms around the gentleman. All four individuals disappear in a purplish cybernetic flash.

Commercial: The Winter Festival is fast approaching, and there’s no better place to be than Goodheart’s Pass! We boast the biggest Winter Carnival in the land, with sideshows, games, and of course food! The finest dwarven chefs prepare over 200 delicacies of Tundwaldunian origin, and our selection of dwarven beverages* is matched by no other place in the land! The Winter Festival, in Goodheart’s Pass. You’d regret not being here!

*WARNING: Dwarven beverages only suitable for dwarf consumption. You have been warned!


Scene 6: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Brent and Kara walk up to the Sorceress of Winter.

Sorceress: You have both failed me…again!

Brent: Apologies, Mistress, but-

Sorceress: I have no desire to hear your petty excuses! The ice vault longs for new captives.

Brent: No, please! Anything but that!

Sorceress: Very well…I will decide what punishment to give you. In the meantime…

Two ice constructs walk behind Brent and Sara, grabbing them.

Sorceress: You may spend some time in the ice vault.

Brent: What?!

Sorceress: I cannot have you running around this fortress willy-nilly, can I?

Sara: Oh, lighten up, Brent. It’ll be just like taking a nap.

Brent thrashes around as the ice constructs carry both him and Sara into the ice vault.

Brent: No! You cannot do this to me! I am the great hunter, Bre-

The door to the ice vault seals shut.

Sorceress: Winter is afoot…the perfect time for me to enact my plan.

The Sorceress smiles cruelly.

Scene 7: Emily’s Room: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Emily and Mak enter Emily’s bedroom.

Emily: It is unchanged from when I last left here.

Mak: It’s a little ostentatious, don’t you think?

Emily: I admit, it is a little bit too lavish for my liking, but it is where I grew up. Over time, I have become accustomed to the perks and privileges.

Mak: I still don’t see why we need to sleep in the same bed, though.

Emily: My parents have always longed for me to find a partner of my own.

Mak: Well, the look your father gave us…I suspect they always knew we’d be together.

Emily: Well, it is much too early for us to declare-

Voice: Lady Emillia! Lady Emillia!

A maid runs into Emily’s bedroom.

Maid: Forgive my intrusion, Milady! It…it…

Emily: Please, calm yourself!

The maid is still in a panic.

Emily: Heather, please try to calm down.

The maid lets out a big breath and tries to relax.

Emily: Now, please, tell me what troubles you.

Heather: It’s your brother, Milady!

Emily: Aurec?

Heather: He’s been abducted!

Emily’s hands fly to her mouth.

Scene 8: Parlour: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Lord and Lady Summershire are surprised at the news.

Lord Summershire: You are certain?!

Emily: Heather swears it to be true!

Mak: She said the kidnappers seemed to disappear in an unusual flash of magenta.

Lady Summershire: By the Twelve Stars! You must find him at once!

Emily: My crystal has begun to glow. I suspect it is a beacon which will guide us to Aurec.

Mak: We’ll try our best to bring him back, M’Lord…Milady.

Mak bows.

Lord Summershire: You may go.

Mak: Very good.

Lady Summershire: Please, try to bring back your brother, safe and sound.

Emily: I will try, Mother.

Mak and Emily leave the parlour, closing the doors behind them.

Lord Summershire: If this endeavour fails to bring them together, I know not what will.

Lady Summershire: Thinking of our daughter’s future even when our son is in peril?

Lord Summershire: I take no favourites when it comes to our children.

Lady Summershire: I do wonder…

Scene 9: Faerie Guild: Summershire City: Afternoon

Zed enters the Faerie Guild, the branch of the Adventurer’s League for spellswords and hedge mages. Zed walks up to Erik.

Erik: Ah, Zed. Welcome.

Zed: I need to find out something.

Erik: Of course.

Zed hands his member’s card to Erik.

Zed: It says I’m a full member of the Adventurer’s League, but it says I’m a spellsword instead of a wizard.

Erik: Ah…

Zed: What I want to know is why I’m a full member and not a probationary one.

Erik: Well, that time I gave you your member’s card…I may have upgraded you to full member’s privileges without you having to wait a year.

Zed: You can do that?

Erik: Of course.

Zed: But…why did you?

Erik: I first met you 250 years ago. That’s a far cry from just one year.

Zed: So the time-traveller clause takes effect?

Erik: It does exist in the Adventurer’s League charter.

Zed: Wait…you helped write the charter?

Erik: Maybe…

Zed: Oh.

Zed pauses.

Zed: Maybe you can help me with my other problem, then.

Erik: Of course.

Zed reaches into his clothing and pulls out his crystal. The cyan light within it is resonating.

Erik: Fascinating…

Zed: What does this mean?

Erik: It would seem that you are close to finding the crystal’s true owner.

Zed: Then Axian was right…

Erik: Axian?

Zed: Long story. The bottom line is that this crystal belongs to someone named Mara.

Erik: Mara? But that cannot be…

Zed: You know her?

Erik: Not exactly. I have met some of her family, though.

Zed: Who is she?

Erik: Another time, Zed.

Zed: How did I know you were going to say that?

Erik: Maybe you’re psychic.

Zed: We’re all psychic, Erik.

Erik: Have you been listening to Tamamaki’s teachings?

Zed: Well, maybe a little.

Zed pauses.

Zed: Wait…where is Tamamaki-kun?

Erik: He has made his way to the Shuken-Kin Temple. Rest assured that he arrived safely.

Zed: That’s good to hear.

Erik: Indeed.

Zed: So…want to get some lunch?

Erik: Of course.

Zed and Erik leave the guild hall.

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Aurec lies tied up to an operating table. He struggles to break free of his bonds. The three figures stand around him.

Aurec: Do you not know who I am?! Unbind me at once!

Figure #1: We do know what you are, watertouched.

Figure #2: Where we come from, there are no watertouched. We are taking the opportunity to study you.

Aurec: To what end?

Figure #1: Our findings will aid us in developing new forms of crystal tech, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Aurec: “Crystal tech”? Your words mean nothing!

Figure #3: The results of this research will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams! I can practically taste the diamond spring water!

Aurec: You are mad if you think you will be able to dissect a member of royalty and get away with it!

Figure #1: There is nothing you can do.

Voice: No, but we can!

The three figures look over at Mak and Emily.

Figure #1: How on Vitrumund did you find this place?!

Mak: Let’s just say we had a little guidance from a crystal…

Emily: Aurec!

Aurec: Emillia? What are you doing here?!

Emily: We came to rescue you!

Aurec: It is not safe, sister! You must leave!

Emily: Not without you, dear brother!

Figure #1: Enough of this! There is no way you can win!

Mak: Oh yeah?

Mak steps forward and draws his sword.

Mak: Try me.

Figure #1: That primitive weapon is no match for our might.

Mak: We’ll see.

Mak swings his sword at the figure. Suddenly, the crystal markings on her face light up, and a purplish barrier surrounds her. As Mak’s sword makes contact, it sends a surge of energy through his body. The orcborn flies backward and hits a wall, then he falls to the ground, knocked out.

Emily: Makkmak!

Aurec: Sister! Leave now! Before it is too late!

Figure #1: You would be prudent to adhere to your brother’s words, Emillia.

Emily frowns.

Emily: You may call me “Emily”. HYAAAAAAAH!

Emily runs forward and swings her hammer. It glows with golden light, and she strikes the figure, sending her flying against a wall and knocking her to the ground. The figure pants heavily.

Figure #1: Impressive. You actually made a hit on me.

Emily: I am guided by the light of Marilina Silverblade.

Figure #1: You may have bested me, but you will not defeat my allies.

Emily spins around just in time to see the other two figures approach. Their crystalline markings glow, and waves of purplish energy emerge from their outstretched hands, surrounding Emily. An aura of golden light surrounds her, drawing out the remaining energy from the individuals.

Figure #3: Wh-What’s going on?!

Figure #2: Our magentia reserves…they’re depleting rapidly!

Figure #3: What do we do?!

Figure #2: We won’t have enough energy to open a doorway home!

Figure #3: But…I have a date tonight!

Energy stops flowing from the other two figures. They collapse to their knees, exhausted and panting heavily.

Figure #1: But…how?

Emily: Never mess with a Crystalbound!

Scene 11: Dining Hall: Summershire Palace: Evening

Emily’s family, the Crystalbound, Kendall and Erik sit at a long table brimming with all sorts of food.

Mak: You were awesome, Ems.

Emily: Are you trying to copy Zed, Makkmak?

Aurec: Sir Makkmak is right, Emillia. In the face of danger, you stood your ground and stopped the assailants. You truly are my rescuer.

Lord Summershire raises his goblet.

Lord Summershire: A toast. To Lady Emillia, whose bravery and courage aided her in rescuing her brother.

Everyone raises their goblets.

Lord Summershire: To Lady Emillia!

Everyone else (except Emily): To Lady Emillia!

Emily: I did not complete my task alone. I was assisted by-

Lord Summershire raises his goblet again.

Lord Summershire: A toast. To Sir Makkmak of Cuprumo, who aided Lady Emillia in saving her brother.

Everyone raises their goblets.

Lord Summershire: To Sir Makkmak!

Everyone else (except Mak and Emily): To Sir Makkmak!

Emily: No, no…I meant-

Aurec raises his goblet.

Aurec: A toast. To Herikios Woodhollow, who apprehended the thugs and took them to the proper authorities.

Everyone else raises their goblets.

Aurec: To Herikios!

Everyone else (except Mak, Emily and Erik): To Herikios!

Emily: I meant that the light of Marilina Silverblade herself was what removed the strength of the individuals. I was merely its conduit.

Lord Summershire: In any case, we did not expect such bravery from our only daughter.

Lady Summershire: We are very proud of you, Sweetheart.

Emily: Thank you Mother, Father, Aurec.

Lord Summershire: Now, let us feast before the food grows cold!

Brocc: Now THAT’S an order I can get behind!

Everyone begins eating the wonderful food.

Scene 12: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara stand before the Sorceress of Winter.

Sorceress: The four of you are a disgrace. After several attempts to capture the Crystalbound, you have failed to bring me even one of them.

Trent: Apologies, Mistress.

Brent: We have failed you one too many times, but never again.

Sorceress: Agreed. I will give you one final chance to apprehend the Crystalbound and bring them before me. One week from today is the Winter Festival, the greatest celebration of this time of year. Those fools are headed for Goodheart’s Pass, the hometown of dear Thobrun, to attend the festivities. The perfect time to make our move.

