Hello, I thought I'd create my own blog, since a lot of other members have already done so. The first topic I would like to bring up for discussion is gaming video reviews. I've been desiring to write gaming reviews for WiiWareWave, for awhile now. I've had a lot of other things happening in my life which were my prioritie's. I've had a little extra time available lately, so I could potentially begin producing reviews very soon. I thought I'd ask WiiWareWave's member's if they would enjoy watching a video review instead of just reading a written review? I'm not the most attractive guy in the world, and I would be limited to the lousy camera quality of the 3DS. Which means, I will only be able to produce 10 minute long video reviews max. I think most videogames can be explained in less than 10 minutes, so that shouldn't be a big problem. The video quality, as I've said, will be of a lower standard. Would you still enjoy watching my gaming video reviews?

You're more than welcome to post your opinion's in the comments section below. And remember, I used to be ranked 12th place in the world in Moto Heroz. I don't know why you should remember that. I just want you to. Lol! Very Happy

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on November 12th 2012, 10:43 pmGuest
I can't read your blog because your avatar is too big. Sad
on November 12th 2012, 10:44 pmKokorOtaku
Ditto, avatar too huge
on November 12th 2012, 10:45 pmGuest
I would enjoy video reviews! I love you
on November 12th 2012, 10:54 pmGeekyGamerZack
Your profile's all over your intro like milk spilt onto a table! Crying or Very sad
on November 13th 2012, 1:45 amNINTENBRO
I noticed that GamerZack, right after I created this blog. I have no idea why my avatar is scaled up that large, but it's some type of site malfunction that's beyond my power. I'm sure one of our administrator's will be able to resolve the issue shortly... I hope. Smile
on November 13th 2012, 3:48 amNINTENBRO
Alright, I'll just give you guys some options.

1) NightSky $10 + tax
2) Castlevania: The Adventure $3 +tax
2) Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge $4 + tax
3) Adventure Island $4 +tax
4) Double Dragon $4 +tax
5) ☆ Mutant Mudds

Mind you, I currently only have $10 + tax in my eshop account, so you can choose whatever combination of games you wish. By the way, I already own the following games: Mutant Mudds, VVVVVV, Ketzal's Corridor's (A.K.A. Potzol's Puzzle's), Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword and Mighty Switch Force. I'd probably also enjoy reviewing Cave Story (eShop) too. Which I've almost completed. Well, there's your choices my friends. Choose wisely and thall be rewarded handsomely. Lol!
on November 13th 2012, 6:10 amGeekyGamerZack
I know, Nintenbro. I had a similar problem with too much text in my profile. I was just making an obvious statement into a bit of humour, with emphasis on the "crying over spilt milk". Wink
on November 13th 2012, 12:45 pmTowafan7
I'll try to find you a smaller avatar later today. Wink
on November 13th 2012, 5:45 pmNINTENBRO
Rukiafan, can't you just scale my avatar down in size? Also Rukiafan, why am I only able to post in the comments section of this thread? Is there anyway to add more posts to the blog above, or do I seriously have to edit the first post over and over again? If so, I think I'm just going to create another blog in one of the regular forums.

Alright guys, nobody has voted for any of the games I listed above. I'm just going to choose the games I'll review based upon my own preferences, if nobody votes soon.
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