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on October 4th 2011, 4:49 pm
My apologies for posting this thread if there is one already like it. I am on my Wii right now so I cant really search for one.

Anyway I was browsing through the GB VC games to see what else I can get today along with SML2 and I noticed that some games like Mega Man and SML for example are $3.99 while other titles like Alleyway, Avenging Spirit and Tennis are $2.99. Now I can understand making Links Awakening $5.99 due to the fact that its a GBC game buy why are some GB games 3.99 and others 2.99? To me it seems like the more well known one liks SML2 are 3.99 are the less known ones are 2.99. Is this why the price difference the popularity of the game. I would think Nintendo would have done a price range like they did with the Wii VC where all NES games are one price all SNES game are another etc.

Has Nintendo said anything why the different price ranges for games on the same system?

Its not really going to keep me from buying the games I want but it does confuse me a bit when I have like say 3 dollars left over and the game I want is 3.99 where as other GB games are 2.99.

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on October 4th 2011, 6:20 pm
Well the imports on the Wii VC are between 100-200 points higher than the regular games on a particular console Wink

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on January 22nd 2012, 12:18 am
It seems like develeopers price them based on what they feel the game is "worth". Nintendo has different prices for its own titles, as do the other companies. I don't know why there isn't a solid number, but I too would like to know.

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