This has been a rumor that hasn’t died over the past year or so about Apple’s plan to break into the smaller sized tablet market. Nicknamed the “the iPad Mini” the device is rumored to be 7”85 and cost around $200. In the past it has been never a likely idea for Apple however with the release of Nexus 7 and Microsoft’s Surface tablet – this time they might actually have a fight on their hands instead of begin able to take them to court.

The question is how could this new iPad Mini threaten the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo and Sony have been dealing with the rise of smartphones and app games. They are cheap or free games to download and are easy to play. Nintendo’s stand against them and difference is the depth and quality of their games over the app games from Apple’s App Store or the Android store. While the iPhone and iPad are doing some damage towards Nintendo – the iPad Mini will be priced in the ranges of the 3DS and the Vita. The screen size will be larger than both handheld consoles but too big. It could be a serious contender and a dangerous device to deal with for Nintendo and Sony. If we dare say if Apple was really interested in the gaming industry, with their $100 billion dollars of cash they could easily buy up some top quality game studios and work on some exclusive titles for the iPad Device.

What if Apple released a add on piece of buttons and duel sticks to the iPad Mini? While some of these thoughts are quite unlikely, Apple does have the ability to do all of the above when and if they felt like it. For Sony and the PS Vita this is the last they need based on the struggling handheld.

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The article has already gone big at N4G with 30 comments and some great discussions. I think I've been able to crack some of the market there.

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Rukiafan wrote:
LordOtakWiiU wrote:Hmmm I don't know... I still can't take apple seriously with gaming, I hope it doesn't harm the 3DS

I agree, and let's not forget that Apple has said many times that they have no interest in entering the video game industry.
Sorry for double posting, but I thought I should comment about how awful the multi quote looks on blog posts.
@.hacker wrote:
LordOtakWiiU wrote:Same here, I hope a certain apple fanboy from NL doesn't make his way here, he'd say yes, it is a threat and Nintendo will be bought out and that touch only controls are the way of the future

That's a Nintendo only website isn't it? If so then that is absolutely trolling.
Yes I agree, except the mods say it isn't.... They say you don't have to like Nintendo to post there, I agree you don't have to think Nintendos perfect, but bashing isn't good
Dude Awesome. Im glad you decided to make an N4g account. When Wiiwarewave made thiers is help so much.
Let's keep it on topic and not about trolls and other forum boards.
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