Sara: Ooh, can we attend the festival too?

Sorceress: Of course. The easier you blend in, the easier it will be to round up the Crystalbound whilst their guard is down.

Kara: But what about the mysterious individual who follows them, Mistress?

Sorceress: I admit, it will be difficult to capture them with him around, so we will have to lure them away from him, even for just a moment.

Brent: And then…we strike!

Sorceress: Exactly. Now go!

The Dark Crystalbound bow to the Sorceress, then turn around and leave the room.

Sorceress: At last, vengeance will be mine…

End Credits


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on August 26th 2015, 2:43 am
Episode 15: The Winter Festival

The party has arrived in Thobrun’s hometown of Goodheart’s Pass, in the kingdom of Shingania, and just in time, too: the Winter Festival will be here in a matter of hours! The festivities are cut short, however, when the party gets lost in the Goldwaldun Mountains! Will the heroes reunite once more?

New Characters

Helga Goodheart – Thobrun’s beloved mother welcomes home her son with a big smile and an enormous banquet the likes of which Brocc and Bryn have never imagined!

Lukas Silvertooth – A gentleman who claims to be Kendall’s long-lost father, but can he be trusted?

Ash – An ally of Erik’s, he gives Zed a rare artefact and asks him to keep it safe, but will not tell him of its significance.

"At last we meet again, Crystalbound..."

Scene 1: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The Crystalbound and Kendall trudge through the snow, approaching the settlement of Goodheart’s Pass. A number of buildings can be seen stretching into the distance and up the side of a mountain range.

Thobrun: Ah, Goodheart’s Pass...

Bryn: This is the site of the best winter festivities every year!

Emily: It’s spectacular!

Amethyst: Very impressive!

Thobrun: Ah, but it is more than that, lasses. my hometown!


The party walks up to a building with a wooden door. Thobrun knocks on the door. After a few seconds, a female dwarf opens it and stares at Thobrun.

Woman: Wee one?

Thobrun: Aye, Mum.

Tears stream down the woman’s face as she grabs Thobrun’s cheeks and gives him an enormous kiss on the forehead. She lets go of him and holds her hands in the air.

Woman: Ye didnae tell me ye were comin’ hame!

Thobrun: I wanted to surprise ye!

Woman: Well, ye’ve done more than that, laddie! Come in! Come in! Ye’re friends, too!

The party enters the building. At the other end of the street stands Brent, grinning cruelly.

Brent: Just as our Mistress predicted, the Crystalbound have walked into our trap.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Helga Steelanvil’s Home: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The party sits comfortably in Thobrun’s mother’s modest living area. Thobrun’s mother walks into the room.

Thobrun’s Mother: Can I fix ye anythin’ te eat?

Amethyst: That would be wonderful, Mrs. Steelanvil.

Thobrun’s Mother: Please, lass, call me Helga.

Amethyst: As you wish.

Helga leaves the room.

Emily: Your mother is so nice, Thobrun.

Thobrun: Aye, she is. I always look forward to comin’ home. She always knows when I’m on my way, even if I dinnae tell her.

Mak: Really? How?

Thobrun: Why, mother’s intuition, o’course.

Kendall: He is right. My mother always knows when I get into any trouble. It’s a little bit spooky, actually.

Mak: I wouldn’t know, given the fact that I didn’t see my mother for over 20 years.

Kendall: Oh, my apologies, Mak.

Mak: It’s fine, Kendall. I’ve been reunited with her, and that’s what matters.

Helga calls out from the next room.

Helga: Right, supper’s on! Come an’ eat it ‘fore the meece do!

Zed: There are mice in here?!

Thobrun: Course not, lad. Mum’s only teasin’ us!

Brocc: Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!

Amethyst: Come now, Brocc. I am sure it will merely be a light meal.


The party stands in the entrance of the dining room, staring at the enormous mountain of food on the table.

Mak: Some “light meal”, right, Amethyst?

Amethyst: I...I have no idea what to say...

Helga: Us hill dwarves are famous fer our spreads, lass. Sit, sit! Ye must be famished after ye’re journey!

Brocc: Yes, ma’am!

The party sits at the table.

Brocc: Uh...what’s this round thing?

Thobrun: Haggis. Mum’s specialty.

Brocc: Oh boy, haggis! Let me at it!

Brocc quickly hacks off a piece and takes a huge bite.

Helga: Ah, it’s good to see a stranger hoe into my sheep stomach pud!

Brocc turns his head and spits out his mouthful.

Brocc: This is WHAT?!

Bryn: Try it, Brocc. It’s delightful.

Brocc: You mean you actually eat this stuff?!

Bryn: Of course! Every Cha-day in the Thieves’ Guild is Haggis Day.

Brocc: Ugh!

Everyone laughs.

Helga: Well, at least some o’ ye enjoy a nice bit o’ haggis.

Zed: I’ll try some.

Brocc: Zed, no! Don’t do it!

Zed takes a slice and breaks off a piece with his fork. He puts it into his mouth, chews and swallows.

Mak: Well?

Zed: Not bad.

Brocc: Really? You can have my share then!

Zed: Gladly!

Zed takes two more slices.

Helga: Eat, eat! There’s plenty to go aroon!

Bryn: So what are we doing tomorrow?

Thobrun: Tomorrow’s the first day of the Winter Festival, lass. We need to be up at the crack of dawn if we want to experience the full extent of it.

Helga: Aye, that. Goodheart’s Pass is the best place to be for the festival.

Amethyst: I look forward to it, Helga.

Kendall: I just want to try all the dishes that will be there. Over 200 kinds of food!

Mak: And you really think you’ll be able to eat it all?

Brocc: If he doesn’t, I’ll certainly give it a try!

Bryn: There’ll be none left if we let YOU eat it all!

The party laughs.

Scene 3: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Morning

The Crystalbound and Kendall walk through the festival grounds.

Kendall: Twelve Stars! This place is already crowded!

Thobrun: I told ye, lad!

Kendall: Well, what should we do first?

Brocc: Eat some food!

Bryn: No, no, we must play some side games! I have a feeling Lady Rhyanna is smiling at me today...

Mak: You always cheat at those games, Bryn.

Bryn: How dare you accuse me of...well, maybe I do a little bit...on occasion...

Erik’s voice: Zed!

Zed looks in the direction of Erik’s voice and sees him standing nearby.

Zed: Uh, I’ll be right back.

Mak: Okay, take your time.

Zed walks over to Erik. He is standing next to a male homonid human with tan skin, dark wavy hair and brown eyes.

Erik: Zed, allow me to introduce Ash, an associate of mine.

Ash holds out his hand.

Ash: It is a pleasure, Zed.

Zed: Uh...likewise.

Zed takes Ash’s hand and shakes it once. Both men let go of each other’s hands.

Erik: Ash wanted to speak with you personally.

Zed: Me?

Ash: I wanted to give you something for safekeeping.

Zed: Really?

Ash: It will only be for a short while, I assure you.

Ash reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shard of cyan crystal on a necklace.

Zed: What is it?

Ash: Something which you will need in the not too distant future.

Erik: Ash hails from another world, and he decided that the best way to keep the shard safe is by hiding it in the farthest possible location from there. I suggested entrusting it to you.

Zed: Me? But why?

Erik: You may not think so, Zed, but you are far more important than you realise.

Zed: Uh...okay. I’ll keep it safe.

Zed takes the shard and puts it around his neck.

Ash: I understand you are apprentice to the elven mage, Amethyst Lunerosée.

Zed: Yes, I-

Zed pauses.

Zed: Of course! Lunerosée is Light Elvish for “moon’s dew”.

Ash: I must inform you that your apprenticeship will soon be over.

Zed: Wait...Amethyst said I would need a minimum five-year term as her apprentice before I was classified as a full wizard. Why would she suddenly end my apprenticeship after only a few months?

Erik: You will find out eventually, Zed.

Zed sighs.

Zed: Fair enough.

Scene 4: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Late Morning

Sara stands at a confectionery stall while her allies wait around.

Sara: One, please.

The owner of the stall hands her a food resembling a corn dog, a battered hot dog on a stick topped with a squiggle of some kind of brownish sauce.

Stall owner: Here you go.

Sara hands the stall owner 1gp.

Stall owner: Thank you.

Sara walks over to her allies, devouring the entire corn dog in one bite and throwing the stick to the ground.

Brent: Why did you pay him for that thing? You should have just taken it!

Kara: We must not cause a scene, Brent-kun.

Brent: Oh? And who made you leader, Karakaki?

Kara: Nobody. Our Mistress gave us explicit instruction not to call attention to ourselves.

Brent: Oh, very well.


Kendall sits at a table, eating an enormous stack of pancakes drenched in honey and topped with a slab of butter.

Kendall: So good...

Voice: Mind if I join you?

A man with black hair and green eyes sits at the table, facing Kendall.

Kendall: I apologise, but that seat is already taken.

Man: I understand. Let me just make a proposal to you.

Kendall: A...proposal?

Man: Let me join you for the day. It will be just you and I. What do you say?

Kendall: Oh, I don’t know...

Man: I understand this must be so sudden. After all, we haven’t been acquainted with one another for some time.

Kendall: We know each other?

Man: You really think I would forget my little Kenny?

Kendall’s eyes widen.

Kendall: Papa...?


Kendall and his father stand with the Crystalbound.

Amethyst: your father?

Mak: The one who disappeared all those years ago?

Man: Lukas Silvertooth. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Brocc: I thought he was supposed to be a werew-

Bryn kicks Brocc in the shin.

Brocc: OW! Hey, why did you do that, fish-breath?!

Bryn: Isn’t it obvious, you pint-sized shrub? He’s in his human form.

Lukas: Your friend is right. I am able to shift between both forms at any time, though I can do it best when there is a full moon in the sky.

Mak: Look, Kendall...

Kendall: Yes?

Mak: I get that you’re excited to see your father again, but isn’t it a little too convenient that he happened to be here?

Lukas: Allow me to explain...


Lukas: And that’s when I ended up here.

Mak: So you had amnesia for all those years?

Lukas: Indeed.

Mak: And you suddenly remembered everything the moment you saw your son a half hour ago?

Lukas: I admit, it is a little far-fetched...

Mak: So if you really are Kendall’s father, prove it. Change into a werewolf right now.

Lukas: I’m afraid that I have not taken my lupine form since the accident, so I will not be able to do so again until the next full moon.

Mak: Convenient.

Lukas: I am afraid all I can do is urge you to trust me.

Mak: Well, trust doesn’t come easy for me. I’ve been through a lot, so you need to earn that trust, piece by piece.

