Flipnote Studio 3D will be available in North America and Europe this summer from the Nintendo eShop for free.

- 3D sample videos can be view on the Nintendo eShop right now

- Two new communities. Flipnote Gallery: Friends is a community service among friends via friend codes to post comments and share. Flipnote Gallery: World is a small monthly fee service to interact with other users from around the world. There will be a first 30 day free trail and there will be selective dates that everyone can join in for free.

- Flipnote Gallery: World rewards user's to use the service for Free when they reach high consistency of user ratings for their creativity.

- If you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can post your work on the internet instead of the Flipnote Studio service. Unfortunately, your work won't be in stereoscopic 3D.

- All user's work posted online from the original Flipnote Studio, Nintendo DSi, will be automatically transported to the new two communities on Flipnote Studio 3D.

- the online service for the original Flipnote Studio will end on May 31, 2013.

Wii U NNID: SkywardL
3DS Friendcode: 1590 - 4719 - 1381
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on March 13th 2013, 11:15 amKokorOtaku
Can't wait, although I hardly used the original
Good news for artistic gamers. Wink
I might download this application, just for the entertainment Waveboy and Jose will provide. Very Happy
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