Welcome Our Latest Addition To Our Team!

Welcome Our Newest Graphics Designer! 203-9010

Komicturtle has joined the WiiWareWave staff as a member of our graphics design team so be sure to congratulate him in the comments below! His job will be to create custom banners and backgrounds for our site. If you have any suggestions for backgrounds or banners or if you're a developer who wants to advertise a game you've worked on that is going to be released on a Nintendo console or service contact Rukiafan via PM.

Welcome Our Newest Graphics Designer! Rukiafan7
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Welcome to the crew Komicturtle. Wink
Well, that was quick. But thank you Smile

Looking forward to sharpening my skills and providing sweet visual treat to this community <3
on August 18th 2012, 5:14 pmGeekyGamerZack
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Congratulations on your promotion, Komicturtle! I can hardly wait to see what you contribute to the community. Smile
on August 18th 2012, 5:30 pmRoboYoshi
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Congrats Komedianturtle Very Happy
on August 18th 2012, 5:53 pmClαππαd
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Welcome to the team Komic. Smile
Thank you folks.


Funny, as I sometime use the Komicalturtle alias Smile
I'm glad to see someone has taken the helm, because this place really could use a face-lift. Welcome Our Newest Graphics Designer! 631737971

Oh, and congratulations Komicturtle! I guess you can add, "Graphics Designer in training," to your job resume.
Yes, yes I can. Need all the practice I can get anyhow. So, I'm grateful I have something added to my list of productivity. I HAVE to be productive!
Biorn the Viking
on August 18th 2012, 7:54 pmBiorn the Viking
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Hey there Komicturtle! First things first: Welcome to WiiWareWave! Secondly, many thanks for taking up the role of designer. Looking forward to your creations around the site. Thirdly, if you come in peace, then surrender. If not, we surrender. I wonder if anyone can get that... meh. WELCOME! Very Happy
Biorn the Viking
Oh shoot. I did not mean to do that. D: If an admin/mod would be kind enough to clear this mess, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry! >.<
LOL. Laughing
Ultanium, you can easily delete duplicate posts yourself my friend. Smile
Fixed. Wink
Biorn the Viking
I can? I... had no idea... xD

I'm used to not being able to delete posts on forums. I guess there's a first time for everything. Thank you muchly, kind sir!

And now my username is green. Awwwwww yeah. :3
congrats Komiturtle. now you have access to wiiwarewaves photobucket account. Any pictures you made for the site can be uploaded there.
Biorn the Viking
@KingreX32 wrote:now you have access to wiiwarewaves photobucket account.

You must protect this Photobucket account with your life. May the force be with you at all times.
With great power comes great responsibility. Wink
Congratulations Komicalturtle Smile
Again, thank you people for the congrats Smile

I also have my own photobucket account so I'm glad I'll be using something familiar to upload and get things to you all quicker. Can someone PM me the specifics and the like (like is it a group account or something). I can also use Google Drive and share files there to open up to others too.
on August 20th 2012, 10:37 amFuManchu
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Congrats Komic.

if you go into the staf section of the forums there you can find the login info for wiiwarewaves photobucket. ANd other accounts.
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