Bad News For The Fans...

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according to our source a poster at 4chan has stated that Rockstar will not be bringing their WWE games or Grand Theft Auto to the Wii U. They also stated that Rockstar has no plans to support the latest Nintendo console.

How do you feel about these rumors?

Sources: Nintendolife and 4chan

Rumormill: Rockstar Not Interested In Supporting The Wii U... Rukiafan7
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I don't like Rockstar games and their attitude is even more off putting Sad
That's cool, because I never much got into either of those franchises.
Rockstar isn't a creative developer anyways so this decision doesn't upset me in the slightest. |D
this kind of upsets me. Its just more motivation to get a PS3, since no one wants to support WiiU
It seems western companies don't like wiiU.... Hmmm
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