Kendall: I assure you that this is very much my father, Mak. He has his scent and everything.

Amethyst: You remember your father’s scent, Kendall?

Kendall: The nose never forgets, Amethyst.

Brocc: Is that a shugenja teaching?

Kendall: No, it is merely a werewolf saying.

Mak: Well, be that as it may, I make no exceptions when it comes to trust.

Lukas: I understand. I will work hard to earn that trust, Makkmak.

Mak: Good. Keep it that way.

Mak frowns at Lukas.

Commercial: The Winter Festival is here! Don’t miss the fireworks display on the first night, where you can enjoy a sampling of the cakes from the annual Cake Crafters’ Tournament. Each slice only 5sp! Wash it down with a fine beverage or your choice of delicious milky drink. The Winter Festival, in Goodheart’s Pass. See you there!


Scene 5: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Lukas stand in a clearing a considerable distance up the side of the mountain range above Goodheart’s Pass.

Brocc: Okay, remind us why we’re up here?

Thobrun: This is my special spot for viewin’ the fireworks, lad.

Amethyst: You can see all the lights in town spread out for miles.

Emily: It is beautiful.

Mak: Not as beautiful as some other things.

Emily giggles.

Bryn: So when does the show start?

Lukas: Not for another hour, Bryn.

Bryn: Then what can we do in the meantime?

Brocc: I’m hungry.

Amethyst: But Brocc, you already ate so much food at the festival.

Brocc: I know, but I still didn’t get to eat everything I wanted...

Thobrun: If I might make a suggestion, why don’t we play hide-and-seek?

Bryn laughs through her nose.

Thobrun: Did I say somethin’ funny, lass?

Bryn: It’s just that...well...isn’t hide-and-seek a children’s game?

Thobrun: Aye, but not the way we’ll be playing, lass.

Bryn gulps.

Scene 6: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara wander through the festival grounds.

Brent: Where did those Crystalbound go...?!

Trent: My bear companion is tracking them in the Goldwaldun Mountain Range.

Kara: The glamers our Mistress has set up there will lead them to her ice fortress without them even realising.

Brent: At last, we can begin the chase!

Brent smiles cruelly.

Scene 7: Goldwaldun Mountains: Evening

The party has broken into three smaller groups. Amethyst, Zed and Brocc form the first; Mak, Emily and Lukas form the second; and Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall form the third. Amethyst leads her group, followed by Zed and Brocc. They are deep in a forest of enormous pine trees.

Brocc: Okay, we’re lost.

Amethyst: We are not lost, Brocc.

Brocc: Oh, right, you’re a wood elf! You can lead us through safely.

Amethyst sighs.

Amethyst: I must tell you something, Brocc. not a wood elf.

Brocc: Well, you can’t be a high elf, since you said you came from a continent other than Ornoposia. That means you came from Verdelvum, ergo you must be a wood elf.

Amethyst: It appears I have much to explain to you. Please, sit on that log.


Mak and Emily walk behind Lukas as they explore a mountain cave network.

Lukas: Um...any particular reason you are letting me lead?

Mak: I’m keeping an eye on you. I don’t want you out of my sight.

Emily: Makkmak, it is fair to be cautious, but do you not think it a bit out of proportion to watch him like a hawk?

Mak: On the contrary, I think keeping my gaze fixed on him is a great plan indeed.

Lukas: I understand. Trust is paramount for you, and I would not have it any other way.

Mak frowns.


Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall walk side-by-side through the mountain snows. Snowflakes fall from the sky, glistening and sparkling like diamonds.

Bryn: It is so diamonds.

Kendall: It truly is magnificent.

Thobrun: Just stick close to me, both o’ ye. Folk could get lost in these mountains.

Bryn: I know one thing I definitely don’t like...this bitter cold!

Kendall raises his hands in front of him.

Kendall: Let me try something...

Kendall releases an orb of fire from his hands, which floats in mid-air between them. All three individuals immediately feel warmer.

Bryn: Ah, that’s better... Kendall, you are one talented mage.

Kendall: Ah...I am not a mage.

Bryn: Then what are you?

Kendall: On my twelfth birthday, I accidentally burned my own cake.

Bryn: Your mother forced you to bake your own birthday cake?

Kendall: Well, no. I manifested a jet of flame which scorched my already-cooked cake. Everyone was so surprised!

Thobrun: I can imagine, lad!

Kendall: It was then that I was revealed to have manifested the power of sorcery.

Bryn: Then you’re-


Brocc: -a LIGHT ELF?!

Amethyst: I was once, long ago.

Brocc: Why didn’t you tell any of us?

Amethyst: Well, actually...I told Mak and Zed.

Brocc: What?! Everyone keeps keeping secrets from me... (sob)

Zed: Oh, that reminds me. Amethyst?

Amethyst: Yes, Zed?

Zed: Erik and one of his allies said apprenticeship to you would be completed soon.

Amethyst: I am afraid they must be mistaken. A wizard must remain apprentice to a full spellcaster for a minimum term of five years. If the apprenticeship were to finish sooner, then you could not achieve the rank of full wizard.

Zed: Oh...

Amethyst: If your apprenticeship were finished before completion, you would merely be classified as a dilettante wizard.

Zed: Then I guess I still have much to learn.

Amethyst: Agreed. Come, we must press on.

Brocc: Lead on, Amethyst!

The trio stands and continues to walk through the forest.


Mak and Emily continue to follow Lukas through the tunnels.

Mak: So Lukas...

Lukas: Yes?

Mak: Where did you say you were from?

Lukas: I hail from a settlement near Lake Silveria, where many of my kind dwells.

Mak: I see...

Lukas: My wife and daughter, Laura, must both be there right now, celebrating in true Winter Festival fashion.

Mak: You must love your family a lot.

Lukas: I certainly did...

Emily: Before the accident, you mean?

Lukas: ... Indeed.

Lukas pauses.

Lukas: Come. Not much farther to go.

Mak: You almost sound as though you know where you’re going, Lukas...

Lukas: The nose never lies, Makkmak.

Mak: That’s just what Kendall said.

Lukas: And he is right. Oh, my boy has grown so much. I am one happy father indeed!

Mak’s thoughts: Yeah, I’ll bet...


Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall continue to walk through the mountain snows.

Bryn: Is it just me, or is it getting colder?

Kendall: I hardly think so, Bryn. As long as my fire orb is present, the immediate area should be the same level of warmth. Not even the snow and wind can interfe-

The fire orb suddenly vanishes.

Kendall: Well THAT’S never happened before...

Thobrun: Really?

Kendall: Of course. It should only be able to dispel upon my command.

Bryn: Then why did it-

The trio suddenly stops walking.

Bryn: What-

Kendall: -is-

Thobrun: -that?!


Zed, Amethyst and Brocc stand staring at an enormous frozen doorway. A long passageway of ice seems to extend through it.

Amethyst: It appears to be the entrance to some kind of mystical corridor of ice.

Zed: Should we go inside?

Brocc: No way! I’m turning around and going back!

Brocc turns around...and sees the rest of the hallway stretching behind them.

Brocc: did that happen?

Amethyst: Well, since we are already inside, let us press on.

Brocc: What?!’s not safe!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: Is that not one of the things which set adventurers apart from other folk?

Brocc: The ability to get into danger?

Amethyst: No, the ability to face danger and overcome it.

Zed: Amethyst is right, Brocc. We may not know what lies within this place, but the payoff may be worth it.

Brocc: Oh? And how can you be so sure, Zed?

Zed: Because the mark on my hand is glowing brighter than ever.

Zed holds up his right hand. His mark is glowing with incredibly bright cyan light.

Brocc: long has that been there?!

Amethyst: Since we visited Platinia City during the Dragon Festival.

Brocc: But that was two months ago! See what I mean when I say, “everyone keeps keeping secrets from me”?!

Amethyst: Zed is right. Clearly we are being guided through this corridor. We must press on, no matter what happens.

Zed and Amethyst begin walking down the corridor. Brocc sighs.

Brocc: Fine. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you both.


Mak and Emily follow Lukas down another icy hallway. They turn a corner and venture into another hallway.

Mak: Okay, did you have something to do with this, Lukas?

Lukas: Uh-

Mak: What am I saying?! I really AM forgetting about trust, aren’t I, Ems?

Emily: It is quite alright, Makkmak. Your hardships are completely understandable.

Mak: Thank you.

Emily: You are most welcome.

Mak and Emily smile at one another.

Lukas: I smell something!

Mak: Really? You can smell something inside a hallway of ice?

Lukas: It smells like...haggis?

Emily: The others!

Mak: Yes! We’re gonna win this game of hide-and-seek!

Mak grins.

Mak: Lukas?

Lukas: Yes, Makkmak?

Mak: Lead on!

Lukas: As you wish.

We zoom in to a view of Lukas’ eyes. They flash once with cyan light.


Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall walk down a similar hallway.

Bryn: This corridor goes on forever...

Kendall: Not so, Bryn.

Bryn: What do you mean?

Kendall sniffs.

Kendall: We are close to the others’ location.

Bryn: You mean we have a chance of winning this hide-off?

Kendall: Hide-off?

Bryn: Yeah, a hide-and-seek expert’s contest. A hide-off!

Kendall: Sounds more like what a tanner does for a living...

Bryn: Oh yeah...well, we’ll think of a name for it.

Thobrun: But it already has a name, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh?

Thobrun: My kind calls it, “eksperten spillet skjule seg selv og deretter finne en annen person”.

Bryn: Quite a mouthful. How does it translate into Halfling tongue?

Thobrun: I believe it would be, “y gêm arbenigol o guddio eich hun ac yna dod o hyd i berson arall”.

Bryn: Okay, firstly, your Halfling is atrocious...then again, not many non-Halflings can pull off our language quite like we can.

Thobrun: Understandable, lass.

Bryn: Secondly, for the benefit of those nearby who don’t speak EITHER language, that translates into Common as, “the expert game of concealing oneself and then finding another person”. Doesn’t exactly scream “imagination”, does it?

Thobrun: Well, the name was first thought of centuries ago, lass.

Bryn: Fair enough. But take, for example, the ancient Greatkin game of mynd ar drywydd. A nice, simple name which gets the point of the game across without too many convoluted words.

Kendall: And what is this game?

Bryn: Well, when humans adopted it, they came to call it “tag” or “chasey”, depending on which part of Ornoposia they were from.

Kendall: Oh, yes! I know that game! Werewolves call it, “tá mé ag dul a ghabháil leis an duine nó rud tar éis a leanúint ar feadh achar gearr”. It’s ever so much fun!

