E3 is fast approaching; and as we mentally prepare ourselves for all the cool news and announcements from our favourite developers we can’t help but think about all the stuff we are going to and want to see. So we staff here at Wiiwarewave are going to share our thoughts.


Actual WiiU Gameplay

At E3 Last year we were treated to a video of all the upcoming games for the new console. I was kind of disappointed though when I heard that the gameplay seen in those videos were taken from the Xbox360 and PS3 versions of those games. What I want to see this year is actual WiiU gameplay. I want to see how good the games are going to look, I want to see how they play, and I want to see control schemes and how much we will be using the Wiipad for these games.

More News on the Nintendo network

The Nintendo Network is a big deal; it’s Nintendos first foray into the PSN/Xbox Live type Online Service. Based on what we know The Nintendo Network will offer user accounts, the ability to download DLC and Digital Copies of retail games, Online Communities and rankings, and supposedly Universal Friend codes. (Like a gamertag)

As cool as this sounds, outside the above mentioned we don’t know much about it. Do we have to pay to use the service? Will we have to make new Club Nintendo Accounts to use it, or will our profiles be transferred over? Will we have to buy points cards, or will coins be the currency? There are a lot of questions. Hopefully there will be answers.

Price and Release Date for WiiU

I heard a rumour not to long ago that Nintendo wasn’t going to announce the WiiUs price at E3. I found that odd because well “when else are you going to do it?” Despite the rumours I’m still hoping to hear something about this at the conference. We need to hear the price now so that we know exactly how much we are spending to get it. It makes no sense to announce a price at the last minute.

More game Announcements and Possible new WiiU features.

There’s no doubt that the WiiU will be launching with a great line up of games. Based on what I can remember I actually think the WiiU has a much more varied line up when compared to the Wiis launch. Despite this I feel that the WiiU should have more games at launch. Why? Because the WiiU is new, as much as Nintendo wants to win back the core audience; I know they still want to keep the massive casual audience they built up from the Wii. (Hence the reason they want to keep the name in the new console)

The WiiU line up is great, but a trend I’m noticing with those games is that a lot of them are for the core audience. (I personally have no problem with that) I think if some more casual games are included in the line up then Nintendo can at least please both sides. With those games it gives the casuals more incentive to purchase the new console.

More news on Wii and WiiU Backwards Compatibility

At last years E3 Nintendo stated that the WiiU will be backward compatible with all Wii software, accessories/ and controllers. Outside of that statement we know nothing else. What I know like to see at E3 is a more comprehensive outline, i.e. Will be be able to transfer our save data? (Both Wiiware and Online) Will our Wii Shop accounts transfer over as well? Can we still play Online Wii games on our WiiU’s (I ask this because Wii and PS3 were able to play games from there predecessors. But if the game had an online component (like as Call of Duty) then you couldn’t play it on the console)



By far the most important aspect of this E3 is that Nintendo must sell WiiU as a viable Next Gen system, despite it being little more powerful than this gen.

Nintendo is aiming to draw back a lot of the 'core' gamers but if all the WiiU is going to have is ports of the same games people are already playing on PS360 then Nintendo needs to really sell why WiiU is a superior experience and worth another console purchase.

At the same time, they need to reach out to their massive casual base and show they have something to offer them as well (beyond Just Dance 4).

To that end I expect to see:
Lots of new game announcements - Pikmin 3, NSMB Mii, A Wii___ title and some others surprises. Lots of 3rd party, many we know of but they need to show many others (likely being debuted at E3) and some exclusives.

All in all I expect the launch line-up to be excellent for a launch line-up with other major games hitting before the holidays and lots of tantalizing peaks at future games (Super Smash Bros!, Zelda, Star Fox and/or Metroid)

An expansion of their partnership with EA - likely focusing on Nintendo Network and how it's cutting edge.

I'm also going to go out on a limp here and say since Nintendo likes to put their own spin on things, Nintendo Network will also be more geared to social media than XBL/PSN. I think this is critical to WiiU being relevant in a DrawSomething world.

We'll also see some new features of the console (mostly known already).

As for 3DS: Expansion/refinement of the online service and lots of great game announcements.

For Wii: Wii is dying but not quite dead. We'll see Pikmin 2, Kirby Anniversary, The Last Story and maybe a surprise or two but nothing amazing.

The only big question is Dragon Quest X. Personally I doubt Square Enix will do a western port for Wii because it's too niche to support monthly online payments and if they do it like Monster Hunter, every Wii sell works against Wii U sales. Worse, Wii is pirated like crazy and DQX Wii being pirated would cut deeply in any potential WiiU version profits.

If I'm wrong about that, then I still doubt NoA will bother to release it on Wii, but NoE likely will. Bless their cotton socks!


I’m certain that the software and the hardware of Wii U will please everyone during E3. What I’m worry about is the tradition presentation of separation Nintendo’s systems for their independent showpiece.
What I want to see from Nintendo This E3 is of demonstrating to us that we should invest on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. the two previous systems, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, they’re both isolated from each other and there’s no benefit on having two different systems except the fact that you own two systems. There should be greater entertainment coherent value when owning both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. This is where the Nintendo Network comes into play.

Two 3DS systems can share information by using the Streetpass feature. With the Nintendo Network, it will be a similar feat for 3DS and Wii U. One example I think will see at this year’s E3 is that demonstrating that Pokemon Dream Radar is not just for Pokemon Black and White 2. The curious 3DS app will also be use for a surprise Pokemon title for Wii U, Pokemon Stadium 3 perhaps. Another example which I’m definitely hoping that Nintendo could archive this, Using the Wii U system as an external system memory for the Nintendo 3DS. Sending a digital retail copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 onto a Wii U SD card, preferably cloud storage, will really help finally abandon the “cleaning the fridge” issue for us Nintendo fans. Nintendo will inform us that it’s worth the effort of playing our Wii U while our 3DS is on Sleep Mode and vice versa.

Individually, Nintendo Network for the Nintendo 3DS will improve the Nintendo eShop with the ability to download DS retail games from the Virtual Console. The Nintendo Network for the 3DS will also deliver feature length 3D Hollywood Movies for us to rent, no longer being passionate about just the trailers from Nintendo Video.

This is the right time for Nintendo to have both console and handheld systems to coexist digitally with each other.

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Yeah I believe Nintendo won't keep the Wii around after the WiiU launches despite what they said last E3, which is a slap in the face to Wii owners, and why the heck was there no mention of the cost of the WiiU hardware? Also why is the official Nintendo E3 presentation absent from the Nintendo Channel yet a short WiiU post E3 video is there instead?
Yeah, I know Brian. WTF!? There isn't even a video on YouTube. I missed the Nintendo Press Conference, and now I have no way of watching it. There's a video of the coverage available at GameSpot, but I'm unable to watch it on the Wii browser. This sucks!
Try Gamespot's Youtube Channel. Wink
E3 was awful this year WTF happened to all the third party support the WiiU was supposed to have?
I have the video on my Site. Calm down. LOLOL.
The videos on your website don't work on the Wii browser now. Neutral
E3 was very disappointing and we didn't even learn much more than we already knew since E3 2011. Evil or Very Mad
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