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Re: The 'Misguided Recipe' Game

on October 24th 2013, 6:27 pm
Stinky Bat Poo and Berry Stew
If you think bat poop is bad just try a bite of this!

2 Shy Guys


1 Wallet

1 Coin

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Re: The 'Misguided Recipe' Game

on October 24th 2013, 6:29 pm
You're going to cook Luigi?! 0_____o

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Re: The 'Misguided Recipe' Game

on October 24th 2013, 10:13 pm
Luigi and the Master Shy Thieves
In this suspenseful and emotional romantic comedy drama thriller platformer, a young plumber is ruthlessly and comedically robbed at maskpoint by two Shy Guys, who steal the Coin he intended to give to his brother in order to save his life. It turns out that the Shy Guys also knew the secrets of the Tome of 1-Up and intended to replicate the coin a million and one times in order to become immortal, at which point they were going to give Luigi back his coin...honest! Meanwhile, a bewildered Mario continues working his way through the Hardest Level in order to reach the goal, but can he escape the prophecy of him being given Game Over by a turtle king? Or will Luigi succeed in delivering the Coin, giving Mario his long-sought 100 Coins? Fun for the whole family, this riveting movie is intended for mature audiences, and for the young at heart. SPOILER ALERT! Waluigi does learn the true meaning of Birthday!


GamerZackX wrote:50g toenail clippings, fresh
1/2 cup shampoo
2 tissues, unused
1 capful mouthwash
2 cups watermelon juice
1 sheet nori
100g sweet sticky rice
A Little Bit of...Shredded Teriyaki Chicken

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And could there be an appearance from a particular fiery-haired spellcaster and his green-topped sidekick? Stay tuned!
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Re: The 'Misguided Recipe' Game

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