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Bit Trip Runner

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Commander Video is back for some more Bit Trip action in this awesome retro platformer!


Bit Trip Runner is a rythem based platformer that will test your timing and patience as one wrong move will force you to start back at the beginning of the current stage!

This game is also quite lengthy as it contains nearly 40 levels as well as nearly 40 bonus levels that can be played if you collect all of the gold in a given level!

Graphics and Sound

The Graphics in this game are very retro and colorful but still look very nice and the sound is full of bleeps and other retro sounds that make you think you're playing a long lost Atari 2600 game!

Bottom line-If you grew up playing games like pitfall for the Atari 2600 or merely enjoy games from that era,look no further than Bit Trip Runner as it will give you many hours of nostalgic fun and for 800 wii points you'd be hard pressed to find a better trip down memory lane for the price!

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

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on August 16th 2011, 1:37 pmBit-trip
This game is rad Very Happy Sweet review rukiafan!
on April 29th 2012, 3:40 pmMs_Kinomoto
Um....I really like the music in this game Smile
on December 13th 2012, 2:42 pmSakura chan
Bit Trip is a very fun series! Smile
on August 19th 2013, 11:54 amToughGamer
The Bit-Trip games are a little overrated in my opinion, but Runner and Fate live up to their hype.
on August 20th 2013, 1:52 pmKingreX32
i still need to download fate
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