Written by: KingreX32. April 12th 2012

Last year in October Wii Owners were heart broken to find out that Bit Trip “Runner 2” was not coming to the Wii console. The Reason for this was because "the Wii cannot handle the game," according to Gaijin Games Alex Neuse.

Fast Forward to April 2012 news is beginning to surface on the internet that Runner 2 might make an appearance on the Nintendo WiiU instead. For those of you who are not familiar with the series here is a brief history, to date there are 6 games in the Bit Trip Series all released on Wii. The series is unique for its use of Chiptune music and intentional Atari 2600 looking graphics. In 2011 it Trip Complete was released containing all six games on one disk.

In an interview with Push Square Mr Neuse stated that the Gaijin Games team did have a WiiU dev kit and that the game (Runner 2) would be coming out around October-November, hinting that it may in fact be on the new console. This isn’t fact though as nothing has been confirmed. Further hinting at a WiiU release when Asked “What excites you about the Wii U tablet controller?” He had this to say “I have to think of it in terms of Runner2 now — thinking about it broadly would be too much — but if we were to do a Wii U version, what if you could have a pick-up in the game that reveals hidden bonuses and stuff that you can’t see on your screen but have to hold the controller up? You’re still playing but it’s sort of like an X-ray vision”
Despite all the hints and supposedly dropped info Gaijin had plans for Runner 2 on the HD Consoles before the WiiUs announcement. Considering the fact that the WiiU’s specs are similar to PS3/360 specs it shouldn’t be hard to port the game over. As it stands now the game may or may not come to the console, but I’m sure we can expect it sometime in the near future.

You can read the full Push Square Interview here

Sources Joystiq and Nintendo Life

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I never got to play the original, but this looks promising. I'll bet it's indeed coming to the WiiU, given how they phrased things.
More bit trip cool! Cool
I am both happy and sad. Super happy to see Gaijin continuing the Bit Trip series because no matter how many Bit Trip games they make each is unique and fun in its own way. Sad to hear it won't be on Wii. Sad The game looks very nice though.
Honestly as cool and good looking the is. I still prefer the original look. the 2d Atari 2600 feel
@KingreX32 I disagree Runner was the only game in the original Bit-Trip series that felt more like a modern game than an Atari 2600 game |/
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