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Our favorite WiiWare games!

With the WiiU only a few short days away, and the end of the Wii drawing nearer; the staff here at Wiiwarewave have decided to reflect back on their favorite Wiiware games of the past 6 years. Here we'll talk about our favorite WiiWare game in this staff viewpoint article.


My favorite WiiWare game is Jett Rocket with its astounding visuals and beautiful music it's hard not to love the game, but what really surprises me is how Shin' en managed to fit such a visually striking game in under 40 megabytes of space!
The game is only around 10 hours long, but is a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience and has fun gameplay which is why I like Jett Rocket so much. That's all I have to say, but if you haven't tried Jett Rocket yet you really should as it's on 1,000 Nintendo points.

Jett Rocket Review


According to my Wii System, my most played game is still Dr. Mario & Germ Buster. A game that is extremly addicting, have a great, yet simple multiplayer and is just so much fun to play.

Yet my favorite WiiWare game, or games, are the two LostWinds titles. I bought the first game, played it for a couple of minutes, was impressed and moved on to other games.

A couple of years later, I decided to pick it up again and start over. I was stunned and lost myself in a wonderful world with gorgeous graphics, fantastic music, fun gameplay and brilliant puzzles. Two days later I finished not only the first game but also the sequel, which was bigger and better then the first game. The games are short, but the experience was fantastic. A must have for all Wii owners.


While I acknowledge the greatness of Jett Rocket, World of Goo Fluidity, Lost Winds and some others I think the Wiiware title that got the most play from me is:

Art of Balance

Also by Shin'en (they do amazing work), often it's the simpliest ideas, exceedingly well executed that are the most fun. Taking the premise of balancing different shaped objects, this was a fun, challenging puzzler with beautiful visuals, pleasant music and a great physics engine.


Despite the fact that I haven’t really download much Wiiware games; coming to a decision about with one as my favorite was tough. In my history of downloading Wiiware games I don’t think I have ever gotten a bad one yet.

That being said my choice for favorite Wiiware game is Bit Trip Runner. Runner is the fourth game in the series and allowed players to take direct control of the Bit Trip series protagonist Commander Video.

As I said in my review, the game looks easy, but it is anything but. As the levels go on the difficulty increases more and more. At times it can be frustrating but it’s hard to feel that way as the 8-bit visuals and music are enough to keep gamers coming back and the simple yet deep gameplay is truly clever. Runner was a fun game to play which is why I have chosen it as my favorite.

Bit Trip Runner Review
Second Review


My favorite WiiWare title is La-Mulana which was developed by Nigoro and published by Nicalis in Japan in 2011 and after many delays and the game losing Nicalis as its publisher the game was finally released in September 2012 in Europe and North America with the help of a new publisher Enjoy Up Games!

The game is extremely hard and addictive with its difficult puzzles and tricky platforming. It also features amazing graphics that are essentially 24-bits not to mention a mind blowing number of enemy models and background and foreground objects that make every single screen look completely different!

The soundtrack is one of the best on the service and there are a ton of tracks in the game as each location such as the surface or each temple has a different track and even the bosses have their own music which sound very nice and feels more like you're playing a Playstation One game with its amazing sound quality!

The game is extremely long too clocking in at over 60 hours in length! This is one of the best games you'll find on the service and I highly recommend downloading La-Mulana!

La Mulana Review


I guess my favourite WiiWare title is WarioWare: Do It Yourself - Showcase. Not only is it an excellent WarioWare game in its own right, with characters, records, comics and, of course, microgames, all of which are different to its sister game on Nintendo DS; it also allows me to be able to share my creations with other Wavers who also have it on their Wii Consoles.


My first WiiWare game ist still my favourite:
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

In this game you are the king of an empty ruined town you have to build up again. While the main frame of the town is always the same, there are lots of free places for you to choose what to build upon. Every day (each day lasts about 8 minutes) you wake up, leave the castle and start doing things in town. Eventually travellers come by and ask you to build a house for them. Then they might join your army (if you post a behest on the town board). You can choose if you need warriors, mages, thieves, etc. and then send them to quests via world map. You never see what they do when they leave the village gates, but they come back in the evenings with their detailed daily report that leave enough room for your imagination. They bring money and items with them and eventually you can build more structures like shops where the adventurers can buy all sorts of typical Final Fantasy stuff: swords, armor, magic, etc.

Even without all the download content this game kept me addicted for more than 100 hours, more than any other WiiWare game. I later bought all the DLC and played through it another time. And I thought it was worth it for all the new races and buildings.

The good part of the gameplay is to see your town grow and become more populated, and also seeing your adventurers coming home in the evening returning from a difficult quest with hopefully lots of loot and level-upped. The bad part of the gameplay is that it can get repetitive after playing for so many hours/in-game days as you just run around and talk to people most of the time, with much time waiting for your characters to level up and bring new loot to build a few new buildings. But if you like this kind of gameplay (sending your troops into dunegons, see what they achieved, and never ever actually taking part in the action yourself, or even seeing some of it) then go for it. Especially if you like a vivid townsfolk atmosphere, an interesting story and beautiful music with your games.

Had a few more close #1 contenders on WiiWare: Hydroventure and MotoHeroz and the two games I already consider classic: World of Goo and La-Mulana.

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Our newest staff article is now published.
thanks. Anf thanks to all the staff who contributed.
Played them all except for D.I.Y and Jett Rocket. A few other choices that I would go with would be World of Goo, and Swords & Soldiers.
This was an enjoyable feature to work on! Next up Remembering Wii: The Staff's Favorite Memories of Playing On Wii!
Awesome. I will look through my Top 10 list and find A game I really enjoyed.
Aqua Cherry Blossom
Those are some really good games mentioned in the feature.
My favorite is Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Smile
coming back to this tomorrow.
cant decide which one to put up here.
Nice read. I haven't messed around with Wiiware... The game I've enjoyed the most in my collection is Bomberman Blast. Man, I'm still annoyed that Bomberman 3DS got canned. Where is my white bomber? Sad
I sadly never had the chance to download The Magic Obilisk before it was removed from the service, which I heard nothing but positive comments about the game.
Added my choice.

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If I were to judge by the amount of hours I've played each of the WiiWare games I've downloaded, this title would definitely have to be awarded to Moto Heroz. Although, I'd probably say La-Mulana & Blaster Master: Overdrive are my two favorite WiiWare games I've downloaded.
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