Bryn: “I’m going to catch the person or object after chasing it a short distance”?

Kendall: It is a clever name, is it not?

Bryn (sarcasm): Oh, yes, it is! Short and to the point, that’s for sure!

Bryn sighs. Kendall sniffs again.

Kendall: We are close to them.

Bryn: Woohoo! Brownie points for us! And then brownies!

Kendall: Oh, no brownies for me, thank you. I cannot eat chocolate.

Bryn: But they have CARAMEL brownies, Kendall...

Kendall: Brownies which I can actually eat?!

Kendall begins running down the hallway.

Bryn: Hey! Wait for us, wolf-boy!

Bryn and Thobrun chase after Kendall.


Zed, Amethyst and Brocc continue walking down the hallway. They reach the exit.

Brocc: Finally!

Zed: That was monotonous...

Amethyst: I agree, Zed.

Brocc: Where are we?

The trio looks around the enormous icy room. It seems to be made of solid ice. The others all stand in the centre of the room.

Brocc: Guys!

The trio runs up to the rest of the party.

Brocc: Drat! That means we don’t win the prize!

Thobrun: There was never any prize, lad.

Brocc: What do you mean?

Thobrun: Well, the expert game of concealing oneself and then finding another person is purely for fun.

Brocc: Then...we got lost in the forest and stuck inside this icy place for no reason whatsoever?!

Brent’s voice: I would not say, “for no reason whatsoever”, my favourite little gnome...

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara emerge from behind an icy throne and walk over to the party.

Mak: Oh, for the love of crumpets...

Everyone looks at Mak.

Mak: What? Bryn’s the only one who’s allowed to say, “for the love of blank”?

Trent: We finally captured you all.

Kara: A most impressive feat indeed.

Sara: It’s about time!

Brent: We have finally caught the ten of you.

Brocc: Uh, hello? In case you didn’t realise, there are NINE of us? Count us: one...two...three-

Brent: Our Mistress has placed the ryukoni AND the bolgard wretch in cryostasis inside her ice-vault! And I do not count the werewolf at all.

Bryn: Gazzo?! No! You bring him back right this instant!

Brent: And now for the fun part...we get to eliminate you all, right here, right now!

Lukas takes a step forward.

Lukas: Please, sir, don’t hurt them!

Lukas turns around and faces the Crystalbound. His voice changes to that of the Sorceress of Winter.

“Lukas”: I want that privilege for myself.

“Lukas” smiles cruelly.

Kendall: Papa? I don’t...understand.

The werewolf’s body ripples into that of the Sorceress of Winter.

Sorceress: Ah, the Crystalbound at last. How good of you to come this Winter Festival.

Suddenly, the Sorceress of Winter’s four evil minions surround the Crystalbound.

Trent: There will be no escape this time.

Kara: We’re doing this for our Mistress.

Brent: Ooh, I’m gonna enjoy this…

Sara: I am not unliterate!

Mak: The Sorceress of Winter herself…I might have known.

Amethyst: I cannot even begin to fathom the situation…

Mak: You’ve really made a name for yourself, haven’t you…Mara?

A look of surprise spreads across Zed’s face.

Zed: That’s Mara?!

Mara: Ah, the Star Mute one…

Mara slowly approaches and examines Zed.

Mara: Zed, is it? That’s hardly a name fitting of one so important.

Zed: It’s all I know of myself.

Mara: I see the potential in you now, hiding behind the face of the one who usurped me as the Azurebound.

Amethyst: That is not Zed’s doing, Mara. You brought this on yourself!

Mara turns to face Amethyst.

Mara: And who decided to dismiss me from the party? Was it you, who lies about her own heritage?

Mara turns to face Mak.

Mara: Was it you, who hides his own feelings from others?

Mara turns to face Emily.

Mara: Was it you, who pretends to be something she is not?

Mara turns to face Thobrun.

Mara: Was it you, who…uh…actually, I cannot find a fault in you, dear Thobrun.

Thobrun: Uh…thank ye, lass.

Mara: Except that you are a goody-two-shoes who strives to be perfect in spite of his race’s stereotypes!

Mara looks at Bryn and Brocc.

Mara: Or was it the rest of you?

Brocc: Hey, is that all we get? “The rest of us”?!

Bryn: So rude!

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87 - Page 2 Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87

on August 26th 2015, 10:26 pm
Episode 16: Zed’s True Home
Zed and the others are characters in a tabletop roleplaying campaign called “Crystals of Silveria”, which has been played over the course of several months. One of the players, Zander, has been enjoying this campaign immensely, and can hardly wait for each new session. However, he can’t shake the feeling that the Game Master, Marissa, is hiding something from the young man. And to top it all off, strange occurrences seem to be happening around him. Can Zander figure out this situation?

New Characters

Zander – A young man with a strong interest in games of all types, his character is the amnesic human wizard, Zed Starmute.

Anna – A bright young academic with an interest in ancient history, her character is the intelligent elven mage, Amethyst Lunerosée.

Mike – An athletic barista and Zander’s roommate, his character is the mighty orcborn knight, Mak Clay.

Amy – A medical student and Mike’s beau, her character is the wise human priestess, Emily Summers.

Angus – A reserved gent with a polite personality, his character is the hardy dwarven paladin, Thobrun Steelanvil.

Bryn – A talented musician who loves to party, her character is the nimble halfling thief, Bryn.

Brock – A noted author who cannot sing, his character is the charismatic gnome bard, Brocc Farshot.

Marissa – The Game Master of Zander’s regular roleplaying sessions, she states that the cruel Sorceress of Winter is currently her favourite villain in any of her campaigns past and present.

“This is not your world, Zed.”

Scene 1: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara: Ah, the Crystalbound at last. How good of you to come this Winter Festival.

Suddenly, Mara’s four evil minions surround the Crystalbound.

Trent: There will be no escape this time.

Kara: We’re doing this for our Mistress.

Brent: Ooh, I’m going to enjoy this…

Sara: I am not unliterate!

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

Scene 2: Marissa’s Dining Room: Night

The throne room scene shifts into a grid map on a dining table, with plastic miniatures in place of the characters. Roleplaying books and sheets of paper are scattered across the table’s surface. Pencils, erasers and dice are also on the table. The view pans up to a young woman behind a cardboard screen adorned with fantasy artwork; this woman looks a lot like the Sorceress of Winter, though her hair is chestnut-red and she is not wearing lipstick.

Woman: And it’s getting late, so let’s wrap-up this session.

We pan to a view of a young man resembling Zed, though with clothing like that of our world. He is sitting next to a young man resembling a human version of Mak, though he is clean-shaven.

“Zed”: Aw, and it was just getting good…

“Mak”: I know what you mean, Zander. Marissa’s a really good GM.

We cut to a view of a woman who resembles a human version of Amethyst, though her bangs are blonde rather than lavender.

“Amethyst”: I agree, Mike. I always look forward to our weekly sessions.

We see the other players: one resembles Emily, though with normal, round ears rather than slightly-pointed ones; another has a vague resemblance of Thobrun, though with dark brown hair instead of red; and the other two are very similar to Bryn and Brocc, though the latter has blonde hair rather than green.

“Bryn”: Hear, hear!

Marissa: Well, thank you all for coming, and…I’ll see you next week.

“Thobrun”: I look forward to it, lass.

Marissa smiles sweetly.

Scene 3: Mike’s Car: Night

We cut to a view inside Mike’s car. It appears to be brand-new, with a sleek, bright red exterior. Mike sits in the driver’s seat on the right, whereas Zander sits in the front left passenger seat.

Mike: Wanna stop and get something to eat?

Zander: Yeah, I just realized I skipped dinner.

Mike: Me too.

Scene 4: Drake’s Burgers: Night

Mike’s car pulls up into a car space at Drake’s Burgers.

We cut to a view inside the restaurant. Mike and Zander are sitting at a table facing each other, eating hamburgers and French fries.

Mike: So I was thinking we could go on a road trip, just you and me. What do you say?

Zander: Sounds awesome!

Mike: We could go to…

Zander’s mind wanders, causing him to drift into a trance. An echoing voice appears in his mind.

Voice: This is not your world, Zed.

Mike waves his hand at Zander.

Mike: Uh…Zander? Hello?

Zander snaps back to reality.

Zander: Huh? Oh, sorry. My mind just wandered off.

Mike: Cool. So as I was saying…

Zander’s thoughts: I’ve been playing too many games lately…

Opening Credits


Scene 5: Study Hall: Late Morning

Zander, “Amethyst” and “Emily” sit at a long table in a university’s study hall. Each one has sheets of paper, books, pens, pencils and other assorted pieces of stationery. Each one also has a laptop computer. Zander is busy reading a large book.

“Emily”: So did you hear the news?

“Amethyst”: No, do tell!

“Emily”: Mike and I are going on an overseas holiday!

“Amethyst”: Oh, Amy, that’s wonderful! Any idea where you’ll be going?

Amy: We haven’t decided yet. There are just so many places to visit!

“Amethyst”: I know what you mean. For my last holiday I couldn’t choose between…

“Amethyst” looks over at Zander.

“Amethyst”: That must be one fascinating book, Zander.

Zander: Huh? Oh, sorry, Anna. This book is just so intriguing.

Amy: What is it?

Zander: It’s a book about dragons.

Anna: Dragons?

Zander: Yep. On one page, though, someone’s written something which caught my eye.

Anna: What does it say?

Zander: “This is not your world”.

Anna: Really? Let me see…

Zander hands the book to Anna.

Anna: Ah, yes…I’m sure it’s just a meaningless piece of graffiti, though.

Zander: I suppose you’re right…

Two other male students walk past the table. Zander unintentionally overhears part of what one of them says.

Student: It’s true, I swear! He just rippled out of existence, then appeared again! It was like…

Anna: Now, shall we eat some lunch? I know of a fantastic café on campus which has a top-notch barista.

Scene 6: The Naked Bean Café: Midday

Zander, Anna and Amy walk up to the counter, where Mike is working.

Mike: Ah, I see someone knows where to get good quality coffee.

Amy: Hi, sweetie!

Mike: Hi!

Mike leans over the counter, and he and Amy kiss.

Mike: You know I could lose pay for that if the manager catches me. I expect a big tip.

Amy leans forward and kisses Mike.

Amy: How’s that for a tip?

Mike: Oh, it’s not like you to be such a bad girl, Amy!

Amy: Grr!

Mike laughs.

Mike: What can I get you?

Amy’s pager beeps.

