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Like, Resident Evil 6, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, GTAV, and Metro Last Light, it looks like Dead Space 3 will also not make an appearance on the WiiU. This information comes from Visceral Games vice president and general manager Steve Papoutsis via twitter, In response to the question Is DS3 planned for the WiiU, he simply stated that its “Not Currently in the plan”

While this does really suck, for all you optimists out here there is a possibility that this could be ported to the WiiU at a later date (like all the games mentioned above) as he said it’s “not currently in the plan”. It’s either that or its one of EA’s unannounced WiiU titles mentioned in an interview with Frank Gibeau.

Dead Space 3 is due for release Febuary 2013 for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Cross your fingers for a WiiU version.


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It's starting to look like the Nintendo WiiU will have even less third party support at launch than the Nintendo Wii had. D:
At least Wii's lack was understandable because usually a completely separate team would be required for the Wii version. With WiiU a port is fairly simple so the lack thereof is harder to justify.

The more of these AAA titles skip WiiU the harder it will be for Nintendo to recapture the core market.
Well ive got my fingers crossed that this will change. A consoles hardest time is its first year. Whne the wiiu gets on its feet things will look up.
That statement is absolutely correct but unlike 360 which had a rough first year but was hitting it's stride when PS3 came out (and consequently had a rough first year). As a result games looked better on 360 than the more powerful PS3.

But for WiiU, once it starts to hit it's stride, MS/Sony will be onto their next gen system which (most likely) will be far more powerful. If 3rd parties follow them, WiiU will end up in the exact same situation as Wii. With poor dumb downed ports or alternative versions made by lesser studios.
If that does happen. AT least the dumbed down ports wont look as bad as they did on Wii.

This was something I was sacred would happen too. The PS4 720 thing
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