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2 Fast 4 Gnomz is now running towards the Nintendo eShop and the socks will be available on November 1 in North America for only $4.99.

it's a stereoscopic port of the WiiWare title of the same name and got a great review score here on this site.

If you miss out on the WiiWare version and curious to find out how well the eShop version is, let me know if you want me to review it at the comment section below.

Source: NOA website

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on October 12th 2012, 11:30 amLove4Gaming
eshop support appears to be improving.
on October 12th 2012, 4:16 pmKrazyredd
3DS owners will get a one cent discount on this game! That's krazy!
on October 12th 2012, 7:47 pmNINTENBRO
I actually thought the WiiWare demo was a pretty enjoyable experience, and I've always prefered to play platformers on a handheld. Since this genre is so similiar, maybe I'd really enjoy this game on the 3DS. I'll probably wait for the reviews, though. It would be a much more attractive package, if QubicGames repaired all of the little graphical quirks for the eShop release.
on October 12th 2012, 8:14 pmARF_Paula
I agree with you @Nintenbro platformers are just more enjoyable on a handheld! eShop 4 Gnomz 631737971
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