Mighty Switch Force HD on sale BAHEya-CQAAXhRc

Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition (or Mighty Switch Force HD for short) is an extension of the 3DS download version that is currently on sale at the Wii U eShop. Despite that the Wii U eShop is not promoting it on their front page, the sale went down from $9.99 to $6.99 (almost the same price as the 3DS download version) and no indication of when the sale will end.

If you're a Wii U owner and haven't experience Mighty Switch Force, then be sure to read my review of original 3DS download title by clicking here before deciding to take the offer.

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on January 10th 2013, 1:22 pmSkywardL

The sale last for 2 weeks according to WayForward's tweets and I'll be reviewing Mighty Switch Force HD next week.
on January 10th 2013, 3:03 pmTowafan7
That's a good deal. Wink
That price seems decent enough.
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