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What a great way to end the seventh-generation of the once white iconic console, Nintendo Wii, changing the retail form from black to red. Just maybe, we might get a pink Wii retail system to go along with the Kirby 20th Anniversary software disc that has just announced recently from Nintendo Direct. Which hopefully, won't be as disappointing as was Mario's 25th Anniversary Collection.

Here is my top five Kirby games, I predict, that will surely be worthy choices for the collection.

[5] Kirby Air Ride

Wait a second, this doesn’t sound like a fan favorite. Kirby Air Ride is more of a curiosity choice sense I never got to experience it myself. Maybe Nintendo, I mean HAL Laboratory, will finally give the “player’s choice” Gamecube title the spotlight that it deserve with less simplified controls and a competitive online mode.

[4] Kirby: Canvas Curse

One of the first must have title for the Nintendo DS, release months after the system lunch. Similar to the train transformation segments in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, fortunately, Kirby: Canvas Curse features the classic Kirby charm and the same momentum as the platform experience. The 25th Anniversary version will must likely be using with just a Wiimote, substitute as a stylus, pointing at the screen and holding the B trigger to draw paths and using the A button to use Kirby’s obtain ability.

[3] Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2

While the first “and only existing” Tilt ‘n’ Tumble title for the Game Boy Color will most likely won’t be release on the Nintendo eShop, the emulated game might not detect the 3DS motion sensor, I think Nintendo will pull a Waddle Dee on us and decide to release the once cancelled sequel. We don’t need a Game Boy Advance and a link cable, A Wiimote will be just fine and with improvements on the cel-shaded graphics.

[2] Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby’s Adventure, in my opinion the best NES game I experience because it’s an 8-bit adventure that is pretending to be 16-bit, has already been rerelease as one of the 3D Classics series on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS and as a virtual console title for Wii. Therefore, the next alternative solution will be to release its Game Boy Advance remake, known as Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, onto the 20th Anniversary disc. The presentation will be in its original resolution surrounded by colorful borders of course.

[1] Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

An N64 title knowing that the journey doesn’t last long (because you rented it first) and yet still don’t mind paying full price, the charm really draws you in. adding updated graphics to Kirby 64 as close to the latest Kirby’s Return to Dream Land will really set every fan’s heart glowing like a Crystal Shard. An extra planet will be nice.

Are these Kirby titles on the list are the ones you like to have on the Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Wii Collection? What improvements and extra content will you like to see on some of your favorite Kirby games? Leave your welcoming thoughts on the comment section below.

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I would flip out and buy the game day one if it had any of these games in your list, Skyward L (except Crystal Shards, as I already have that on the VC).

That said, I think it's far more likely that Nintendo will just throw in most of the Virtual Console games and call it a day. I certainly hope I'm wrong, as I regret selling Canvas Curse and the other games appeal to me in some form. Kirby Air Ride alone would be worth the $30.

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I hope we'll get Kirby's Squeak Squad.
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