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Star Power!

 photo StarworldGalaxy_zps319a901c.jpg

We have uncovered some interesting information regarding a world that was removed from the final version of Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii! This information was collected from Mariowiki The game originally contained the famous Star World which was a large galaxy that had a long and winding path of levels and three bosses located at certain points of the galaxy!

The galaxy's inhabitants such as the Star Rabbits as well as the "Cosmic Toads" who were distinguished by stars on their caps rather than large dots gave useful information to players as sort of an in-game tutorial.

This galaxy was removed by E3 2007, but will be forever remembered by those who read this article and source!

Did you already know about this removed beta galaxy? Let us know in our comments!

Source: Mariowiki

Strange Facts: Star World Was Initially In Super Mario Galaxy! Rukiafan7
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The three bosses and some of the planets (taken from other galaxies which are in the game) were there just to show off the game, when the other galaxies weren't finished. I wonder why they got rid of the Cosmic Toads though :l probably because they were replaced by the Lumas
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on May 11th 2013, 2:30 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Does anyone have an image of the cosmic toads?
I knew that it existed, but I never saw a model of the world before.
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