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Wondering if there are any differences between the 3DS and the 3DS XL aside from the bigger screens?

When asked for clarification on any apparent differences by IGN, Nintendo of America confirmed the following:

- There are no material changes to the 3DS XL's displays
- Nintendo hasn't adjusted the 3DS XL to accommodate the 90% display increase, meaning that the resolution is the same
- "the speaker function of the XL is the same quality level as the 3DS'"
- Nintendo has adjusted the D-Pad, shoulder and face buttons, they are now "slightly bigger than the 3DS buttons"

And here are some of the details that were released before:

- Allows for a battery life of 3.5 to 6.5 hours
- Comes with AC adapter for North America only

Well there you have it folks. The 3DS XL is still just a bigger 3DS. Will more information be released before this handheld is released on July 28 in Japan and Europe and August 19 for North America?

In other related news, the 3DS XL will have it's own Circle Pad Pro peripheral as well! According to an interview with Nintendo by Famitsu, while there are no images of it yet, the peripheral is planned to be released some time this year.

... As if the 3DS wasn't big enough already! How do you think that the 3DS XL will look like with it's own version of the Circle Pad Pro peripheral?!

Source: GoNintendo ( 1 , 2 )

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The screen is going to look blurry because of poor resolution Neutral

The resolution should've been increased for the XL model. Neutral

I read base on impressions that there might be filtering involve. The graphics won't stretch like the previous DS XL.

Why did Nintendo decide to release the XL so dang early this generation?

The 3DS XL is almost as large as the WiiU tablet lol. Razz

its so stupid that the circle pad isnt built in.

Eureka wrote:The 3DS XL is almost as large as the WiiU tablet lol. Razz
If the 3DSXL did have a second circle pad, it would essentially be a WiiU Gamepad. Laughing

This would be too heavy to carry around.

Not really. The DSiXL isnt very heavy. The only thing is its a pain to hold for long gaming sessions.

Yeah, but Kushina is a 15 year old young woman KingreX32. She most likely has smaller hands and a less tighter grip than you do.

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