Amy: Oh, that’s work. I have to go.

Mike: Already?

Amy: Yep. A kid must’ve fallen off his bike or something.

Mike: Well, you’d better treat them, hadn’t you?

Amy: It’s what I do best. Love you.

Mike: Love you, too.

Amy turns and leaves the café.

Mike: Medical interns, am I right?

Mike pauses for a moment.

Mike: So what will you two have?

Anna: One flat white latté, thank you.

Zander: And I’ll have-

Mike: Peach iced tea, no ice?

Zander: You know me so well!

Mike: How could I not? It’s all you ever order.


Anna and Zander sit at a table. Zander sips his tea through a straw.

Zander: Now, that hits the spot.

Anna: So about our project. What I think we could do is-

Suddenly, a white dragon the size of a horse crashes through the window, causing Zander and Anna to leap out of their seats. It roars loudly.

Anna: My goodness! What should we do?!

Zander: Uh…uh…


Anna waves her hand in front of Zander’s face.

Anna: Um…Zander?

Zander snaps back to reality.

Zander: Huh?

Anna: I was asking what you think we should do for our project?

Zander: Well, I think the best course of action would be to film a fantasy short.

Anna: Uh…that was the task assigned to us.

Zander: Oh, right.

Anna: I meant specifically, what should we do?

Zander: Oh, I have a few ideas in mind…

Scene 7: Zander and Mike’s Apartment: Evening

Zander walks into the apartment, closing the door behind him.

Zander: I’m home.

Mike’s voice: ‘kay, be right there.

Zander removes his satchel and places it on a chair near the door. He then takes off his jacket and puts it on the coat rack. He sees a box on the kitchen counter and walks over to it. He picks it up and looks at the top. It is addressed to “Z. Starmute”.

Zander: I think they typoed my name…

The box begins to mysteriously glow. The top flaps burst open, and a silver nanodragon resembling Argen emerges.

Argen: Zed, what are you doing?

Zander: Huh?

Argen: You can’t just lie around all day! Get up!


Mike walks into the room.

Mike: Oh yeah, that package came for you earlier.

Zander snaps back to reality. He looks at the box, which is definitely still sealed.

Mike: Were you expecting something in the mail?

Zander: Only a few gaming supplies.

Mike: Oh, cool.

Zander: But it’s addressed to “Z. Starmute”, though…

Mike: “Zed Starmute”? As in your roleplaying character?

Mike examines the box.

Mike: Oh, “Zee” Starmute! I always get so confused when you say “Zed”, since that’s your character’s name.

Mike chuckles.

Mike: You put down “Starmute” as your surname deliberately, or was it just a joke?

Zander: No, I put my actual surname on my order…

Mike: Oh. Weird. So what do you want for dinner? I hear there’s a new place down on the corner. We should check it out…

Zander’s thoughts: What’s going on…?

Scene 8: Busy Street: Late Morning

Zander walks along a busy city street.

Zander’s thoughts: All these weird occurrences, they just don’t add up.

Voice: Excuse me, sir?

Zander looks at a young man who is surprisingly similar to Erik. He is standing in his path.

Zander: Do I know you?

Man: Well, no, but I’m a friend of Marissa’s brother.

Zander: Oh.

Man: You’re Zander, right?

Zander: Uh, yeah…

Man: I’d recognize that hair anywhere.

Zander: Uh…thanks?

Man: So I was wondering if I could get some advice on something.

Zander: Sure.

Man: I’m looking to get into roleplaying games, and I was told by Marissa’s brother that you know the best place to learn.

Zander: Uh, yeah…it’s a gaming shop that’s not too far from here. I’ll take you there.

Man: Thank you.

Zander: No problem.


A mysterious individual in an alleyway watches Zander and the young man walk past. He is wearing a dark trenchcoat, red neckerchief and leather gloves.

Individual: Can’t let you do that, Starmute…

Scene 9: Newt’s Cards and Tabletop: Late Morning

Zander and the young man walk into the game shop. Zander appears surprised.

Zander: This place is deserted…it’s usually packed this time of day!

Man: I know. I had to get you alone, Zed.

Zander: I still don’t see how you could book an entire…wait…what did you call me?!

Man: I called you Zed, which is the name you chose when-

Zander: Wait…back up a moment. Zed is a fictional character I play in my weekly roleplaying game sessions.

Man: No, he is real. And, he is you.

Zander: But…how-

Man: Look at the back of your right hand.

Zander holds up his right hand, with the back facing him. The mark glows with bright cyan light.

Zander: But…what the…?!

Man: I understand this is a lot for you to take in. I suggest you sit down.

Zander: I think I need to…

Zander and the young man sit in the nearest chairs, facing each other at an angle.

Zander: Then who are you?

Man: Herikios.

Zander: That’s the name of an NPC in Marissa’s campaign…

Herikios: This world you are in, it is called Terra, and it is in a universe quite close to Junihoshi’s. The reason everything seems so familiar is because it is projected from the real Terra, and created within your mindscape. You perceive everything here as reality, and for all intents and purposes, it is.

Zander: Then are you real, or just another projection?

Herikios: I most certainly am real. I am able to form a link with your own mind and broadcast my real self to you.

Zander: But how…?

Herikios: Our kind has the innate ability of connecting our mindscapes with those of others, allowing for such feats as mind-speech, a form of communication similar to telepathy, though operating at a unique frequency undetectable by normal telepaths.

Zander: Wait…I remember that…

Zander’s eyes widen.

Zander: You were able to speak to me using your mind!

Herikios: That is just one of the talents I may perform.

Zander: What others can you do?

The cloaked figure bursts into the shop.

Figure: Haha, I have you now!

Herikios and Zander leap out of their chairs.

Herikios: Oh dear…

Commercial: Catch new episodes of Mask of Akanius soon!


Scene 10: Newt’s Cards and Tabletop: Late Morning

The figure stands in the entrance to the shop.

Figure: What are you doing?! You’ll ruin everything!

Herikios: Ah, I might have known Mara would send one of her cronies in here to keep you unconscious.

Zander: What?!

Herikios: Mara has cast a spell on you which keeps you sealed within your own mindscape. Brent is here to ensure that you remain unconscious in the real world.

Zander: Well, what do I do?

Figure: I know what you can do. You can sniff this cloth I’m holding and tell me if it smells like chloroform!

Herikios: What cloth? You are holding nothing!

Figure: No, it…I was making a reference to keeping Zed unconscious!

Herikios: And just why has Mara specifically assigned you this task?

Figure: Does it matter?

Herikios: Hardly.

Figure: Look, the point is that as long as I have a foothold in Zed’s mindscape, you cannot stop me from interfering!

The figure grins cruelly, in a similar manner to Brent.

Herikios: A foothold, you say…?

Herikios holds out his hand, sending a torrent of water gushing out. It trips up the figure, knocking him onto his bottom and washing him out of the shop. The door then slams shut, and the sign on the door flips from “Open” to “Closed”.

Herikios: There. Now he no longer has a “foot” hold in your mind.

The shop changes into a view of Zed’s mindscape like the one seen in a previous episode. Zander is now in Zed’s outfit, and Herikios is in Erik’s.

Zander: I know this place…

Herikios: Of course you do. This is your mindscape, where your thought, emotion and resolve converge.

Zander: I can see…something.

Herikios: Your memories may appear in this place.

Zander: I can see the time when Zed…uh, I…met Amethyst for the first time.

Zed walks over to Amethyst. Amethyst looks up at Zed, then stands up.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: You’re the first person to walk up to me today, so naturally I assumed that you are the one for whom I am searching.

Zed: It’s nice to meet you.

Amethyst: Come, we must practice.

Amethyst picks up her staff and starts to head towards the door.

Zed: Practice what?

Amethyst stops and turns to face Zed, a smile on her face.

Amethyst: Your magic, of course!

Amethyst turns back and once again heads for the door.

Zed: How did you know I could use magic?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Amethyst holds up her staff. A glowing purple orb appears in mid-air ten feet in front of Zed.

Amethyst: Would you please demonstrate your use of magic missile?

Zed: Uh, okay.

Zed raises his right hand, aiming it at the orb.

“Magic Missile!”

A small bright-blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the orb right in the centre.

Amethyst: A perfect hit! Well done!

Amethyst reaches into her satchel, pulling out a wooden box with a silver clasp. She undoes the clasp, swinging the box open so that Zed can gaze upon the contents. Inside the box are seven alcoves, with one of the alcoves containing a triangular, cyan-coloured crystal.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of crystals. My allies and I have each of our lives entwined with one of the crystals. It is my assumption that you are to be the owner of this one, the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Me? Are you sure?

Amethyst: The crystals select their owners. They see the truth of their owners’ potential.

Zed steps forward. He reaches out his hand and picks up the crystal. As he opens his hand, the crystal’s centre glows with a bright light.

Zed: Whoa…that is awesome!

Amethyst: This crystal is meant for you, Zed. When you wear it, you will form an eternal bond with it.

Zed places the crystal around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the immediate area, before returning to a low level of constant light within the centre.

Zed: I…I don’t know what to say.

Amethyst: Would you like to become an adventurer?

Zed thinks to himself briefly.

Zed’s thoughts:
Maybe by adventuring, I can figure out who I truly am.

Zed: Okay, I’ll do it!

Zander: Anna…uh…I mean Amethyst…saw so much potential in me. The crystal came to life when I held it, which started my journey.

Herikios: She may have received a tip-off from a certain someone.

Zander: You? You led her to me?

Herikios: How else would she have known?

Zander: I remember that time I first met you, when we ran into those cakeflies…

Zed: Wait…can you hear buzzing?

A loud buzzing draws closer, and three large, winged creatures approach Zed and Erik.

Zed: BUGS!

Erik: They are cakeflies. They must have been attracted by the commotion.

Zed: Why are they called cakeflies?

Erik: Because they are usually attracted to baked goods such as cakes.

Zed: I have a cake in my bag!

The three cakeflies screech and zoom towards Zed. Erik pulls his sword from its hilt and swings it, sending a wave of fire at the cakeflies and driving them away.

Erik: Are you alright?

Zed: I’m terrified of bugs.

Erik: Actually, cakeflies are more closely related to sprites.

Zed: Oh. So they’re fae?

Erik: Indeed. Seems odd that they happened to appear here, in the Material Plane…

Herikios: And we encountered cakeflies when I first met you, as well!

Zander: That’s right, in the Dragon’s Tower...

Zed and Erik stand inside the dungeon surrounded by a swarm of cakeflies.

