Well guys and gals, here it is ! for over a week of work, it is finally here !

For those of you who don't know, A features page is what makes a website unique on it's own ! it's where the staff of the website posts exclusive content that can lead to a discussion or just to be entertaining and it can reflect (or not) the entire website !

And right now we have these features, each with their own description on what they are:

1.- Top 5-10 lists

As I've said before, this is where one of the staff lists 10 objects and ranks them from 1-10 (or any number) which indicates which one is the best of them all.

2.- A Videogame Discussion/Staff Viewpoint
These are two articles combined into one ! which are:

A Videogame Discussion

Inspired by the former staff member Andy's Extended Discussion idea, it's where one posts a blog about a gaming related subject (Topics like: Are games too easy today ?, Is DLC important ?, Are we in a dark age of gaming ?, etc.) and speaks his/her opinion about it and the other members of the site can comment the blog by agreeing him/her about it or argue if not.

Staff Viewpoint

A feature where the staff work together to create an article about a certain topic, such as trends in the industry, and opinions on old, new, or upcoming hardware, other staff members will edit the topic to add their viewpoint on the matter, and after about 3-5 days the final version will be posted in the Staff Viewpoint article in the features section !

3.- Battle Royale !

A feature that are not doing anymore (from what I've seen), it's where one of the staff members pits two (or more) games, analyzes them and picks which one is better than the other !

4.- Beyond the fence

This is a feature where one staff member reviews a game... from other consoles ! be it the Xbox360, the PS3, the PC or even mobile games as well ! and also other old non-nintendo consoles as well like the PS2, PSX, Xbox, Dreamcast, etc. !

5.- Personal Gaming

This is where one of the staff experiment alternate/obscure gaming methods and writing down their experiences in a certain or more games. Keep in mind that these articles are not a way to convince you with a preferable way to play a specific game nor revealing any true method of play videogames that the one writing the article owns, this is just for pure entertainment and can also lead to a discussion to whether you like and agree or not it's experience with the game.

6.- eShop 72

This feature focuses on the latest download releases, both new and classics, appearing on the Nintendo eShop (North America only) and shows you how well they’re doing during the first 72 hours on the service (Thursday 9:00am – Sunday 9:00am PDT).

7.- Developer's Interviews/One on One Interviews

These features focus on interviews with game developers and publishers where we ask the representative of the company questions regarding their games, Nintendo consoles, upcoming projects, and the industry in general.

8.- Kickstarter Wishes

In this feature we list our top 5 choices of recently announced/released indie titles for ios, pc/mac, and other consoles that we would like to see a release on a Nintendo console/handheld Kickstarted. Info regarding the games and why we think that the game belongs on a Nintendo system is listed for all 5 games on the list!

So, thank you and enjoy !

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
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when i find the time im going to make special logos for each of those features.
Jnes, how do you like the logos. They are just first attempts.
What happened to eshop 72?
whoever used to do it stopped. It should make a comeback though
on March 8th 2013, 7:27 amGuest
What's eshop72 and... can I help?
eshop 72 focuses on the latest download releases, both new and classics, appearing on the Nintendo eShop (North America only) and shows you how well they’re doing during the first 72 hours on the service (Thursday 9:00am – Sunday 9:00am PDT).
on March 8th 2013, 9:16 amGuest
Hmm... well... I let you guys to it then. That's not my kind of game. Never seen it before here Surprised I'm sorry! My WWW is totally different. I depend on ppl writing these sort of things. I don't want to have a 180 bpm stroke heartbeat everyday... I'm sorry, again.... Good luck anyways! Very Happy
Where did Kickstarter Wishes Come from. Is that a New Addition
@KingreX32 The Beyond The Fence feature still doesn't have a default image...the Top 5 features are also missing a default image. Neutral
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