Protocol is no longer a WiiWare title Logo-Protocol01
Don't look so sad

Sabarasa, developed Horizon Riders for WiiWare, announced that their latest WiiWare project will be released on a new, as yet to be confirmed platform.

Protocol is a first-person online multiplayer experience which allows local split screen players to also compete with others online.

What platform do you think the game will be released on? Will it still be on a Nintendo platform? Leave your welcoming thoughts at the comment section below.

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Why didn't they announce this sooner?
Have they at least confirmed that this will be released on a Nintendo system?
Yeah! Why didn't they announce this awhile ago? Oh well, it's probably for the best. Sabarasa most likely decided to develop a game with too much content for the WiiWare service, but why can't it be an eShop title!?
I was looking forward to this game too. This sucks, but oh well.
Will this transform into a WiiU eShop launch title now?
SKTTR I don't think Sabarasa specified any information about which console or consoles Protocol is now heading to.
Hmmm... the WiiU could use a good online FPS at launch.
It would be the easiest transition for Sabarasa, because the WiiU uses the same Wiimote+Nunchuk controls, and WiiWare will be emulated 100%.
They now have time to add a Miiverse online chat room to meet other Protocol online players easily for matches and push the graphics to WiiU limits. Smile
I won't be downloading Protocol anytime near launch then. Neutral
One less good upcoming game for the dying service.
What is WiiWare?
WTF Sabarasa? A little warning would have been nice.
No one's really on Wii Ware anymore and the sales have been poor so it's likely quite a few games will be pulled from it and they could find their way to the Wii U eShop
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
I buy WiiWare games regularly. The least Sabarasa should have done is let us know about their plans sooner.
on July 1st 2012, 1:35 amNeptune
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Cancellations are always sad news. Crying or Very sad
I wonder if Retro City Rampage will get cancelled too? D|
@Megatron2000 Please don't say that! Sad
Too bad, I was looking forward to Protocol.
Very unfortunate information for people who were waiting patiently for this game.
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