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An Hour of Gaming A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

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In recent times, particularly with the controller and gameplay innovations of the DS and Wii era onwards, we've seen Nintendo consoles used for many medical studies and treatments, which is most definitely a good thing.

These studies often show an amazing level of creativity along with their scientific merit, such as using two Wii Remotes side by side to diagnose a rare eye disorder.

Useful and slightly strange is obviously the right direction for helping people. The latest example is a Canadian study that suggests playing visually stimulating video games, such as Tetris, can be good method for improving the condition known as amblyopia.

The condition occurs when vision in one eye doesn't develop properly, and if untreated can lead to a permanent loss of vision in the affected eye. Common treatment, for adults and children alike, is to wear a patch over the stronger eye for an extended period, which is definitely unpleasant both physically and socially.

The doctors at McGill University, however, simply gave patients special goggles that made each eye focus on a different part of the game screen, ensuring that both were active, and found that after two weeks of playing the game for one hour a day that patients showed improvement in the weak eye.

What are your thoughts about this strange video game related health news? Let us know your thoughts?


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This was an interesting article to read.
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