Zed: I knew it was a mistake to enter here!

Erik: I don’t understand…cakeflies should not attack unless one of us has-

Zed: Just like I told your future self, I always carry some cakes with me in case of emergency!

Erik: Well, what should we do?

Zed reaches into his satchel and pulls out two breathers.

Zed: Put this on!

Erik: What is it?

Zed: No time! Just put it on now!

Erik: As you command!

Zed and Erik quickly don the breathers just in time to protect them from the cakeflies’ slumber dust.

Erik: This device is incredible!

Zed: Keep it. Now, let’s run!

Erik: Agreed!

Zed and Erik race towards the next flight of stairs.

Herikios: It’s funny how we met each other 250 years apart, and yet we encountered the same situation.

Zander: Yeah, it is…

Zander pauses for a moment.

Zander: When I travelled back in time, we both had the same mark on our hands. That can’t be a coincidence.

Herikios: It is your place in the world, as I said once before. It remained hidden until your true form was ready to emerge.

Ceras: Remove your right glove.

Zed: Okay then…

Zed removes his right gauntlet, exposing his hand. Ceras places both hands over Zed’s, and closes her eyes.

Ceras: Now watch…

Spirit of the fae…spirit of the moon…
Pyxel…Luna…reveal that which is concealed.

Silvery light envelops Zed’s hand. The light dissipates after a few seconds. Ceras removes her hands, revealing a pattern on the back of Zed’s hand: a ring of twelve circles, surrounding a second, smaller ring of twelve circles, with another circle in its centre.

Zed: What is it?

Ceras: It is-

Erik: -a very important mark.

Erik is suddenly standing in the room.

Erik: The mark on Zed’s hand is…well, it is his place in the world.

Mak: His place in the world?

Erik: That is all I can reveal for now.

Herikios: I suppose now is the time to tell you, Zed.

Zander: Tell me what?

Herikios: I, Herikios Woodhollow, am the Icon.

Zander: You?!

Herikios: Think back to that moment atop the Dragon’s Tower…

Zed and Erik look around.

Erik: I…expected to see the Icon up here.

Suddenly, a beacon of light emerges from around the outside of the pedestal. The mark on Erik’s hand begins to glow brightly.

Erik: My mark…

Zed: I think you need to stand on the pedestal.

Erik: I am not sure about this, Zed…

Zed: Why else would we be here? I’m sure the pedestal will take you to the Icon.

Erik: Me? Why not you? You bear the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Because you were the one who was supposed to find the Icon. I have to return to my own time.

Erik: You are right.

Erik approaches the pedestal, standing in its centre and turning to face Zed.

Zed: We will meet again. I still need to meet you for the first time.

Erik smiles.

Erik: Of course, Zed.

The pedestal is engulfed in bright light.

The mark on Erik’s hand begins to shift through a rainbow of colours.

Erik: I certainly hope this is supposed to happen!

Erik’s eyes begin to glow, shifting between colours at the same pace as his mark.

Erik: I…I feel…

Erik stretches out his arms, and his hands are suddenly pulsing with waves of multicoloured aura. The pattern on his hand appears beneath his feet, except that each circle is a different colour; the circle at its centre slowly shifts through a rainbow of colours.

Erik: What…is…happening…?!

Suddenly, a column of rainbow light erupts around Erik, signifying that he is about to transport to another place.


Zander is clearly surprised.

Zander: What was that?!

Herikios: It was one of my own memories. When I awakened as an Icon of Axis, I was transported to the heart of the multiverse. There, I met others like myself. I was appointed the task of assisting future Icons in their awakening.

Zander: Wait…then that means…

Herikios nods.

Herikios: I am mentor to you, Zed. I have been your guide as you begin to awaken as an Icon. Apart from a slight blunder which we will not discuss at this time-

Zander: A blunder?

Herikios: A slight hiccup, I assure you. But rest assured that you are where you should be.

Zander: Locked inside my own mind, you mean?

Herikios: Perhaps I chose those words poorly…

Zander: So I’m an Icon, then?

Herikios: Almost. It seems that you will awaken at any time, though there is no way of determining when that moment is to occur.

Zander: Will my memories be restored?

Herikios: Unfortunately, as a side effect of awakening as an Icon, your past memories will not be recoverable. However, you will have the opportunity to forge new memories in a brand-new world. Think of it as a new beginning in the life of Zed Starmute.

Zander pauses.

Zander: I suppose I’ve already forged a new life for myself. Better to follow it than to wish for that which never was, or will never be.

Herikios: I assure you that the road ahead shall more than make up for it, Zed, no matter the path you choose to take.

Zander: Well, I guess the first thing I want to do is wake up.

Herikios: Well, that part should be easy enough.

Zander: Really?

Herikios: Simply open your eyes.

Zander: But my eyes are already-

Zed’s eyes suddenly fly open. He sits up, and realises he’s on a frozen platform with a mattress and pillow on top. There is nobody else in the room.

Zed: That was weird…

Zed’s eyes suddenly flash once with cyan light. He looks over at the doorway.

Zed: The others need me!

Zed leaps off the platform with surprising skill.

Zed: How did I-

Zed quickly focuses on the situation at hand.

Zed: Never mind. I have to hurry!

Zed races out the door and runs down an icy hallway.

Zed’s thoughts: Get ready, Mara, because I’m coming to stop you!

Mara stares off into space for a moment. Her eyebrows suddenly stick up. Brent takes notice.

Brent: Something troubling you, Mistress?

Mara frowns.

Mara: No, it is nothing.

Brent: If you say so…

Mara appears slightly worried. A bead of sweat begins to trickle down her forehead as she bites her bottom lip.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87 - Page 2 Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87

on August 28th 2015, 4:37 am
Episode 17: Icon of Junihoshi

Zed returns to reality in time for the final showdown between the Crystalbound and the vile Sorceress of Winter, Mara. After a heated battle, one of the heroes is struck down by the Sorceress herself, which awakens a hidden power within Zed. With the full might of his potential empowering him, Zed stands against all five of the Dark Crystalbound. What will be the ultimate outcome?

It’s time for three individuals to begin the path to their true selves...

Scene 1: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

Mara’s eyes flash once with cyan light. Zed collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Mak: Zed!

Mak spins around and kneels at Zed’s side. He begins tapping Zed’s cheeks with both hands.

Mak: Zed! Speak to me, buddy!

Amethyst glares at Mara.

Amethyst: What did you do to him?!

Mara: Relax. He is fine, I assure you.

Mak leaps to his feet and faces Mara. He appears both angry and scared at the same time.

Mak: Fine? How can you say he’s “fine”?!

Mara: I merely rendered him unconscious.

Amethyst: But how? I have yet to see such magic!

Mara: That is none of your concern, Amethyst.

Mak: I’ll have you know she’s VERY concerned! As am I!

Emily: We are all deeply concerned!

Bryn: I’m not.

Everyone suddenly turns to face Bryn.

Bryn: What? He’s been in worse situations before, hasn’t he?

Thobrun: The lass has a point.

Mak: Are you kidding me?! Zed is unconscious! He might never wake up!

Mara: Ah…what a wonderful idea, Makkmak. Brenton?

Brent: Yes, Mistress?

Mara: I am appointing you the task of keeping Zed unconscious.

Brent: Why not just eliminate him? That seems like a far easier way to take him out of the picture.

Mara grows frustrated.

Mara: I do not have time for this, Brenton!

Mara’s eyes flash once with cyan light. Brent collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Kara: Brenton!

Mak: What do you possibly have to gain by getting rid of your OWN ally?!

Mara: I did not “get rid of him”, Makkmak. He is now within the mindscape of your precious Zed, and will do his best to keep him trapped within.

Amethyst: Then there is a chance of Zed breaking free?

Mara pauses.

Mara: Zed will never awaken. Brenton will see to that.

Mara smiles cruelly.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Sorceress’ Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Brent lie atop mattresses on raised platforms of ice. Kara and Sara stand guard.

Sara: Uh…why are we just standing here?

Kara: We must be ready in case Brent-kun has trouble in his task.

Sara: And what do we do if he does fail?

Kara: We must bring him before our Mistress for punishment.

Sara: Ooh, I wonder what she’ll do to him!

Kara: I take no pleasure in serving her, Sara.

Sara: Then why do you serve her?

Kara: Because I am bound to her service by my crystal. Tamamaki-kun warned me against accepting her gift, and I failed to heed his word. Now, I must pay the price.

Sara: I’ll admit that I don’t like some of the things she does. She’s mean, nasty, and she always serves my food cold! I HATE cold food!

Kara: I agree. It is most frustrating.

Sara: I could smell how evil she was when she offered me the gift.

Kara: You can smell the alignment of others?!

Sara: Of course! Can’t you?

Kara: Most certainly not.

Sara: Oh.

Kara: Then why did you accept your crystal?

Sara: Are you kidding? She promised me that I could smash stuff! I love smashing things!

Kara facepalms.

Kara: I might have known…

Scene 3: Prison Cell: Sorceress’ Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

The Crystalbound and Kendall sit in a tiny, frozen jail cell. Trent and his bear companion stand guard outside. Kendall picks up a ceramic bowl and tries to lap some water…only for his tongue to become stuck to the ice inside it.

Mak: I can’t believe I trusted that guy!

Emily: You couldn’t have known, Makkmak.

Mak: But I did know, Ems! I grew suspicious when he called me, “Makkmak”.

Bryn: But that IS your name.

Mak: I know, but Kendall’s father wouldn’t have known that. Nobody told him my name before he started using it.

Emily: Oh, Makkmak…you were right to be suspicious.

Brocc: For once! Haha!

Everyone glares at Brocc.

Brocc: What? I’m just trying to lighten the mood…

Kendall: Weh I uach yuch ach coo ach oo.

Bryn: We can’t understand a word you’re saying, wolf-boy.

Kendall rips his tongue from the ice.

Kendall: OW! I thaid, “Well, I wath jutht ath foolth ath you!”

Bryn: Ems, will you heal his tongue so we can understand what he’s saying?

Emily: Of course.

Emily holds her hand in front of Kendall’s face. Both Emily’s hand and Kendall’s mouth illuminate briefly with golden light. Kendall opens and closes his mouth, tapping his tongue to the roof of it as he does so.

Kendall: Ah, that’s better. Now, I said, “Well, I was just as fooled as you!”

Bryn: Oh…

Mak: The one thing I can’t work out is how she would know your father’s form in the first place...

Kendall: I can.

Everyone suddenly looks at Kendall.

Kendall: Mara is my sister.

