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Board Capitalization

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1 Board Capitalization on January 25th 2012, 12:17 am

Alright, this is more of an obsessive thing than a genuine suggestion, but would it be possible to capitalize the names of the boards consistently? For example, the "Wii(vc) Reviews" board has the word reviews capitalized, but in "DSiware reviews" it is lowercase. Similarly, the "Ware" in "WiiWareWave News Articles" is capitalized, but the "Wiiware" board is not.

Apologies for being annoyingly picky, but my brain panics when it processes such things.

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2 Re: Board Capitalization on January 25th 2012, 12:19 am

lol I think Rukiafan is the only reviewer that always Capitalizes his topics Laughing

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Winning love by daylight.
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she is the one named sailor moon!

From the Sailor Moon opening song.
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3 Re: Board Capitalization on January 31st 2012, 3:14 am

Rather than clogging this section with more topics, I've got another request related to the setup of the boards.

Would it be possible to have fewer categories? Personally speaking I would group a lot of the similar ones together. For example, Shop and Site Suggestions could be unified under "Site", as the name "Site" refers to actual happenings around here. Might even throw in an Announcement board at the top of the category so newcomers know where to find info.

I would also group the Handheld category with the Home Console, Other Systems, and Retro categories, since they all refer to retail games rather than downloadable ones. English Reviews Foreign Reviews could be a sub-boards of a board inside the "News/Reviews" category called "Member Reviews".

This would limit things to 5 or 6 categories instead of 10. Not telling you guys how to run things, by the way. Razz

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