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Surfs Up!

This is just a beta test, but I had fun creating the artificial British host of the beta test named Voice Synthia Cizer! Well silliness aside this podcast series just won't work on the Wii or 3DS, but it should work with any device that has Flash player 9.

Update!-Episode 3: 3DS Edition is now available

Update!-Episode 4: eshop 72 episode 1 available

Update!-Episode 5: WiiU reveal event part 1

Update! Listen to our beta podcast on itunes or mobile podcast apps by using this RSS feed in the app!

If you can't view the media player above visit this link.

Please comment below!

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I'll keep the artificial A.I. host until I get a microphone or someone else volunteers to be host. I'll try to see if I can add some music in the next beta test. Wink

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What on Hyrule are you talking about!? Prinny
Synthia Cizor isn't a real person!? Surprised
Nope the voice was created using a voice synthesizer hence her code name "Voice Synthia Cizer" Wink
Good start, just don't listen to it late at night because it might give you nightmares with that voice Smile
I tweaked the voice a bit on the 4:30 Beta Test #2. Wink

The next beta test will be in a few days so I can see if I can add music to the podcast and improve Voice Synthia Cizer's emotional tone "doubtful, but it's worth a try." We need to also start looking into who will become host of the podcast, so we don't get upstaged by a computer lol. Laughing
Unfortunately I accidentally named the show Brian Roper's Podcast, so I guess I'll be the host, or at least "the starring host." What do you guys think about the beta test program Voice Synthia Cizer?

Would you like her to have some kind of side role in the actual podcast series, besides a fail safe substitute host? Possibly introducing hosts and guests or something?
Why are you using a Voice Synthia Cizer?
Oh God. Microsoft Sam's sister? lol. I like the idea of this podcast, but it needs more production time. You need to present the podcast in such a way that would make people want to listen to them. Also, sorry for the lack of news updates. Occupied with work. >.<
DUDE what can I do tohelp you out with this.
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