Our Facebook Group Launches!

WiiWareWave Receives A Facebook Power-Up! Wiiwar12

Today we have launched our very own Facebook group known as WiiWareWave Fanpage to help draw in new members, so please be sure to join our group and tell your friends about us!

WiiWareWave Receives A Facebook Power-Up! Rukiafan7
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on September 3rd 2012, 1:54 pmGuest
This is a very good idea Rukiafan! I love you
I hope this will bring new members to WiiWareWave! Smile
I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job Rukiafan, but I would've probably waited until Komicturtle finished his first new website theme. WiiWareWave will most likely look a lot more professional, after the updates. I really don't like the colors you're using right now. They're a little dreary, compared to the original color scheme.

Edit: It's still good to know, though. I hope it's a success.

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The theme might be slightly drab, but it does look very professional.
Anyways I just checked the fanpage group and it already has some good content. Smile
Nice I'll have to check out the page later victory
I like fan pagez! Very Happy
Sweet honey BBQ sauce Smile
RWBY Yellow = Yang
The page looks promising, but there are only 4 members right now.
WiiWareWave is culminating into a great coastline that will leave its impression on the entire video games industry for years to come. The beach will become so legendary that gamers will come from all across the Interwebs to ride the wild surf on their boards! Very Happy
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