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Funny Chat Moments

on December 23rd 2012, 8:09 pm
Staff: GamerZack : Join chat if you love Christmas! Very Happy
Staff: GamerZack : :F
Staff: GamerZack : Drool not work correct... Crying or Very sad
Staff: GamerZack : So what do you want for Christmas, empty chatbox? Smile
Staff: GamerZack : U to the R to the AFK.
Staff: GamerZack : Rukiafan, please come this way! Sad
* GamerZack sucks at rap
Staff: GamerZack : And so, my rap career comes to an end...and that's a "rap". Laughing
* GamerZack hears crickets chirp
Staff: GamerZack : Oh well, I guess I'll leave a bunch of text for the next person who enters chat to read.
Staff: GamerZack : "Dear person who just entered chat; I was here recently, but nobody else was in here."
Staff: GamerZack : "I have left assorted treats in the chatbox's kitchen. They should have cooled down by now."
Staff: GamerZack : "I also left the TV switched on because I couldn't find the remote and somebody glued the power button on the TV itself. I'm sure it was the same person who graffitid "Rukiafan waz ere" on the wall, possibly Super Otaku.
Staff: GamerZack : "Anyway, I must go. Have a good day, whoever you are." Smile

Re: Funny Chat Moments

on December 23rd 2012, 11:06 pm
No Comment...

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Re: Funny Chat Moments

on December 24th 2012, 9:41 am
W00T?! No comment...? The least you could say about Zack, is that he has lot's of skills, is very patient, has a good sense of humor, has a friendly character, has excellent artistic and communication skills, loves foreign languages, is someone who dares to sticks his head out, comes back to chat regularly, is a loads of fun to talk to in chat and is compassionate to fellow members!
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Re: Funny Chat Moments

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