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Review: Bobby Carrot Forever (WiiWare)

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Is this carrot loving rabbit a dream come true or a nightmare you will want to forget? Let's find out!

Story and Gameplay

In Bobby Carrot Forever you take the role of a rabbit on a quest to find the eight golden carrots in dream world and the only way to do this is to clear each world's group of 10 puzzles. Sound easy? Well it's actually blisteringly difficult even at early levels and will test your brains sharpness and endurance!

The objective in each level is simple collect all carrots to open the level exit portal, but there are difficult puzzles that must be solved to do this such as using windmills to move clouds to make a path, or deactivating spikes in your path, or even stepping on a dragons tail after adjusting mirrors to have the dragon shoot a fireball to melt ice in your way!

The game is a blast to play and offers at least 10 hours worth of gameplay and if that weren't enough there are many expansion pay and play add on's that add 80 new levels each at a discounted 500 points!

Graphics and Music

The graphics in this game are as good as a SNES game and are very aestheticly pleasing for a simple game ported from the I-Phone! There are some neat details like birds in the trees and butterflies flying in the fields that add a nice touch.

As for the music there isn't much variety but what is there is very nice sounding which is fitting for a game like Bobby Carrot Forever as an epic soundtrack would likely sound weird....ahem.

Bottom Line-With great gameplay and retro difficulty Bobby Carrot is definitely hardcore and with SNES style graphics and simple yet pleasing music this is a thoroughly enjoyable puzzler that you won't be able to get enough of and with endless hours of dlc it might be worth downloading the extra content!

Price-800 points and 500 points for each pay and play dlc

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8.5/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!

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I want a demo version to try.
I'd gift you if I had enough money Neutral
This is a fun yet difficult game don't buy if you just want a game to casually play..but if you want challenge this is one of best Wiiware games to get Wink
I like how many levels are in this game and each level is a brain melting experience that can be maddening yet rewarding when you finally figure out the key to solving a particular level's puzzle!
Do you get anything for collecting every gold carrot?
This game rocks king
The game looks very kid-friendly.
Are there a kid-friendly mode, or any kid-friendly levels?
By 'kid' I'm specifically thinking < 10 yrs
This does sound good, but is this game worth getting without the download content?
@Sonic The Hodgepodge wrote:This does sound good, but is this game worth getting without the download content?

Most certainly |D
Nice review Wink
Meh I don't like this game because it's too bleeping hard Evil or Very Mad
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