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All Good Things Must Come To An End!

There are new rumors circulating around the web and one in particular has caught our attention, according to this new rumor the DSiWare service will be shut-down by the end of the year. Which will be the first time that Nintendo will have shut-down one of their online shops.

There are also rumors stating that Mariokart DS, and all DS Pokemon games will lose their online connectivity by February 2014 so if you want every Pokemon Black and White 2 Pokemon you might have to do so by early next year. What are your thoughts about these rumors? Let us know in our comments!


My Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Adventure!

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Hmmm... This rumor seems a little fraudulent to me. Especially since the WiiShop wasn't mentioned in this rumor. Why would Nintendo keep the WiiShop up and running on the WiiU, but not keep the DSiWare shop accessible on the 3DS eShop? Either way, this wouldn't affect me in anyway. I'm just saying.
These are just rumors, however the Wii Shop has a larger install base than the DSiware service does.
Are you from Nintendo?
More bad news. Sad
This would bite big time
I hope this is not true Sad
The only reason I'd want this to happen is if they do it in favore of 3DS, what I mean is.... Make an update to use those DS games work with the NN, which would be great news, unless you don't have a 3DS, in which case to quote Reggie. "What's wrong with you?"
I actually hate that quote, as my budget right now and for the foreseeable future dosent allow me to purchase another system.
on February 13th 2013, 9:19 pmNINTENBRO
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Once I've got everything settled and my situation straight, we can talk about me helping you get yourself a 3DS of your own KingreX32. Your a really good guy, and the type that truthfully deserves a helping hand. I know that most people, if any, wouldn't do the same for me, but that's why I'd want to. Very Happy
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