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JellyCar 2 (WiiWare)


Aya And The Cubes of Light (WiiWare)

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WiiWare Reviews

Box Art Review Console Score
2F4GWW 2 FAST 4 GNOMZ WiiWare 8/10
AMFF Airport Mania: First Flight WiiWare 9.5/10
ARKPLS Arkanoid Plus! WiiWare 8.1/10
AATCoL Aya And The Cubes of Light WiiWare 7/10
BTR Bit Trip: Runner WiiWare 8/10
BTFATE Bit Trip: Fate WiiWare 8/10
BMO Blaster Master: Overdrive WiiWare 10/10
BCF Bobby Carrot: Forever WiiWare 8.5/10
BMBRMB Bomberman Blast WiiWare 8.5/10
BBPLUS Bubble Bobble Plus WiiWare 9/10
BaMPLS Bust a Move Plus WiiWare 9.5/10
CTAR Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth WiiWare 8.9/10
CSWW Cave Story WiiWare 9.6/10
DDL Deer Drive Legends WiiWare 6/10
DMORX Dr. Mario Online Rx WiiWare 8/10
DZUF Drop Zone: Under Fire WiiWare 4/10
eVC1 escapeVektor Chapter 1 WiiWare 10/10
FRL Fast Racing League WiiWare 10/10
FFIVTAY Final Fantasy IV: The After Years WiiWare 7/10
FFMLK Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As King WiiWare 8/10
FRPLCNG Fireplacing WiiWare 1/10
FemA Fish em' all WiiWare 4.5/10
FLDTY Fluidity WiiWare 8.5/10
FHAE Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition WiiWare 8/10
GNOMZ Gnomz WiiWare 6.8/10
GYROS Gyrostarr WiiWare 9.6/10
HR Horizon Riders WiiWare 8.7/10
JC2 JellyCar 2 WiiWare 5/10
JR Jett Rocket WiiWare 9/10
KK Kyotokei WiiWare 8/10
La-MLNA La-Mulana WiiWare 10/10
LIT LIT WiiWare 8/10
MM10 Megaman 10 WiiWare 10/10
PHT Pearl Harbour trilogy 1941: Red Sun Rising WiiWare 8.6/10
PF Planet Fish WiiWare 5.5/10
PKEMNR Pokemon Rumble WiiWare 9/10
PoP Pop WiiWare 7.5/10
RoTG Rage of The Gladiator WiiWare 9.5/10
SU! Soccer Up! WiiWare 7.5/10
STH4eI Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I WiiWare 7/10
SSR Star Soldier: R WiiWare 7.5/10
TP Tetris Party WiiWare 10/10
TKITRI Toki Tori WiiWare 9.5/10
URBNX Urbanix WiiWare 6.8/10