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Written By KingreX32

Looks like Nintendo has Done it again.

The Big News this week is that Nintendo has closed a deal with Autodesk that will allow them to lets its licensed developers use their Autodesk Gameware Suite Technology for games on the WiiU.

Gameware Suite what’s that? Well its software (more specifically Middleware, software that helps the other software do its job better.), and According to Autodesk it’s been used in a ton of games; games that use Unreal Engine 3, CryENGINE3, and Havok’s Unity and Vision Engine.

The Gameware Suite contains three products, Scaleform (a tool that allows developers to create user interfaces (HUDS, Menus, etc) using flash), HumanIK (A character Animation Engine that allows for fluid character animations and realistic movements in relations to the Environment and other characters.), and lastly Kynapse, (an Artificial Intelligence engine that improved the way both enemies and allies in game react to situations).

That’s right Licensed WiiU developers, you have access to this amazing technology.

Autodesk Senior Vice President, Marc Petit had this to say about the deal “Autodesk Gameware technology is used by the Industry's elite development teams and has been adopted across the industry. Through our relationships with key companies like Nintendo, we can put our solutions into the hands of more game developers. Adopting Autodesk Gameware helps streamline the production process, freeing more resources for innovation in new areas. This shift in development focus will help make the next-generation of titles more compelling than the last.”

I think its really cool that Nintendo now has access to all this awesome technology. Not just them but other Developers like High Voltage Software and Teryarch. Im expecting some really awesome games for the WiiU

Web Pro News and Cubed3

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In this economy these technologies will destroy the industry since games will not sell good enough to net a prophet Crying or Very sad
it will actually make it more accessible and we will get more variety... not just a few select deep pocketed companies getting to make games, but lots more people. Minecraft is a great example of this! Same with Angry Birds. Those two are very successful Indie games.
This will make games better>.
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