Everyone except Bryn gasps.

Bryn: Oh, come on! We already used that plot twist a few episodes ago!

Brocc: Yes, but in a different context.

Bryn: Do explain.

Brocc: Mak and Thookli didn’t know they were siblings, whereas Kendall and Mara DO know they’re siblings!

Kendall: I had no idea what had happened to her, though. When she vanished-

Bryn: Now, come on! Two of Kendall’s family members mysteriously disappear, and you still don’t think the same plot twists are overused?

Brocc: Again, the context is completely different. Leave fourth-wall demolitions to the experts, Brynnie.

Kendall: I cannot understand how she could turn out this...twisted. This is not the Mara I knew.

Amethyst: I can answer that, Kendall…

Kendall’s ears stand up slightly.

Amethyst: When we first met Mara, she was a bright, kind young woman and a student of Stormshroud Academy. When the groundskeeper, a dragon, suddenly went on a rampage across the campus grounds, it was your sister who single-handedly bound the dragon in ice, preventing him from moving. She saved the lives of three students that day.

Kendall: Remarkable…

Amethyst: It was then that I realised she was the perfect candidate for becoming the Azurebound. I offered her the Azure Crystal, and it reacted to her presence.

Kendall: Then she became the Azurebound?

Amethyst: Indeed. Before accepting the crystal, she decided that she did not want to call attention to the fact that she was chosen, so she urged us not to tell anyone who knew her that she had become the Azurebound. It was a simple request which we decided to honour without question.

Kendall: She was always so humble.

Kendall smiles.

Amethyst: She tapped into her crystal’s power and changed her appearance slightly, to better conceal her identity. Every now and then, she would change her appearance a little bit, in case others came to see her as the Azurebound. But eventually, we began to notice changes in her personality as well…

The party, including a male Bryn, confronts a chestnut red-haired Mara.

Amethyst: We are deeply concerned, Mara.

Mara: Whatever do you mean?

Mak: It’s just that…we think you’re abusing the power of your crystal a little too much.

Mara: I only use it to disguise myself.

Mak: But you’re becoming unrecognisable.

Emily: You’ve started to take on quirks in your behaviour.

Mara: Such as?

Bryn: Well, for one, you didn’t warn me not to drink Gazzo’s potion.

Mara: So?

Bryn: You knew the potion would turn me into a man, and yet you let me drink it anyway!

Mara: I thought it would be amusing.

Mara giggles.

Mak: See, the old Mara wouldn’t have let that happen.

Mara: The…old Mara? I am the same Mara you met all those months ago.

Amethyst: No, you are not.

Mara: Excuse me…?

Amethyst: You have changed, and you continue to change.

Brocc: You’re becoming so twisted…I can’t even begin to fathom what you’ll do next!

Mara: Well then…perhaps I should take my leave.

Mak: Not without handing over the crystal.

Mara clutches the crystal in her right hand.

Mara: No! This is mine! It chose me!

Amethyst: You have no choice, Mara. You must give it to us!

Mara: Never!

Mara turns around and holds out her hand. A doorway surrounded by a frame of cyan light opens.

Mak: She’s getting away! Stop her!

Mara runs through the doorway, which disappears.

Mak: ARGH! I don’t believe this!

Emily: Whatever shall we do now?!

Amethyst becomes worried.

Amethyst: We will just have to search for her…and hope that she does not become what I fear she will.

Kendall: I…I had no idea…

Amethyst: We later found out that her crystal was a fake.

Kendall: A fake?!

Amethyst: We first learned it was a fake when we came across the real Azure Crystal.

Kendall: But where did you find it?

Mak: Inside a cave in Aurumus, the northeastern kingdom of Silveria.

Kendall: I know Aurumus only too well. It is where I was born…and it is also where my father disappeared.

Emily: Then Aurumus must bring you memories both good and bad.

Kendall: Indeed.

Amethyst: We had no idea there were other crystals like Mara’s until-

Trent: -you first encountered Kara and I.

Everyone looks over at Trent.

Amethyst: Trent?

Trent: My Mistress’…I mean, “Mara’s”…crystal is part of a set of five dark crystals, which were created by a splinter faction of the Silverian Empire. These five crystals ultimately led to the downfall of the Empire, as well as ending the Imperial bloodline.

Amethyst: Twelve Stars!

Mak: And now the dark crystals have chosen new owners to help bring us down?

Trent: It would seem so.

Amethyst: Then why do you serve Mara? Are you not a druid, a guardian of the natural world?

Trent: I am. Mara tricked me into wearing my crystal, which has bound me to her service. I must do her bidding without question.

Mak: Well, what happens if you refuse?

Trent: She is able to-

Trent thinks for a moment.

Trent: No punishment is worse than being forced to perform actions against my own nature.

Trent approaches the cell and smashes the icy bars into fragments with his staff.

Amethyst: What are you doing?

Trent: I cannot sit by while Mara continues to plot against you. Come with me.

Mak: And why should we trust you?

Trent’s eyes glow with forest green light.

Trent: Because I grow weary of my Mistress’ command. I will be freed, one way or another.

Scene 4: Sorceress’ Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Trent leads the Crystalbound and Kendall through the ice fortress.

Trent: Stay close to me.

Brocc: So does Mara have any other minions?

Trent: Why would she need minions? She considers the four of us to be perfectly adequate.

Bryn: Clearly she has no clue how to find good henchmen…ah, no offense.

Trent: None taken. Kara and I may have deliberately underperformed when we tried to capture you.

Mak: Why?

Trent: Neither of us wishes to inflict harm on you, nor does Sara.

Bryn: Are you kidding? She very nearly clobbered Gazzo into next Ki-day!

Emily: What about Brent?

Trent: He is just as twisted as Mara, if not more.

Amethyst: It seems as though he has the potential to challenge her authority.

Trent: He is also cowardly. He would rather do her bidding than receive her unique forms of punishment. It also doesn’t help that he often enjoys the tasks she sets for him.

Thobrun: He’s one cruel man, that’s fer sure.

Brocc: Hey, I wondered when you’d speak this episode!

Brocc looks at Bryn.

Brocc: See? THAT’S how you break the fourth wall!

Bryn: Whatever…

Trent: We are close.

Scene 5: Sorceress’ Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Brent are still unconscious atop the ice platforms.

Sara: Oh, this is boring!

Kara: We must follow our Mistress’ bidding.

Sara: But I just want something to-

The mark on Zed’s hand begins to glow with cyan light. Brent’s eyes fly open and he sits up. A scowl spreads across his face.

Brent: ARGH! I can’t BELIEVE that interfering maggot! How did he even find the kid?!

Brent turns to face Zed.

Brent: I’m gonna take him out right now!

Brent leaps off his platform and lands at Zed’s side.

Brent: You’re going down, pal!

Kara suddenly leaps towards Brent and kicks him to the ground.

Brent: What are you doing?!

Kara: This.

Kara karate-chops the back of Brent’s head, knocking him out cold.

Sara: Finally, some action!

Kara: Come. We must find Trent-kun.

Kara picks up Brent and slings him over her shoulder. She and Sara run out of the room. We pan to a view of Zed, whose mark begins to resonate.

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Scene 6: Sorceress’ Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

The Crystalbound and Kendall continue to follow Trent.

Mak: So how do we know we can trust this guy?

Amethyst: Whatever do you mean?

Mak: Well, he tried to capture us on multiple occasions. Granted, he failed every time, but I’m suspicious about his claim that he was deliberately sloppy.

Trent: I assure you that I meant no harm, Mak.

Mak: Then why did you shoot that green energy beam at me?

Trent: Mara always watches us using a form of observation magic. I had to do so in order to create the illusion of being wholly subservient to her.

Amethyst: Then who do you serve?

Trent: I only serve nature. Naturia is my true Mistress.

Emily: Then who is to say Mara is not watching us right now?

Brocc: My thoughts exactly.

Trent: Why would Mara have any reason to observe us in here? As far as she is aware, all of you are currently imprisoned.

Mak: But won’t she need to watch you in case you betray her?

Trent: I have been wholly loyal to Mara until this point. I have her complete trust.

Kara’s voice: We have her trust also.

Kara and Sara join the group.

Trent: Then you also wish to break free of her service?

Kara: Indeed. No longer will I serve her vile machinations.

Sara: It’s time for me to smash stuff for myself!

Mak: Then let’s walk in and stop her!

Trent: I am afraid it is not that simple. We must devise a plan…

Scene 7: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara sits on her icy throne. Trent, Kara and Sara walk into the room. Kara drops Brent to the ground in front of her.

Mara: I take it that Brent has failed?

Kara: Correct, Mistress-senpai.

Mara: Then he will be punished. Leave now, for it will not be pleasant to observe.

Trent: As you command, Mistress.

Trent, Kara and Sara bow, then turn around and begin to head for the door. As the trio walks past the ice-vault, Kara leaps in front of it.

Mara: Kara? What is the meaning of this?

Kara punches towards the ice-vault, releasing a jet of flame which melts the hatch.

Mara: What are you doing?!

Kara: Rescuing my friend.

Kara runs into the ice-vault, pulling out a now-thawed Tamamaki.

Tamamaki: Wh-What is happening…?

Kara: We must go now, Tamamaki-kun.

Tamamaki: Karakaki-san?

Kara smiles.

Kara: Indeed.

Mara: You cannot-

Trent: We have had enough, Mara! No longer will we be your puppets, obeying orders against our own desires!

Mara: Do not test my patience, Trenton…

Trent: I will do as Naturia wishes.

Trent whistles loudly through his fingers. Suddenly, his bear companion charges into the room, running straight towards Mara.

Mara: You think your mangy pet can stop me?!

Mara throws her hand forward, knocking the bear through the wall.

Trent: You will regret that, “Mistress”!

Trent raises his staff and points it at Mara. A forest green beam of energy pulses from its tip. Mara stretches out her arm and releases an icy-blue beam of energy. Both beams make contact, forcing against one another. Mara and Trent each struggle to get the upper hand. Mara’s beam begins to swallow up Trent’s. She smirks.

Mara: You cannot win.

Mara’s beam of energy grows dangerously close to Trent. Just then, a fiery-orange beam of energy joins Trent’s beam and flings towards Mara, knocking her backwards. She climbs to her feet, using her throne as a support.

Mara: But…how…?

Kendall stands next to Trent, his right arm outstretched. He lowers his arm and frowns at Mara.

Kendall: How can you do this, Mara?!

Mara: Ah, Kendall. How is my big brother?

Kendall: Clearly in a better state of mind than you are!

