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Developer: CAMELOT Software Planning
Publisher: Nintendo

NA release: October 11, 2012

Available for 3DS eShop: price tag $4.99
# of Players: 1 player (2 player disable)
Genre: Sports

For 3DS owners, there’s a total of three 8-bit golf titles on the Nintendo eShop. These Virtual Console titles are NES Open Tournament from the NES system, Golf from Gameboy, and Mario Golf (not the N64 version) from the Gameboy Color. Out of the three, Mario Golf is the most vibrant and completely stands out from the rest because CAMELOT develops it. During the pre-Mario Tennis Open era, they’re known to deliver enjoyable Mario sports on a handheld featuring RPG elements. Let’s find out how their first effort holds up.

This is not Daisy, unfortunately


The basic rule of golf is to land the ball inside the hole in as few strokes (swings) as possible. Each tournament contains the series of 18 holes. Each golfer must professionally finish the hole in fewer strokes than the Par score (the average amount of strokes). This requires a lot of practice.

In Mario Golf, the strategy is the same, practice. When not playing golf, there are many useful tips from human golfers as well as training different types of scenarios you’ll be facing on the course. Fortunately, for 3DS owners the most useful practicing method is the Restore Point feature from the touch screen. The main game occurs from one of the three save files, selecting a gender and an unfamiliar character. that’s the only personal issue I have with the title, you can’t level up your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. While Mario and Luigi are playable, they’re just for casual golfing experiences. However, they’re welcoming to play as since their status are different and it’s appreciating to understand the situation if your character does a fade (ball moving left before landing) or a draw (ball moving right) shot.

In addition, it’s worth understanding the HUD. Near the lower right corner, the number under the word REST is the total distance from your current position and the hole. Lower right side of that, the number under the type of Club is the ball’s maximum traveling distance (the term is Drive) and succeeds when pressing A twice at the right time when viewing the bar. However, that’s only accurate when you’re in the fairway (light green safe areas) and there are no winds. The horizontal yellow line underneath the right side of the bar is your location for the successful second A press. Of course, your goal is to stop right in the middle (the position of the movable vertical line before activating the bar). On the upper right corner is the wind’s speed and direction. It’s important to view the two types of distances and the wind as that will let you know how much power will you want the first A press to land at and the direction on where to swing at, especially during third-person view.

There are five tournaments, the last taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom with creative course layouts.


Mario Golf is visually vibrant when it’s in native resolution and noticeable on the 3DS XL, the best polish Gameboy Color title on the Nintendo eShop so far. The soundtrack during the first four tournament courses is like a nonviolent western with the same tension as a western, except the last one being the classic Mario theme. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the maniacal landscapes and proving to the other golfers that you own the land.

The color palettes on each tournament courses are very personally define and outstandingly retro. The character models during in-between golfing matches are the only presentation that is unimpressive. Don’t expect them, including your character, as innocently detail as the characters from the Pokemon games during in-between battles.

Who are you


Mario Golf on the Gameboy Color is the superior choice for a golf experience on the Nintendo 3DS. It will take more than an hour to understand the terms and learning about every golfing scenario follow by 8 hours worth of challenges and more practicing.

8.4 / 10 eShop pints

8 - Great: This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

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on November 19th 2013, 3:07 pmGeekyGamerZack
When was this released in the North American 3DS eShop?! Prinny

Also, why hasn't this yet been released in the European, Australian and New Zealish 3DS eShops?! Sad
on November 20th 2013, 2:18 pmSplatuna
Why is this still absent from PAL regions?
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