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The Wii Might Not Be Done Quite Yet!

Rumormill XSEED Could Localize Pandora's Tower In North America! Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxoQ-oi4ambQYX7eyORBoe18U5Y0R0ZAsg3Vh2o-WAXfhi9Jzp

Several sources have begun to claim that XSEED has plans to potentially localize Pandora's Tower in North America next year, which would mean that all 3 Operation Rainfall games would be released in North America!

This rumor is relatively new and none of the major websites have reported this yet so this rumor should be looked at as a possibility and not a fact. If this rumor is true, however do you believe that it's due to the efforts of Operation Rainfall? Leave your comments below!

Rumormill XSEED Could Localize Pandora's Tower In North America! Rukiafan7
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Since I won't be able to afford a WiiU anytime soon, I'm just going to keep purchasing any Wii titles I still don't own. I came very late to the scene in 2010, so I've only owned my Wii console for about 2 years now. While the majority have owned their's for about 6 years now, so I don't mind playing a little catch up.

My Top 5 Most Wanted Wii Titles:
1) Super Mario Galaxy 2
2) Wario Land: Shake It!
3) The Last Story
4) Arc Rise Fantasia
5) Pandora's Tower
If Pandora's Tower gets released I'll be very happy! =)
XSEED is a wonderful company! I love you
I bet NOA won't reward us with that set of three commemorative coins, if we purchase an register all three of the Project Rainfall games by a certain date. I mean, NOA didn't even offer us Americans the Wii Ambassador program. Sad
Well, this rumor sounds great ! but...

Rukiafan, where did you heard those rumors ?
I hope that rumor of classic wii games being on WiiU eShop is true, if that and this is true I'll DL all 3 JRPGs
@Jnes5 wrote:Well, this rumor sounds great ! but...

Rukiafan, where did you heard those rumors ?

A few Facebook groups, some small forum that I ran across on the similar topics widget in a topic here at WiiWareWave, and a few blogs, but none of which have even 1,000 members, which is why I think we should not assume that this rumor has a high probability of being true. It'll be interesting to see whether or not this rumor pans out though. Wink

Ah, I see, thanks for the answer !
This is awesome news! Very Happy
This will be one of my final Wii games if this is true.
That'd be great if it is true. I really enjoyed the other 2 "Rainfall" games, so im really looking forward to this one.
Are you a new member?
Welcome to WiiWareWave! I love you
Kushina, no, RoryLee isn't a new member. He's just been M.I.A. Very Happy
This would be a treat for long term Wii fans but based on Pandora's Tower PAL sales this would be a huge surprise, especially releasing after WiiU's launch and Wii's retirement.
Fatal Frame 2 would be nice as well.
gamerace, I don't think it would be that big of a surprise, since the WiiU is backwards compatible. There are people who have already purchased a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, and they don't even own a Wii console.
Sales in Japan were weak, PAL sales were pathetic. Even if they got double that in NA it's still questionable if it would be profitable to release. Add to that a very late 2013 release.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game and I hope this happens, but this rumour seems highly unlikely to me.
I wonder why the sales were so poor, after all of that petitioning.
More than likely a rumor. I havent even seen any other sites make a report about this. Pity, I was really looking forward to this game.
@Nintenbro wrote:I wonder why the sales were so poor, after all of that petitioning.

Pandora's Tower just got caught up in the hype I think, or perhaps was the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Xenoblade - largely acclaimed as the best JRPG this generation on any system was the big one and NoA was smart to release that one as it took the wind out of Operation Rainfall's sails.

The Last Story was another fine JRPG and apparently Xseed had already sercured the rights to it before Operation Rainfall began but I'm sure they were thrilled with the added publicity.

Pandora's Tower isn't even a JRPG, it's more of a Zelda-light action title with a dash of romance tossed in. It's made by an unknown developer and only received middling reviews in Japan. So it's not too surprising it was largely ignored in PAL regions. If you have an HD console there are much better action titles to get. However, it was a unique title and as you can see by PAL reviews people either loved it's unique flavour (romance, time-limits, motion controls, odd story) like I did, or didn't care for those things and bashed it for it's average gameplay/graphics.
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