Mara: You will regret doing this to me!

Mak’s voice: Not if we have anything to do with it!

The Crystalbound join the others.

Mara: Ah, it seems all my friends have gathered together at last. But eleven-versus-one is hardly fair, is it?

Mara raises her hands into the air, summoning ten frosty warriors.

Mara: Try to stop me now.

Kendall: Okay.

Kendall and Kara send five fireballs each at the warriors, turning them into clouds of steam.

Mara: Ah…

Mak: Face it, Mara. As long as we’re around, you can’t win.

Brent suddenly awakens and gets to his feet.

Brent: But you fools forget that I, Brent, am still loyal to my Mistress!

Brent leaps to Mara’s side.

Brent: What do you say to THAT? HA!

Mak: I say the chances of you actually taking us out are about the same as the chances of a delicious, meaty muddvak steak falling out of the-

A steak suddenly falls to Mak’s feet.

Mak: Ah.

Sara: So THAT’S where my steak went! It got stuck on the ceiling when I threw it into the air!

Sara picks up the steak and eats it in one bite. Brent holds up his crossbow and points it at Mak.

Brent: Well, since my chances of taking you out are apparently excellent-

Sara lets out an enormous burp, which is conveniently aimed straight at Brent. Brent stumbles around in a daze, causing him to drop his crossbow. Seizing the opportunity, Trent aims his staff at the crossbow and fires a pulse of green energy at it, destroying it. Brent shakes his head, and a look of surprise spreads across his face.

Brent: But…why didn’t my crystal protect me?!

Mara: Since most of you have betrayed me, all of your crystals have been stripped of their power.

Brent: Even mine? But…why?!

Mara: It is your punishment for failing to keep Zed unconscious.

Brent: Well, he’s still trapped in his mindscape, Mistress, so I consider this a victory! One down, six to go!

Mara suddenly hears Zed’s voice in her mind.

Zed’s thoughts: Get ready, Mara, because I’m coming to stop you!

Mara stares off into space for a moment. Her eyebrows suddenly stick up. Brent takes notice.

Brent: Something troubling you, Mistress?

Mara frowns.

Mara: No, it is nothing.

Brent: If you say so…

Mara appears slightly worried. A bead of sweat begins to trickle down her forehead as she bites her bottom lip. Zed races into the room, rejoining the party.

Zed: Hey, what did I miss?

Mara raises her hands into the air, releasing pulses of energy which knock everyone out of Zed’s way.

Zed: What are you doing?!

Mara begins to slowly approach Zed.

Mara: You have been a thorn in my side for too long. It is time I finished you off once and for all!

Mara points her hand at Zed. Amethyst regains her senses.

Amethyst: ZED!

Amethyst leaps to her feet and runs towards Zed, pushing him aside. A bolt of lightning emerges from Mara’s hand, striking Amethyst in her torso.


Emily: NO!

Amethyst slumps to her knees.

Thobrun: LASS!

Amethyst falls onto her side, her eyes closing as she does so. The Magenta Crystal falls from out of her tunic, still around her neck. It glows brightly, before the light extinguishes. Everyone is utterly shocked.

Mara: No…that was not my intent.

Zed hangs his head, and tears stream down his cheeks. He suddenly raises his head, and his eyes are glowing with bright cyan light. The mark on his hand begins to glow brightly with cyan light. Zed removes his wand from his pocket. It begins to shimmer, and transforms into a long, silver sword. Zed removes his cape and throws it aside. Everyone appears confused.

Mak: Zed…? What…what the…?

Brocc: I…I…

Thobrun: I dinnae understand…

Zed begins speaking with a distorted voice.

Zed: Mara, you will pay for what you have done this day.

Mara: And what gives you the thought that you are able to stop me?

Zed remains silent for a moment.

Zed: I…have awakened as my true self, the one I have always been.

Zed runs towards Mara. Mara fires a bolt of lightning at Zed, but he swings his sword and knocks it away, causing it to strike a wall. Chunks of ice burst from the wall, falling to the ground. Mara releases a pulse of energy from her hand, knocking Zed away from her. Zed flips backwards and lands gently on his feet, then runs towards Mara again. Mara fires a ray of pure cold at Zed, but he swings it away with his sword, striking another wall. A lump of ice appears on the wall. Zed runs towards Mara, his sword crackling with electricity. He swings it.


Mara’s crystal is cut loose from around her neck. As it falls to the floor, it shatters to pieces in mid-air, releasing a wave of dark energy. The fragments fall to the floor. Mara holds her right hand to her chest, feeling for the crystal, hoping it is still there. Finally, she speaks.

Mara: Wh-What ARE you?!

Zed remains silent for a moment.

Zed: I…am Zed, Icon of Junihoshi.

Mara breathes heavily. She then begins to run around the group, who is still in shock, and runs out of the door. Mak finally speaks.

Mak: She’s getting away.

Zed: Let her run. She will not be able to inflict any more harm on others. In time, she will-

Zed’s eyes return to normal, and the mark on his hand stops glowing. He stumbles for a moment, but regains his footing.

Zed: Whoa…what a rush.

Zed stares into space for a moment, before snapping back to reality.

Zed: Amethyst!

Zed turns around and runs over to Amethyst. The others are already standing over her body, which remains lifeless.

Zed: No…

Mak looks at Emily.

Mak: Can’t you do something, Emily?

Emily: I…I am afraid I cannot. I am not yet trained to return others to life.

Mak: But there must be something we can do!

Zed thinks for a moment.

Zed: Let me try something.

Zed kneels down, setting aside his sword and cupping his hands around Amethyst’s jaw. He spreads his thumbs to her forehead.

Emily: What are you doing, Zed?

Zed: Kendall.

Kendall: (sniff) Yes, Zed?

Zed: I need you to take Amethyst’s hand.

Kendall: Uh…okay.

Kendall takes Amethyst’s left hand.

Zed: Emily?

Emily: Yes?

Zed: Please take her other hand.

Emily takes Amethyst right hand in hers. Zed closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath through his nose, exhaling it through his mouth. His eyes open, and glow with bright cyan light. A small orb of cyan light shines in front of Kendall’s chest. Emily’s hands begin glowing with golden light, which spreads throughout Amethyst’s body. After a brief moment, breath begins filling Amethyst’s lungs. She exhales, then inhales again. The light from Zed’s eyes, Kendall’s chest and Emily’s hands disappears. After a few seconds, the light from Amethyst’s body stops glowing, replaced with the usual constant glow of purple light within her crystal. Amethyst opens her eyes, and Zed shifts his hands to serve as a support for her head.

Amethyst: Zed…?

Zed smiles. Tears stream from his eyes.

Zed: Amethyst.

Amethyst sits up.

Mak: Amethyst!

Mak embraces his dear friend, as do Emily, Kendall, Thobrun, Bryn and Brocc.

Mak: I thought we’d lost you!

Amethyst: For a moment, you had.

Brocc: Oh, it’s so good to have you back... (sniff) AAAHAHAHAHAAAAAH!

Thobrun comforts Brocc and rubs his shoulder.

Thobrun: Aw, there, there, lad…it’s alright. She’s back now.

Everyone lets go of Amethyst. The party stands to their feet.

Mak: So what happened?

Amethyst: Well, I was in the realm of the Celestial Being, Emerria Willthread.

Thobrun: Really?

Amethyst: She told me that it was too soon for me to join her court, and that some dear friends of mine were bringing me back to the Material Plane.

Amethyst pauses for a moment. She looks at Emily.

Amethyst: How did you bring me back, Emily? I was sure you had not yet mastered being able to restore life.

Emily: I was assisted by a very special young man.

Amethyst turns to face Zed.

Amethyst: I knew I saw potential in you, cher apprenti.

Amethyst smiles. Zed smiles back.

Mak: Wait…where did Mara’s cronies go?

Everyone looks around. Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara are missing. We pan to a view of Gazzo stumbling out of what’s left of the ice-vault. He groans loudly.

Gazzo: I feel like I’ve been asleep for a month…

A look of surprise appears on Bryn’s face.

Bryn: Gazzo! I can’t believe I forgot about him!

Gazzo: Oh, well that’s nice, that is! Some friend I’ve got, then!

Zed pulls his crystal from out of his clothing and examines it. The light inside it continues to resonate.

Zed’s thoughts: I guess it’s time for the true Azurebound to receive this crystal…

Scene 8: Zed’s Hometown: Afternoon

The symbol on Zed’s hand appears on the ground in front of his house. A column of light erupts from around it. After a moment, the light returns to the ground, revealing Zed.

Zed: Home at last.

Zed’s front door opens, and the Crystalbound and Kendall step outside.

Mak: That’s quite an entrance.

Zed: Thank you.

Brocc: So why did you open a doorway for us instead of letting us use that cool beam of light?

Amethyst: I imagine it is something only people of Zed’s kind can do.

Bryn: What’s it like?

Zed: Well, the symbol appears on the ground under me, and also at my destination. When the column of light appears, I’m pretty much in both places at the same time. Then, when it recedes, I’m at my destination.

Brocc: Awesome!

Kendall: So, what shall we do first?

Zed: There’s something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time…

The party approaches Taylor’s Treasures. Zed walks inside, the little bell jingling as he does so. Mrs. Taylor’s son walks downstairs, and is shocked to see Zed standing there.

Mrs. Taylor’s son: Zed?!

Zed: Fred!

Bryn: Oh, come on! Both her biological son and her adopted one have “-ed” in their names?!

Brocc: Bryn! I said-

Bryn: Yeah, yeah, “leave fourth-wall demolitions to the experts”…whatever, cabbage-fart.

Brocc: What did you call me, anchovy-pits?!

Fred: I did not expect you back for months!

Zed: I took a bit of a detour.

Fred: In any case, it is good to see you back.

Zed: You too.

Both men smile.

Fred: Oh, if you’re looking for Mother, she is not here.

Zed: Over at Mr. Newt’s, then?

Fred: No, she is somewhere else…

Zed: Oh?

The party climbs the hill near Zed’s house. The sky is tinged pink at the horizon. Mrs. Taylor stands facing the opposite direction. Zed walks forward, stopping seven feet from her.

Zed: Mrs. Taylor?

Mrs. Taylor spins around. After a brief pause, she smiles and runs to Zed. Mrs. Taylor locks Zed in a big hug.

Mrs. Taylor: I knew you’d return to me, lad!

Zed: I missed you so much…

The others watch from a distance. Kendall reaches into his shirt and pulls out the Azure Crystal, examining it. It glows brightly in its centre.

End Credits


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