Update: Forum Overhaul Finished Your Thoughts About The Changes? Wiiwar11

Our graphics designer John Knight is currently overhauling our forum as we speak, and as a result WiiWareWave will be under maintenance for a short time within the next hour or so!

Update: The changes are complete and WiiWareWave is no longer under maintenance.

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Update: Forum Overhaul Finished Your Thoughts About The Changes? Rukiafan7
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John Knight
I'll be uploading the changes in 1 hour, so maintenance will begin shortly. If all goes well the forum home page should be completely transformed, if it doesn't there might not be changes today.
Aqua Cherry Blossom
I wonder what the forum will look like now? Surprised
Um....I hope it looks good Smile
Um....why is the pic missing?
30 minutes until maintenance begins. Wink
John Knight
Maintenance complete, but now our servers are sluggish. Neutral
The servers are working fine for me |D
I like the new WiiWareWave theme |D
You need a designated article editor that can place pics and fix grammatical errors since the place is getting quite large speaking of which where is the pic lol |P
Himawari Chan
The colors are very nice. Smile
This article needs a pic. Wink
RWBY Yellow = Yang
WiiWareWave has changed alot since the last time I visited. Surprised
@Tinglemaster that avatar is the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Shocked
John Knight did a great job on the Overhaul.
Objection Blaster
The changes are good, especially the larger text which makes it easier to read the reviews and articles.
I think the site looks much much better. Very Happy
Booya awesome changes John Knight! Update: Forum Overhaul Finished Your Thoughts About The Changes? 631737971
I especially love the look of the front page.
Aqua Cherry Blossom
I like that new twitter feed on the front page it just screams professional lol. Very Happy
John Knight
I'm glad the changes were satisfactory.
Like I said in the forum topic made about this, I believe this is the best version to date. My only suggestions are to change the banner background to match with the blue on the rest of the forum and update the tabs. They look a bit out of place, but other than that, it's gold. Smile
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